Cruelty Squad – Special HQ NPCs (WIP)

Cruelty Squad – Special HQ NPCs (WIP) 3 -
Cruelty Squad – Special HQ NPCs (WIP) 3 -

Guide for Cruelty Squad – Special HQ NPCs (WIP)

A novelty guide showing you some of the special NPCs after beating the levels.

Before continuing…

I haven’t read all of the dialog or remember all of the NPC logs. So that’s why I recommended resetting your save file and play all the missions again. 
So a few things to keep in mind. 
1. After beating a mission, always go back to the HQ and look for the NPC’s. They’ll have exclusive dialog. 
2. Don’t kill any of them, they might disappear forever (until you reset the file.) 
3. Once you play another mission don’t expect getting any special dialog. 
4. So far, none of the dialog have any purpose, except for more world building. 
5. You might need to beat the level without dying and require the Divine Link. (Not 100% sure.) 
So keep all of that in mind. 

1. Pharmakokinetiks

After beating Pharmakokinetiks you’ll unlock the guy in the Pink Body armor. (I call him the Body Guard.) Sorry, I don’t remember his dialog. 
Cruelty Squad - Special HQ NPCs (WIP) 

2. Paradise

After beating Paradise you’ll unlock the Trainer, he’ll talk about how much he didn’t like working with the G-TECH and over come his Chuncko-pops addiction. After being hired by the Cruelty Squad Team. 
Cruelty Squad - Special HQ NPCs (WIP) 

3. Sin Space Engineering

After beating Sin Space Engineering you’ll meet the Janitor. I missed this guys dialog, but he’s at the room with the bins. 
Cruelty Squad - Special HQ NPCs (WIP) 

4. Androgen Assault

After beating Androgen Assault you’ll meet the Police Officer, he’ll talk about his experience with the Narcotics Units and thanking you for hiring him. 
Cruelty Squad - Special HQ NPCs (WIP) 

5. Mall Madness

After beating Mall Madness you’ll unlock the “Security Manager”. After getting fired from the MegaMall due to poor security at Gurney political rally, he got hired at the Cruelty Squad HQ. Oh yeah, he also like the office here. 
Cruelty Squad - Special HQ NPCs (WIP) 

Work in progress.

More coming soon… Not sure if I got all of them. I think there’s more. But after Apartment Atrocity, I couldn’t find any more NPCs at the moment. 

Written by Keith Mason 🐔

Hey there, thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Cruelty Squad – Special HQ NPCs (WIP) helped you. If you believe we forget something to add or want us to add extra on the post, please let us know via comment below. Thanks, and see you soon!

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