Cruelty Squad – How to Unlock All Items in Cruelty Squad

Cruelty Squad – How to Unlock All Items in Cruelty Squad 1 -
Cruelty Squad – How to Unlock All Items in Cruelty Squad 1 -
A list of all of the unlocks in order in case you’re missing something and can’t find what it is.
Last updated with the 1.0 update.


Spoiler warning


Equipment & Implants

Cruelty Squad - What unlocks am I missing? - Equipment & Implants

Speed Enhancer GlandSpeed Enhancer Node ClusterSpeed Enhancer Total Organ PackageCSIJ Level II Body ArmorCSIJ Level IIB Body ArmorCSIJ Level III Body ArmorCSIJ Level IV Body ArmorCSIJ Level V Biosuit
CSIJ Level VI Golem ExosystemTactical Blast ShieldLoad Bearing VestHazmat SuitMilitary CamouflageStealth SuitBouncy SuitExtravagant Suit
BiothrusterBiojetHE GrenadeFlechette GrenadeZZzzz Special Sedative GrenadeFirst Aid KitZomy X-200 Portable Ca*sette PlayerAugmented arms
AbominatorGrappendixAngular Advantage Tactical MunitionsAmmunition GlandCursed TorchAlien Leg WetwarePneumatic LegsVertical Entry Device
Icaros MachineGunkboostersFunkgruntersMicrobial Oil Secretion GlandsComposite HelmetZoom N Go Bionic EyesLife SensorSkullgun
Goo OverdriveCortical Scaledown+Tattered Rain HatEyes of Corporate InsightNightmare Vision GogglesNight Vision GogglesHoly ScopeHouse



Cruelty Squad - What unlocks am I missing? - Weapons

Parasonic D2 Silenced PistolK&H R5SNOOZEFEST Animal Control PistolExpandable BatonBalotelli Hypernova
Riot PacifierNew Safety M62Minato M9K&H X20Stern AWS 3000Security Systems Anti-Armor Device
AMG4Precise Industries AS15Mowzer SP99Security Systems Cerebral BoreSpectacular Dynamics MCR CarbineBolt ACR
Parasonic C3 DNA ScramblerStern M17BAG-82BN-99Zippy 3000Flashlight
Fibergla*s Fishing RodRPO-80 Sanitization SystemZKZ Transactional RifleParasonic MP-1 NailerRaymond Shocktroop TacticalAbscess Ironworks Lux ff374f727ce9d6d6e93be0793733c321



Cruelty Squad - What unlocks am I missing? - Levels

Cruelty Squad HQPharmakokinetiksParadiseSin Space Engineering
Bog BusinessSeaside ShockApartment AtrocityMall MadnessAndrogen Assault
Casino CatastropheIdiot PartyOfficeArchon GridDarkworld
Trauma LoopHouseNeuron ActivatorMiner’s MiracleAlpine Hospitality


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