Cyberpunk 2077 – Fix mission bug: Play it Safe | “Ritmo de la noche”

Cyberpunk 2077 – Fix mission bug: Play it Safe | “Ritmo de la noche” 1 -
Cyberpunk 2077 – Fix mission bug: Play it Safe | “Ritmo de la noche” 1 -

Guide for Cyberpunk 2077 – Fix mission bug: Play it Safe | “Ritmo de la noche”

If after connecting to the access point near the end of the mission, your screen goes black … this guide has a possible solution


What happens in this bug?

Apparently the game freezes when you interact with the access point after disconnecting the NetRunner in the mission, this can happend for various reasons but all trigger a black screen.

This bug happens in the PC version (Gog, Steam and Epic) as in the Stadia version, I do not know if this happens in the console versions.

This video shows the bug I’m talking about:



First Solution

The simplest solution for this bug is to set all the graphic settings as low as possible, including the quality of textures from the menu and the resolution.

Second Solution

This solution contains spoilers as I will specify what happens in the mission to explain what to do.

After disconnecting the NetRunner and defeating Oda, Takemura’s call must be ignored and must be directed to the access point quickly to be able to interact with him before the second phone call from this (Takemura’s second call is to request Let V let Oda live, it will also give time to loot his body).

This will prevent the second call that so far is the one suspected of causing this bug (I say “suspected” since there is no official information on why this bug happens or a solution from CDPR).

Third Solution (The most effective)

This solution applies to those who play in Spanish, English or another language.

If you change your game language: Texts and Audios, from the main menu you can load your last save and repeat Takemura’s call and be able to interact with the Access Point without it getting stuck, being possible to continue playing and see the next cinematic.

Personally this is one of the ones that has worked for me, since changing the graphic settings was impossible for me because I was already playing at low settings. Although each solution seems to work differently on each computer.

Fourth Solution

If you still have a side quest available, you can try using the “T” key to call someone and have them answer the call and the quest will continue normally … two things can happen: you can’t call anyone because you have almost done all missions, and that the game doesn’t even allow you to exit to the menu.

If this happens, try the other solutions.

Fifth Solution

Reload an autosave from before you’re in the room where the netrunner is, as soon as you reload it, do a manual save in a new save slot. Then proceed to go into the room, defeat Oda, stand over his body, let Takemura speak, tell him it’s his lucky day, then pick up the loot from his body and go over to the access point.

Sixth solution (The most hard)

Restart the mission from the initial conversation on the streets with Takemura … completely


If any of these solutions have been helpful, leave a comment … or if you find other solutions you could contribute them so that more people can solve these bugs.

If you speak Spanish, you can leave a comment, I will be able to help you … because it is my language, I also apologize if this guide contains errors, I do not speak English well..

I would also appreciate if you would vote positively on this guide if it has been useful, and if you would award it with Steam points, I would be very grateful.

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