Cyberpunk 2077 – Duplication Glitch

Cyberpunk 2077 – Duplication Glitch 4 -
Cyberpunk 2077 – Duplication Glitch 4 -

Guide for Cyberpunk 2077 – Duplication Glitch

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Here is a simple and easy method to duplicate any items in Cyberpunk 2077; you can duplicate any items such as weapons, materials, mods, etc.
Keep in mind that duplicating items will cost you money; you can use my money guide to duplicate items easier.
I will update this guide and keep you updated if it gets patched.



In this method, you simply need to go by any drop points around the map. When you get there, you should press to keys at the same time to glitch the drop point.

First, sell only one of whatever item you want to duplicate, then you should Press ESC + R at the same time. If you do it correctly, you will get a sold menu with a transparent background like the picture below.Cyberpunk 2077 - Duplication Glitch

Now you can buy an infinite amount of whatever you sold, keep in mind this method costs money but using the money guide that I made you won’t have any problems with the Eddies 😉 Money Guide

I also made a small video to show you how it’s done as well <3

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