Cult of the Lamb – A guide to curses in Cult Of The Lamb

Cult of the Lamb – A guide to curses in Cult Of The Lamb 1 -
Cult of the Lamb – A guide to curses in Cult Of The Lamb 1 -

Every curse is unique. This guide will help you understand what they do and who they are.

An introduction to curses

Certain points of the game can bring curses, such the start of a race, the npc shop, or after you have won a room.
You will not be able to choose which curse you start with.
Curses use a few types of projectiles: basic projectiles (homing), homing, aimable shockwaves (aoe attacks), and multi-directional shockwaves (multidirectional).
Curses can also bring about a variety of additional effects. Some curses can cause lingering injury to enemies within a specific area. Others can grant temporary invincibility for melee or ranged attacks, or both. These curses are available by gaining Faith and selecting upgrades through the skill tree accessible by giving Sermons your Followers. Each upgrade unlocks three new Curses. These curses are added to the mix of abilities available at the points indicated.

Every Curse explained.

Touch Of The Revenant
The spell causes a straight line to be drawn in front of Lamb, similar with Touch Of Turua. Touch Of The Rebenant summons ghosts in the area to track down and attack nearby enemies instead of directly damaging their enemies.
These ghosts can be spawned with Necromantic tools, but they are identical to the ones that were created with them. It is possible to eliminate small enemies or have the ghosts converge on one target to cause concentrated damage.
Ghosts can only see a small area so they will not be able to capture enemies that are further away than their starting location. They are also difficult to track fast-moving foes. Therefore, try to summon the ghosts as close as possible to your intended target.
Divine Blizzard
Divine Blizzard comes in handy when you are being attacked by large numbers. It damages all enemies located within a radius surrounding the Lamb and inflicts Freeze status, slowing down their movement. It even pushes them away. You have the opportunity to reposition their numbers or thin them.
Cults Of The Lamb can quickly drain your health. So it is important to have a way around that. Knowing when Divine Blizzard to be used and when to deploy it can save you from having a crusade restarted.
Hounds Of Fate
Hounds Of Fate makes a great spell when you first enter a space. It unleashes five magic bullets that hit your enemies, ensuring your first strike. It's also very useful against bosses. It allows you to do damage while keeping your distance.
Breakables are able to stop the missiles. However, it is important that the room does not have a lot of debris before you commit the curse. Hounds Of Fate is Fervor well-spent as long you have clear lines.
Path Of The Righteous
Path Of The Righteous gives you the chance to try their gooey remedies if you're fed up with enemies leaving poisonous areas all over the map. Path Of The Righteous can be used to throw a blob filled with ichor, which deals decent damage and leaves an area that poisons enemies entering. Path Of The Righteous does leave a trail behind it, which increases the effect's reach.
Poison is often enough damage to finish off weak enemies, so you can focus on bigger threats. The One Who Is Waiting protects the Lamb from black ichor's effects, so you can continue your path without fear. The main feature is the trail-of-ichor. Path Of The Righteous is a targeted damage spell that targets the biggest opponent in a room. The main blob will hit the largest opponent, and the rest of the room will be engulfed by the ichor.
Touch Of Turua has many uses. However, you don't have to cast it just once. You can cast it four times. Maelstrom sends out four bursts if tentacles simultaneously, at right angles. This gives it the best coverage of any curse. It doesn’t hit as well as its more focused cousin but it is still a powerful spell that can kill all enemies on the battlefield.
Maelstrom is possible orthoqonally and diagonally by changing the direction of the cursor button. This gives you more flexibility and allows the spell to be used to react to enemies moving during casting.
Divine Guardian
Divine Guardian is unique in that it is the only defensive spell in the game. It acts in the same way that other burst spells. It pushes back and damages enemies close to the Lamb. It has two key effects, however, that cannot be replicated by any other means. This makes the tool an incredible tool for any loadout.
First, Divine Guardian can reflect projectiles caught up in its blast. This causes them instead to damage the Lamb. Many of the game’s bosses heavily use rapid-fire projectiles. So a well-timed and timely Divine Guardian can instantly turn the tables.
Second, and perhaps more important, the Divine Guardian makes it invulnerable for two second. That's enough time for you to move to safety or launch an attack, without fear of retaliation. It is rare that you can unleash a melee a*sault on a boss using Gauntlet guns without taking damage in return. Divine Guardian makes it possible, increasing your chances of success.
Divine Blight
Divine Blight, a powerful attack, is available. It poisons enemies and knocks them back.
Not the best, but still very good.
Divine Force
Divine Force locks your enemies into a position temporarily, allowing to do more damage.
Divine Blast
Divine Blast doesn’t have any specific effects. It is a knockback that also damages enemies.
Trail Blazed
Trail Blazed can shoot projectiles forward or back, dealing a significant amount of damage.
Strike Of The Crown
Shoots a projectile which has a chance of possing enemies on hit, making it not attack you.
Cleansing Fire
Three projectiles are shot simultaneously, causing severe burns.
Flaming Shot
This fireball can be used to target multiple enemies at the same time. You can also hold the mark, and let it go to make it explode.
Oath Of The Crown
A devastating melee attack, with the chance to possess impacted friends.
Death's Disregard
A melee attack is great because it can deflect projectiles simultaneously and can be used to attack bosses.
Death's Attendant
A melee attack, which spawns ghosts that look like touch of the revenant, but deals less damage.
Deaths Sweep
A basic melee attack which can be charged to do additional damage.
Call Of The Crown
A homing attack where enemies are directly hit through objects.
Path Of The Righteous
A projectile that makes a trail black ichor.
Touch Of Ithaqua
It is an eruption of Ice Pillars that freezes enemies on hit
Pa*sage Of The Marnier
Spawns four long-lasting tentacles around.
Touch Of Turua
Basically Maelstorm.


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