Cyberpunk 2077 – Easy Money

Cyberpunk 2077 – Easy Money 3 -
Cyberpunk 2077 – Easy Money 3 -

Guide for Cyberpunk 2077 – Easy Money

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By far, this the easiest way to make money in Cyberpunk 2077; you can make 20k in less than 2 minutes!
You can combine this method with the duplicate glitch to make it faster and more efficient. Use my guide for the duplicate glitch.

Let me know if I should make more guides for CP77 <3

Duplication glitch


Location + Method

First things first, for this method, you are required to complete a specific side quest. Simply go to this location and complete the quest. Keep in mind you will encounter enemies around level 20+, so either be careful or do it when you are strong enough!
Cyberpunk 2077 - Easy Money

After completing the quest, you will receive this item:
Cyberpunk 2077 - Easy Money

After doing the first part, you basically have to go by any drop points around the map and follow these easy steps.

  • Sell the item you got from the quest for 4000 Eddies.
  • Get out of the drop point and get back in it.
  • Buyback the item for 5 Eddies.
  • Keep doing the steps above and get rich 🙂


Improved version + Calculations

You can use the money method with a duplication glitch that I made a guide about duplicating the item and selling bulks of the item instead of selling one at a time. Link to my guide

Thanks to TaxFreePwnage for calculations:
“I just tested this. Assuming you can make the loop of “repurchase the painting from vendor -> go-to character backpack -> sell the painting to vendor -> close out of the menu and re-start chat” within 5 seconds (I timed myself and got 50.72 sec for 10 tries straight), comes out to ~80k/minute (without waiting to reset the vendor wallet/inventory).

I would recommend going to a gun vendor and buying all their crafting mats to give them nice deep pockets (besides, crafting is OP in this game) before you get started.

So yeah, roughly 80k/minute… 4.8 million for an hour. I’d probably give it closer to 3 or 3.5 with downtime, or if people are slower on the button inputs/controls than I am. Still. Insane. Good ♥♥♥♥.”

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Thanks for reading through my guide.

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This is all that we can say about Cyberpunk 2077 – Easy Money for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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