Cry of Fear – Modifying Unlockables

Cry of Fear – Modifying Unlockables 3 -
Cry of Fear – Modifying Unlockables 3 -
I reinstalled cry of fear and lost my unlockables and saved games so i decided to make this guide to show you how to get your unlockables back if they are lost.


Step 1

First go to: “Steam\steamapps\common\Cry of Fear\cryoffear” and open “scriptsettings.dat” with Notepad++ or any other text editor you have (must have numbers on every code on the side to easly locate your item code see the picture below). 
Cry of Fear - Modifying Unlockables 
Once you open the “scriptsettings.dat” you will see a lot of codes like this. 
Cry of Fear - Modifying Unlockables 
In some of these codes are a letter or a number or a symbol that changes when you finish the game to get the unlockable so im going to show you whats the codes for and what letter to change to get your lost unlockable back. 
Example on a small code: 
abc have nothing to do with coding in here its just a stupid example. 
Locked: abc 
the letter “c” means its locked and to unlock it change it to letter “d” like this 
Unlocked: abd 
then go to your game and you will find that unlockable. 

Step 2

In here you can see some codes with their numbers on the top side and the name of the unlockable is above the code. 
The unlockable that you lost is the “Locked” code. 
to Unlock it you have to copy the “Unlocked” code and replace the one from your text file with it. 
(Number of the code)

Name of the unlockable

Locked code: abc 
Unlocked code: abd 

The secret room and an empty hint book

Locked: z3,4lj)4b!9g7vgi4x5a 
Unlocked: z3,4rj)4b!9g7vgi4x5a 


Locked: ye&ole1^0(fcanb3v5t4 
Unlocked: ye&0le1^0(fcanb3v5t4 


Locked: v9agjak+p)(,o3qb)aq4 
Unlocked: v9agjak+p)(,03qb)aq4 


Locked: 2quwo6z3y4w£ld)y!i35 
Unlocked: 2quvo6z3y4w£ld)y!i35 


Locked: r1&,iji4cjtvf,44w919 
Unlocked: r1&,iji4cjtvf.44w919 


Locked: 1r6fd46ob7u2yj9q83yx 
Unlocked: 1r6fd46ob7u2yj9r83yx 


Locked: kk78kewvx9!%n218dkss 
Unlocked: ck78kewvx9!%n218dkss 

David Leatherhoff Hoodie

Locked: olt0£s^£rn(aki!9eqkh 
Unlocked: olt0£s^£rn(aki!9eqkj 

Mod DB Hoodie

Locked: h*wchks£n&%!£bf%jtew 
Unlocked: h*wchks£n&%!£bf%jtei 

Hello Kitty Hoodie

Locked: %xn%i)jhxmfnbgjsr^if 
Unlocked: £xn%i)jhxmfnbgjsr^if 

Afraid of Monsters Hoodie

Locked: fy^xix&&vkz)vcdn!wtv 
Unlocked: fy^xix&&vkz)vcrn!wtv 

Camo Hoodie

Locked: jwsyv**yb&(qtqlg)moj 
Unlocked: jwtyv**yb&(qtqlg)moj 

Half Life Creations Hoodie

Locked: henp(cm$at!n%£f(c$jp 
Unlocked: henp(cm$at!m%£f(c$jp 

Black Metal Hoodie

Locked: yef!xkyzw*^vd*tj)zkc 
Unlocked: yef!&kyzw*^vd*tj)zkc 

Team Psykskallar Hoodie

Locked: z(*mbwy(talqlrqf$lmw 
Unlocked: z(*mbwy(tolqlrqf$lmw 

Awesome Hoodie

Locked: zgpwg£vyqlzensuauwat 
Unlocked: zwpwg£vyqlzensuauwat 

Sick Simon Hoodie

Locked: dzpy)*iiy$oj!akyfbn% 
Unlocked: dzpy)*iiy$0j!akyfbn% 

Afraid of Monsters Hoodie

Locked: pe%%*££rxa(%(bog)l^j 
Unlocked: pe%%*££rxr(%(bog)l^j 

Custom Hoodie

Locked: efq%)x)mk£*odxsdocb) 
Unlocked: efq%)u)mk£*odxsdocb) 

David Leatherhoff’s Axe

Locked: pzakmx&p^lbk^kw($(fo 
Unlocked: pzakhx&p^lbk^kw($(fo 

Digital Camera

Locked: g*q$cceqhz&vcdp(au%! 
Unlocked: g*q$cceqhz&vcdp(av%! 

Simon’s Book

Locked: aaa^$i)whenzprdh!vus 
Unlocked: aba^$i)whenzprdh!vus 

Developer Commentary

Locked: mwu£g$&ztmkfwej(bg^a 
Unlocked: mwu£g$&stmkfwej(bg^a 

Hidden Package

Locked: tzi&aoxfbkb^n&ikaxj% 
Unlocked: tzi&a0xfbkb^n&ikaxj% 


Locked: wph!uhhgrws)*erdb*rg 
Unlocked: wph!uhmgrws)*erdb*rg 

First Hint Page (Pages)

Locked: &x&w%dvcr&$yoqs%c%ar 
Unlocked: &x&v%dvcr&$yoqs%c%ar 

Second Hint Page (Ranks)

Locked: feyvvuxq^i)brfentm$& 
Unlocked: foyvvuxq^i)brfentm$& 

Third Hint Page (Outfits)

Locked: *j%gb*^noyresqjihoez 
Unlocked: *j%gb*^noyresqjihoes 

Fourth Hint Page (Items)

Locked: nz(xdxj*w(£!&uh£qn*j 
Unlocked: nz(xdxj*w)£!&uh£qn*j 

Fifth Hint Page (Weapons)

Locked: lvdw&bhwjqsjm$pfwnp) 
Unlocked: rvdw&bhwjqsjm$pfwnp) 

Doctor Mode

Locked: )cfhc$vle$^hn£padlvd 
Unlocked: )cfhc$vle$^hn£podlvd 

Nightmare Difficulty Mode

Locked: &fx!hd$bw^ayk%dfmcbg 
Unlocked: &fx!hd$bw!ayk%dfmcbg 

Written by BlackMeem

Thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Cry of Fear – Modifying Unlockables helped you somehow. If you believe we forget to add something or update the post with more information, please let us know via comment below! See you soon!

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