Cyberpunk 2077 – List of All Quests

Cyberpunk 2077 – List of All Quests 2 -
Cyberpunk 2077 – List of All Quests 2 -

Guide for Cyberpunk 2077 – List of All Quests

Do you love lots of text? Great. This guide details the requirements, notable outcomes, choices, and other things for all quests in the game. If it’s in the Journal, it’s in here. Consider this to be a kind of bare-bones walkthrough for the main story and side activities, as well as a loot guide. This will have very few if any images, but they may be added later. This guide is a WIP, but it does currently list all available quests in case anyone needs them.


SPOILER WARNING and some info

That’s your first warning. You’ll see a second one right before the actual walkthrough begins after all the lists.

Anyways, this guide is a WIP list for all available quest-type things. There’s a lot to cover, as you can see. If you want to find something specific, you can Ctrl+F it in this guide, either by code (ex. MJ-11) or by name (ex Queen of the Highway). The sections are of random length based upon how much room is left to write in there, which is why some sections may have 10 jobs while some list 20.

List of all Main Jobs (MJ)

There are 33 of these in total- but you will never have all 33 unlocked in a single playthrough due to many of these having branching stories and alternate starting paths.


  • MJ-01: The Nomad (The Fool)
  • MJ-02: The Streetkid (The Fool)
  • MJ-03: The Corpo-Rat (The Fool)
  • MJ-04: Practice Makes Perfect
  • MJ-05: The Rescue (The Lovers)
  • MJ-06: The Ripperdoc
  • MJ-07: The Ride
  • MJ-08: The Pickup
  • MJ-09: The Information
  • MJ-10: The Heist
  • MJ-11: Playing for Time

Finding Evelyn Parker

  • MJ-12: Automatic Love
  • MJ-13: The Space in Between
  • MJ-14: Disasterpiece
  • MJ-15: Double Life

Meeting the Voodoo Boys

  • MJ-16: M’app Tann Pelen
  • MJ-17: I Walk the Line
  • MJ-18: Transmission (The Hermit)

Meeting Anders Hellman

  • MJ-19: Ghost Town
  • MJ-20: Lightning Breaks
  • MJ-21: Life During Wartime (The Wheel of Fortune)

Cooperating with Takemura

  • MJ-22: Down on the Street
  • MJ-23: Gimme Danger
  • MJ-24: Play It Safe
  • MJ-25: Search and Destroy (The High Priestess)


These all take place past the Point of no Return. Path 1 leads to Epilogue 1, Paths 2 and 3 lead to either Epilogue 2, 3, or 4.

  • MJ-26: Nocturne Op55N1
  • MJ-27: Last Caress (Path 1)
  • MJ-28: Totalimmortal (Path 1)
  • MJ-29: For Whom the Bell Tolls (Path 3, requires SJ-50 Queen of the Highway to access)
  • MJ-30: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Path 3)
  • MJ-31: We Gotta Live Together (Path 2, requires SJ-36 Blistering Love to access)
  • MJ-32: Forward to Death (Path 2)
  • MJ-33: Belly of the Beast (Path 2)


List of all Side Jobs (SJ)

There are 67 of these in total. These get unlocked more and more as you progress through the story, and many play a role in what sorts of endings are available to you and how they play out, as many of these jobs revolve around people who you can either romance or are important to the story. In these, your choices will generally have a lasting effect on the rest of the game.

  • SJ-01: Beat on the Brat
  • SJ-02: The Gun
  • SJ-03: The Gift
  • SJ-04: Burning Desire / Night Moves
  • SJ-05: The Prophet’s Song
  • SJ-06: Losing my Religion / Sacrum Profanum
  • SJ-07: The Gig
  • SJ-08: Big in Japan
  • SJ-09: The Beast in Me
  • SJ-10: Heroes
  • SJ-11: Shoot to Thrill
  • SJ-12: Happy Together
  • SJ-13: Violence
  • SJ-14: The Ballad of Buck Ravers
  • SJ-15: Full Disclosure
  • SJ-16: Send in the Clowns
  • SJ-17: Coin Operate Boy
  • SJ-18: I Fought the Law
  • SJ-19: Dream On
  • SJ-20: The Hunt
  • SJ-21: Following the River (To Protect and Serve)
  • SJ-22: Sinnerman
  • SJ-23: They Won’t Go When I Go
  • SJ-24: Human Nature
  • SJ-25: Tune Up & Epistrophy
  • SJ-26: Don’t Lose Your Mind
  • SJ-27: Both Sides, Now
  • SJ-28: Ex-Factor
  • SJ-29: Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution
  • SJ-30: Pisces
  • SJ-31: Pyramid Song (Judy vs Night City)
  • SJ-32: Spellbound
  • SJ-33: Love Rollercoaster
  • SJ-34: Tapeworm (Johnny’s Shirt)
  • SJ-35: Chippin’ In (Johnny’s Aviators)
  • SJ-36: Blistering Love (Bushido and Chill) (required for epilogue 3)
  • SJ-37: Holdin’ On
  • SJ-38: Second Conflict
  • SJ-39: A Like Supreme
  • SJ-40: Rebel! Rebel!
  • SJ-41: I Don’t Wanna Hear It
  • SJ-42: Off the Leash
  • SJ-43: Boat Drinks (To Bad Decisions!)
  • SJ-44: Fool on the Hill (The Wandering Fool)
  • SJ-45: Riders on the Storm
  • SJ-46: Gun Music
  • SJ-47: A Day in the Life
  • SJ-48: Imagine
  • SJ-49: With a Little Help from my Friends
  • SJ-50: Queen of the Highway Life on the Road) (required for epilogue 2)
  • SJ-51: War Pigs
  • SJ-52: These Boots Are Made for Walkin’
  • SJ-53: I’ll Fly Away
  • SJ-54: Fortunate Son
  • SJ-55: Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
  • SJ-56: Kold Mirage
  • SJ-57: Space Oddity
  • SJ-58: Stadium Love
  • SJ-59: Killing in the Name
  • SJ-60: The Highwayman
  • SJ-61: Sweet Dreams
  • SJ-62: Every Breath You Take
  • SJ-63: Machine Gun
  • SJ-64: Bullets
  • SJ-65: Raymond Chandler Evening
  • SJ-66: Only Pain
  • SJ-67: Small man, Big Mouth


List of all Side Gigs

There are 69 of these in total. Nice. These are optional jobs, your average side quests. The vast majority of these don’t have any lasting effects on the game and are just “in the moment” activities, but a few have noteworthy items you can obtain in them, such as two of Johnny’s items. Most don’t have anything noteworthy about them so if they do, it’ll be written here.
Many are unlocked as the story goes along, and once you obtain the proper Street Cred Tier to unlock it.

  • 01: Playing For Keeps
  • 02: Catching a Tyger’s Toe
  • 03: Bloodsport
  • 04: The Heisenberg Principle
  • 05: Welcome to America, Comrade
  • 06: Troublesome Neighbors
  • 07: Woman of La Mancha – If your V is a Nomad, Anna lives after this encounter.
  • 08: Shark in the Water
  • 09: Monster Hunt
  • 10: Back Against the Wall
  • 11: Small Man, Big Evil – 09 Monster Hunt is required to unlock.
  • 12: Last Login – You can get a discount from the Ripperdoc Charles in this gig if you tell him you know where he gets his parts and that you don’t believe his excuses.
  • 13: Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy – 05 Welcome to America, Comrade is required to unlock.
  • 14: Hippocratic Oath
  • 15: Flight of the Cheetah
  • 16: Dirty Biz
  • 17: Many Ways to Skin a Cat
  • 18: Rite of Pa*sage
  • 19: Scrolls Before Swine – MJ-11 Playing for Time is required to unlock.
  • 20: Occupational Hazard
  • 21: Freedom of the Press
  • 22: Lousy Keepers
  • 23: Olive Branch
  • 24: We Have Your Wife
  • 25: Greed Never Pays
  • 26: A Shrine Defiled
  • 27: Wakako’s Favorite
  • 28: Getting Warmer
  • 29: Until Death Do Us Part
  • 30: Tyger and Vulture
  • 31: Family Heirloom – MJ-19 Ghost Town is required to unlock. You can get Johnny’s shoes during this gig.
  • 32: Two Wrongs Makes us Right
  • 33: Error 404
  • 34: Cuckoo’s Nest
  • 35: Family Matters
  • 36: For My Son
  • 37: Going-Away Party
  • 38: The Union Strikes Back
  • 39: Serious Side Effects
  • 40: Race to the Top
  • 41: Breaking News
  • 42: Hacking the Hacker
  • 43: Serverance Package
  • 44: Flying Drugs
  • 45: No Fixers
  • 46: Big Pete’s Got Big Problems
  • 47: Trevor’s Last Ride
  • 48: Dancing on a Minefield
  • 49: Sparring Partner
  • 50: MIA
  • 51: Goodbye, Night City
  • 52: Radar Love
  • 53: Old Friends
  • 54: Jeopardy
  • 55: Bring Me the Head of Gustavo Orta
  • 56: Sr. Ladrillo’s Private Collection
  • 57: Life’s Work – 3 days after completing this gig, you will receive a message that unlocks a sort of side mission depending on how well you did here. If you successfully delivered the car to Jake, you’ll obtain the location of a free car, the Quadra Turbo-R. If you failed to deliver the car, then you’ll get a message saying there’s suspicious behavior at the same garage, and you’ll be forced to either sneak past or fight a group of enemies to obtain the car. Either way, free car.
  • 58: Fifth Column
  • 59: Psychofan – You can get Johnny’s pants during this gig.
  • 60: Eye for an Eye
  • 61: Going Up or Down?
  • 62: On a Tight Leash
  • 63: The Lord Giveth and Taketh Away
  • 64: Hot Merchandise
  • 65: A Lack of Empathy
  • 66: Serial Suicide
  • 67: An Inconvenient Killer
  • 68: The Frolics of Councilwoman Cole
  • 69: Guinea Pigs


List of all NCPD Hustles

There are four types of NCPD Hustles, and 346 of these in total in-game:

Assault in Progress

There’s a crime taking place here, and you have a chance to stop it. Or make it worse, depending on how you play. There are 112 of these in-game. None of them have unique names and they only show up on your map, not your journal.

Reported Crime

Something happened, someone reported it. Usually, this involves just finding a stash someone left behind. There are 27 of these in-game, and they all have individual names that show up in your Journal:

  • 603: Worldly Possession
  • 605: Paranoia
  • 613: Dangerous Currents
  • 625: Protect and Serve
  • 649: Dredged Up
  • 650: Needle in a Haystack
  • 656: One Thing Led to Another
  • 657: Don’t Forget the Parking Brake!
  • 676: Lost and Found
  • 678: Another Circle of Hell
  • 701: You Play With Fire…
  • 711: Crash Test
  • 712: Table Scraps
  • 731: Roadside Picnic
  • 734: Honey, Where Are You?
  • 754: Welcome to Night City
  • 755: A Stroke of Luck
  • 756: Justice Behind Bars
  • 774: Disloyal Employee
  • 780: Supply Management
  • 793: Comrade Red
  • 794: Blood in the Air
  • 797: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
  • 805: I Don’t Like Sand
  • 865: Death From Above
  • 886: Smoking Kills
  • 919: Turn Off the Tap

Suspected Organized Crime Activity

There’s a group of thugs here, and you need to take them out and take their loot. There are 17 of these in-game, and most of them have unique names- many even give you crafting specs for unique weapons, but for some strange reason around half of the list just goes by “Suspected Organized Crime Activity”:

  • 601: Opposites Attract
  • 607: Tygers by the Tail
  • 643: Vice Control – You can obtain the crafting spec for the iconic Buzzsaw SMG from the leader.
  • 644: Just Say No – You can obtain the crafting spec for the iconic Psalm 11:6 a*sault rifle from the leader.
  • 646: No License, No Problem
  • 684: Modern Labor Market – You can obtain the crafting spec for the iconic Sovereign shotgun from the leader.
  • 714: Privacy Policy Violation – You can obtain the crafting spec for the iconic The Headsman shotgun from the leader.
  • 717: Suspected Organized Crime Activity – You can obtain the crafting spec for the iconic Moron Labe a*sault rifle from the leader.
  • 733: Wipe the Gonk, Take the Implants
  • 752: Suspected Organized Crime Activity – You can obtain the crafting spec for the iconic Breakthrough sniper rifle from the leader.
  • 759: Desperate Sons-of-♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  • 772: Suspected Organized Crime Activity – You can obtain the crafting spec for the iconic Comrade’s Hammer revolver from the leader.
  • 804: Suspected Organized Crime Activity
  • 837: Suspected Organized Crime Activity
  • 873: Suspected Organized Crime Activity
  • 883: Chapel
  • 905: Living the Big Life – You can obtain the crafting spec for the iconic Yinglong SMG from the leader.

Hidden Gem

Quite literally, hidden stashes. These do not show up on the map and do not involve any sort of mission. Typically, you’ll need to loot a dead body for this. There are a whopping 190 of these in-game. Since there are so many of these, they will be in the next section. These are not mandatory for 100% achievement completion, nor any sort of in-game completion (as far as I know). Hunt for them at your own risk, but here, I’ve added a quick and easy map for you to locate them:
Cyberpunk 2077 - List of All Quests

List of all Cyberpsycho Sightings

There are 17 of these in total. These are also kind of optional. Most are unlocked after MJ-05 The Rescue, one unlocks after MJ-11 Playing for Time, and then the final one unlocks after MJ-18 Transmission.

  • 961 Little China: Unlocked after MJ-05 The Rescue.
  • 962 Demons of War: Unlocked after MJ-05 The Rescue.
  • 963 Help is on the Way: Unlocked after MJ-05 The Rescue.
  • 964 Bloody Ritual: Unlocked after MJ-11 Playing for Time.
  • 965 Where the Bodies Hit the Floor: Unlocked after MJ-05 The Rescue.
  • 966 Six Feet Under: Unlocked after MJ-05 The Rescue.
  • 967 A Dance With Death: Unlocked after MJ-05 The Rescue.
  • 968 Lex Talionis: Unlocked after MJ-18 Transmission.
  • 969 The Wasteland: Unlocked after MJ-05 The Rescue.
  • 970 Second Chances: Unlocked after MJ-05 The Rescue.
  • 971 House on a Hill: Unlocked after MJ-05 The Rescue.
  • 972 Discount Doc: Unlocked after MJ-05 The Rescue.
  • 973 Too Little, Too Late: Unlocked after MJ-05 The Rescue.
  • 974 On Deaf Ears: Unlocked after MJ-05 The Rescue.
  • 975 Phantom of the Night City: Unlocked after MJ-05 The Rescue.
  • 976 Jealous Hearts: Unlocked after MJ-05 The Rescue.
  • 977 Letter of the Law: Unlocked after MJ-05 The Rescue.

The main goal of these is to provide some cool minboss enemies and some more lore on cyberpsychosis. These missions mainly just give monetary rewards, outside of whatever you can loot at the scene.

Completing all Cyberpsycho Sightings will grant you the achievement “I Am The Law.”



MJ-01 – MJ-11 Prologue


Main Story

MJ-01 The Nomad, MJ-02 The Streetkid, and MJ-03 The Corpo-Rat are all the backstory for your selected life path for V, you’ll only ever do one per playthrough. You don’t need to start new games with all three backstories to finish the game and get the achievement for doing so. Completing this gets you the achievement “The Fool.”

  • MJ-01 The Nomad (starting point): Earns you the Car model memorabilia for your apartment.
  • MJ-02 The Streetkid (starting point): Earns you the Arasaka clock memorabilia for your apartment.
  • MJ-03 The Corpo-Rat (starting point): When you are speaking to Frank, exploring all dialogue options before continuing will make him act differently toward you when you meet him again in SJ-51 War Pigs. This job also earns you the Night City diorama memorabilia for your apartment.
  • MJ-04 Practice Makes Perfect:
  • MJ-05 The Rescue: Completing this will grant you the achievement “The Lovers.”
  • MJ-06 The Ripperdoc: When you reach the elevator at the start of this job, stop by the 2nd Amendment gun shop, you’ll get a free gun. It’s not amazing or anything, just a free weapon.
  • MJ-07 The Ride: Here you have two choices for your next mission. When you’re riding in the car with Dex, you can pick either as it only influences which is done first:
    • “Visit Maelstrom first.” Begins MJ-08 The Pickup first.
    • “Gonna start with the client.” Begins MJ-09 The Information first.
  • MJ-08 The Pickup: Here, you meet Maelstrom member Dum Dum, who is acting as the negotiator in place of Royce to sell you the Flathead. If Dum Dum lives through this ordeal, he will show up later in SJ-38 Second Conflict, where you can now loot him and obtain the iconic Doom Doom revolver. See the section below this one for a full rundown on the choices for the Flathead mission, it’s insane how much variety there is in how you can get it.
  • MJ-09 The Information:
  • MJ-10 The Heist: After all is said and done, you have the choice of where to send Jackie’s remains. You have three options here, but one is fake:
    • “Nowhere. Wait for me here.” Delamain will send Jackie’s remains to his family.
    • “Take him home, to his family.” Jackie’s body is sent to his family and you unlock SJ-10 Heroes. I don’t think this option shows up if you select either of the two options, despite the first sending Jackie’s remains to his family anyway.
    • “Take him to Vik Vektor’s clinic.” All this will do is give you some extra dialogue and cutscenes down the line.
  • MJ-11 Playing for Time:

Unlocks (these are unlocked once you enter the world, not once you complete the prologue)

  • Side Jobs 1-6.
  • Sidegigs 1-3, 5-9.
  • Your first Cyberpsycho Sighting: Little China.


  • Chaos pistol: Can be found during MJ-08 The Pickup by looting Royce.
  • Kongou pistol: Lying on Yorinobu’s nightstand (on the right, if facing the bed).
  • Satori katana: When everyone leaves Yorinobu’s penthouse and you and Jackie need to escape, T-Bug opens the doors leading outside. Once this happens, don’t leave the way the game tells you- go up the stairs Saburo Arasaka descended near the start of the scene and you’ll find an open door leading to a vehicle on the roof. Inside is the katana.
  • Sir John Phallustiff: Obtainable from Stout if you obtain the Flathead a specific way. You need to accept her infected credchip, buy the Flathead using her money, and leave without starting any conflict. Some time later she will message you, asking to meet at the No-Tell Motel. Meet with her, and you can take the weapon off the bed after your meeting with her.
  • Jackie’s Arch motorcycle: Regardless of whether or not you send Jackie’s body to his family, you will still receive the bike from Mama Welles later on, you’ll just have to wait a bit longer.


MJ-12 – MJ-15 Finding Evelyn Parker


Main Story

  • MJ-12 Automatic Love: If you interrogate Woodman with no conflicts started, you’ll see him again later in SJ-28 Ex-Factor. The rest of this part of the story is pretty straightforward.
  • MJ-13 The Space in Between:
  • MJ-14 Disasterpiece:
  • MJ-15 Double Life:


  • Side Jobs 7-12, 14-15, 17, and 19-21.
  • Sidegigs 4, 10-12, and 14-18.
  • Cyberpsycho Sightings 2-3.


  • Plan B pistol: You can loot this off Dex’s body in the junkyard after the Prologue.
  • Cocktail Stick katana: Found in the make-up room in Clouds, upstairs in MJ-12 Automatic Love.
  • Second Opinion pistol: Found in the office adjacent to Woodman’s in Clouds during MJ-12 Automatic Love.
  • Cottonmouth pipe(?): Found in Fingers’ bedroom during MJ-13 The Space In Between.
  • Mox shotgun: Given to you by Judy after romancing her, or at the end of MJ-12 Automatic Love if she decides to leave Night City.


MJ-16 – MJ-18 Meeting the Voodoo Boys


Main Story

  • MJ-16: M’app Tann Pelen:
  • MJ-17: I Walk the Line: At the end of this main job, you’ll be given two choices, both of which will affect the next mission (slightly), MJ-18 Transmission:
    • “Make a deal with the agent.” You’ll take the shard, The Animals won’t be hostile toward you, and you can leave. Placide will be pissed at you, but Brigitte will still want to help. You’ll find some more combat in the next mission if you pick this.
    • “Stick with the Voodoo Boys.” You knock out the agent and leave. Placide is still happy, Brigitte is pissed that Placide hurt you, but will offer help.

    Whatever you pick, you’re still going to visit Placide and continue on with the main story.

  • MJ-18: Transmission: Completing this gets you the achievement “The Hermit”.


  • Side Jobs 16, and 23-26.
  • Sidegigs 13, and 19-22.
  • Cyberpsycho Sightings 4-6.


  • No real missable loot here.


MJ-19 – MJ-21 Meeting Anders Hellman


Main Story

  • MJ-19 Ghost Town: After you help Panam retrieve her truck from Nash and his lackeys, she gives youtwo choices:
    • “Deal with Nash.” You help Panam deal with the backstabber. This also helps in trying to romance her, if that’s what you’re going for. Once you’re done, Rogue gives you a call and she’s not happy, but this does not seem to affect anything afterward. This option is highly recommended even if you are not romancing her, as you get a free fight with more loot and an enemy with an iconic weapon (see below).
    • “Don’t deal with Nash.” You skip the battle where you help Panam take out Nash.
  • MJ-20 Lightning Breaks:
  • MJ-21 Life During Wartime: If you keep talking to the pilot he can tell you where Hellman is located (at the gas station). otherwise, he dies without giving you the information you need and you’ll have to find out on your own, which leads to more enemies appearing at the gas station when you do arrive there. Completing this gets you the achievement “The Wheel of Fortune.”


  • Rayfield Caliburn: After MJ-19 Ghost Town is completed, you can return to the tunnel where the fight with Nash was (or wasn’t, I think you can get the car even if you don’t fight Nash) and somewhere near the middle of the tunnel you will find a blue storage container where there previously wasn’t one. In it is a free Caliburn, get in and it’s yours.
  • Side Jobs 18, 22, 27, and 28-33.
  • Sidegigs 23-25, 27, and 29-30.


  • Widow Maker precision rifle: Looted off Nash’s body in MJ019 Ghost Town.


MJ-22 – MJ-25 Cooperating with Takemura


Main Story

  • MJ-22 Down on the Street:
  • MJ-23 Gimme Danger: There is a point where Takemura takes on the reconnaissance of the Arasaka Industrial Park and you’re given the option to join him:
    • “Join Takemura.” You come with him and stake out the park, furthering your friendship with him. If you chose to send Jackie to Vik near the start of the game, Takemura provides dialogue on what happened afterward.
    • “Let Takemura do recon alone.” Takemura goes off without you, and you need to wait for him to get back to you.
  • MJ-24 Play It Safe:
  • MJ-25 Search and Destroy: After meeting Hanako you’re given two choices:
    • “Go back for Takemura.” Choosing this will lead you into a fight to save Takemura. He is necessary for one of the game’s endings, so this is the recommended choice if you’re trying to see all the possible endings in a single playthrough.
    • “Leave the building.” You leave Takemura for dead, and he’s out of the story for good. You’re locked out of one of the ending achievements. You’ll still get the ending, only you’ll see Hellman instead of Takemura.

    Completing this gets you the achievement “The High Priestess”.


  • Side Jobs 13, 35-51, and 53.
  • Sidegigs 26, 28, 31, and 44.


  • Prototype Shingen: Mark V pistol: Found in a shipping container during MJ-23 Gimme Danger.
  • Genjiroh pistol: Found behind a closed gate in MJ-24 Play It Safe. The door is found on floor 21 before you reach a long ladder, and before the second sniper. It’s locked behind a Technical limit but the code for the gate is 2906. This pistol can also be obtained elsewhere, so don’t worry if you miss this.
  • Jinchu-maru katana: Looted off Oda.


MJ-26 – MJ-33 Finale

Reaching the elevator that takes you to Embers, you’re given a very clear warning about the game reaching the Point of No Return. Heed this warning, as it is your last chance to do any remaining side missions. At this point, you may either continue toward one of the many endings of the game or you can leave and tie up any loose ends. All other side quests and activities are fully unlocked for you to finish.

Keep in mind that as of writing this guide, there is no New Game+ feature, although CD Projekt RED stated that they wished to implement it at some point. Because of this, when you finish your chosen ending, you’ll be dropped off right before the Point of No Return, free to leave or try another ending. SAVE BEFORE CONTINUING.

Note: Achievements are locked to epilogues, not to the path you take before reaching them. Hanako’s path will ALWAYS give epilogue 1, but Panam’s and Rogue’s paths can all result in epilogues 2, 3, or 4, depending on your choices made in the Mikoshi. However, you will not have access to the rest of the epilogues if you never did their side jobs. If you never did any other side jobs, you will only have access to Hanako’s path and suicide. It is highly recommended that you do all of the side jobs labeled as “Major” in the guide before attempting these endings.

MJ-26 Nocturne Op55N1 consists of a conversation and a very important choice in which you will determine the path you take toward your desired epilogue. There are six total endings for the game, but only four have epilogues.

Hanako’s Path, “Where is My Mind?,” The Devil

To access this path, you need to select “Think trusting Arasaka’s risky but worth it.” when talking to Misty and then take the Omega-blockers. Doing so will lead you on the first path toward Epilogue 1, consisting of MJ-27 Last Caress followed by MJ-28 Totalimmortal. This ending does not intertwine with any other, once this is chosen you’re locked into this ending and epilogue.

On the spaceship, there’s a couple of sub-endings that take place here, depending on the answer you give Hellman/Takemura. If you never saved Takemura, you will see Hellman here. If you saved Takemura, you’ll see him instead. You’ll also be given a few choices here, both answers give alternate scenes, but are still a part of one main ending:

  • [Sign Contract] “I want to live.” V signs the contract and is taken into the Secure Your Soul program under Arasaka and become an engram.
  • [Refuse to Sign] “I’m going back to Earth.” V doesn’t sign the contract and goes back to Earth.

If you saved Takemura back in MJ-25 Search and Destroy, then you’ll obtain “The Devil” for reaching epilogue 1, regardless of your choice in the end. Otherwise, you won’t get any achievement.

Panam’s Path

To access this path, you need to have completed all of Panam’s missions, namely the completion of SJ-50 Queen of the Highway, which will allow the option “Gonna ask Panam for help.” to show up. After selecting that, you take the Omega-blockers. This leads you toward the second path, consisting of MJ-31 We Gotta Live Together, MJ-32 Forward to Death, and finally MJ-33 Belly of the Beast.

  • MJ-31 We Gotta Live Together: You can obtain the iconic Amnesty revolver by doing Ca*sidy’s bottle-shooting challenge. During this job, you obtain the Aldecaldos Rally Bolero Jacket.

Completing Sj-50 Queen of the Highway will grant you access to epilogue 2, “All Along the Watchtower.” Accessing this epilogue will grant you the achievement “The Sun.”

Rogue’s Path

For this path, you need to have completed Rogue’s missions, namely SJ-36 Blistering Love. For this, you need to select “Think you and Rogue should go.” and take the pseudoendotrizine. Later you’ll find yourself in the Mikoshi again, only this time you’re Johnny. This starts MJ-29 For Whom The Bell Tolls and later MJ-30 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door.

  • MJ-29 For Whom The Bell Tolls: You can find the iconic Prejudice a*sault rifle near the start of this job, on a table behind the bar. You can also obtain the Retrothrusters from behind the bar at Afterlife.
  • MJ-30 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door: You can get the iconic Pride pistol here, in the location near where Adam Smasher kills your ally. Also, you can get the iconic Caretaker’s Spade leaning against a tree near the conference table.

Completing SJ-36 Blistering Love will grant you access to epilogue 3, “New Dawn Fades.” Accessing this epilogue will grant you the achievement “The Star.”

Path of least resistance

This ending is available even if you never did any side content. For this, you choose any ending option, then choose “Could also put this all to rest.” and then [Toss pills] I know. Exactly what we’re gonna do.” This is the suicide option and it leads straight into the credits.

Secret Path, “(DON’T FEAR) THE REAPER”

You need to have quite a bit of side content completed in order to access this path. This one’s a secret one, and not a*sociated with any of the choices provided by Johnny. Here are the requirements:

  • You need at least a 70% relationship gauge with Johnny (you can track this in your menu).
  • Completion in Rogue’s side missions, namely SJ-36 Blistering Love.
  • SJ-34 Chippin’ In needs to be completed in a specific way.

In SJ-34 Chippin’ In, you need to go about the conversation between V and Johnny carefully. Here’s the order of choices you need to make:

  • [Inscribe Johnny’s initials]. Let’s do something about that.
  • The Guy who Saved My Life.
  • Nah. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ that up too.
  • What do you want from me?
  • OK. But as second chances go, this is your last.
  • You were a real ♥♥♥♥ in the beginning.
  • When you said you let down your friends…
  • Smasher biz really got to her.
  • Yeah. I’ll call Rogue.

After all this is said and done and you’re sitting in front of Johnny on the balcony, you need to wait 5 minutes without selecting anything, after which Johnny will offer you the option for a suicide run on Arasaka Tower. Pick “Let’s hear the plan.” followed by [Attack Arasaka Tower] “Means goin’ out with a bang – I like it.”

Going down this path can lead you to epilogue 4, “Path of Glory.” Accessing this epilogue will grant you the achievement “Temperance.”

After finishing “Path of Glory,” you obtain the Arasaka Spacesuit.

Epilogue Paths

PathInside the MikoshiEpilogueResult
Hanako’s Path (MJ-27, MJ-28)Epilogue 1 “Where is my Mind?”V either joins the program or returns to Earth.
Panam’s Path (MJ-31, MJ-32, MJ-33, required SJ-50 Queen of the HighwayEnter the well.Epilogue 2 “All Along the Watchtower”Johnny remains in cyberspace, V leaves Night City with the nomads.
Rogue’s Path (MJ-29, MJ-30, required SJ-36 Blistering Love)Cross the bridge with Alt.Epilogue 3 “A New Dawn Fades”V remains in cyberspace, Johnny gets V’s body.
Secret Path (DON’T FEAR) THE REAPERChoose to enter the well.Epilogue 4 “Path of Glory”Johnny remains in cyberspace, V becomes a Night City legend.
Secret Path (DON’T FEAR) THE REAPERYou die in the tower, never reaching Mikoshi.
Path of least resistance

Keep in mind that like stated earlier, you can intertwine paths to reach other epilogues and endings. For example, you can access epilogue 3 from Panam’s path by choosing to cross the bridge rather than entering the well, which would have given you epilogue 2 instead.

SJ-01 – SJ-25 Side Jobs

  • SJ-01 Beat on the Brat: Unlocks after MJ-05 The Rescue. This quest consists of many parts, all of which need to be done in order to complete this side job. The first part is Champion of Kabuki, then Champion of Arroyo, Champion of the Glen, Champion of the Animals, Ticking Time Bomb, and then Finale. In Champion of Arroyo, you can obtain the iconic O’Five sniper rifle by making your target bet it in the fight. In Champion of the Glen, you can obtain the Villefort Alvarado “Vato” car from a fight.
  • SJ-02 The Gun: Unlocks after MJ-05 The Rescue.
  • SJ-03 The Gift: Unlocks after MJ-05 The Rescue.
  • SJ-04 Burning Desire / Night Moves: Unlocks after MJ-06 The Ripperdoc.
  • SJ-05 The Prophet’s Song: Unlocks after MJ-05 The Rescue. This involves talking to the prophet guy, Garry, spouting all sorts of conspiracy theories near close by Vik’s shop. You need to listen and converse with him five times in order to unlock the next part of the side job. He has bonus dialogue that shows up after completing major story bits.
  • SJ-06 Losing my Religion / Sacrum Profanum: Unlocks after MJ-06 The Ripperdoc. You can find the iconic Fenrir SMG on the table near the monk you rescue. If you do this side job in a violent way, the monks will not be happy with you, but the side job will still count as completed.
  • SJ-07 The Gig: Unlocks after MJ-05 The Rescue, serves as the conclusion to that main job. All you do is collect your reward.
  • SJ-08 Big in Japan: Unlocks after MJ-10 The Heist. This side job involves participating in a number of races. After the third race, you are given the option to opt out of it, which will end the side job immediately, if you wish. After the last race, you are given a few choices. You can choose to ignore Claire and stay in the race, but she won’t be happy with you and will have a negative attitude toward you from then on. The other two options, going after Samson and trying to talk Claire out of killing him, both of which give you her car by the end, the Beast.
  • SJ-09 The Beast in Me (Major): Unlocks after MJ-15 Double Life. If you spare Samson, you will receive the Type-66 “Cthulhu” car as a reward. If he dies, you can just buy this car elsewhere.
  • SJ-10 Heroes (Major): Unlocks after MJ-11 Playing for Time, if you sent Jackie’s body to his family. After completing this quest, you can obtain Jackie’s iconic pistols, both named La Chingona Dorada, from his ofrenda. This job earns you the Pin-up poster memorabilia for your apartment.
  • SJ-11 Shoot to Thrill: Unlocks after MJ-11 Playing for Time. You can obtain the Iconic Dying Night pistol by winning the shooting contest, but the job counts as complete no matter what ranking you get.
  • SJ-12 Happy Together: Unlocks after MJ-11 Playing for Time. There are two main ways this job will play out- Barry either dies or he lives. If you talk to him and then report back to the two cops standing outside his door, he will end up dead the next time you go see him. If you select all the optional dialogue choices when talking to him and then go to the columbarium in North Oak to find Andrew’s niche and THEN talk to the two cops, Barry will live.
  • SJ-13 Violence: Unlocks after MJ-25 Search and Destroy.
  • SJ-14 The Ballad of Buck Ravers: Unlocks after MJ-11 Playing for Time. The shopkeep at the end of this side job has some good loot that’s worth buying, especially the legendary t-shirt.
  • SJ-15 Full Disclosure: Unlocks after MJ-15 Double Life.
  • SJ-16 Send in the Clowns: Unlocks after MJ-18 Transmission.
  • SJ-17 Coin Operated Boy: Unlocks after MJ-11 Playing for Time. There are multiple parts to this job. You access it by talking to a vending machine that calls itself Brendan, found near Megabuilding H8, close to the nearby fast-travel station. After this you’ll need to leave and come back numerous times, finding it in different spots each time. Next time it will be behind a dumpster, then talking to a girl, and then finally being defaced by some thug. After this the map has it all laid out and it’s fairly self-explanatory.
  • SJ-18 I Fought the Law (Major): Unlocks after MJ-21 Life During Wartime. This side job introduces you to River, a possible romance partner if you have a V with a female body.
  • SJ-19 Dream On (Major): Unlocks after completing SJ-18 I Fought the Law, after waiting 2 days. The access code is 6709. This job earns you the Peralez poster memorabilia for your apartment.
  • SJ-20 The Hunt (Major): Unlocks after completing SJ-18 I Fought the Law. If you’re looking to romance River, you’ll need to make sure Randy lives after this side job. During this side job, you can get the iconic Tinker Bell melee under a tree on the Edgewood Farm, which is the correct farm. If you choose the wrong farm, you won’t be able to pursue a relationship with him, nor finish the next few quests following this one.
  • SJ-21 Following the River (Major): Unlocks after SJ-20 The Hunt. During this job, if you’re pursuing a romantic relationship with River, you’ll need to go for the chance to kiss him each time and choose the best options to strengthen your relationship. Completing this gets you the achievement “To Protect and Serve” and the Augmented reality game box memorabilia for your apartment.
  • SJ-22 Sinnerman (Major): Unlocks after MJ-21 Life During Wartime. If you kill Joshua here, you won’t be able to continue. If you say yes to his offer, then you can continue with the job. You have two potential ways to influence how the quest will go- you either support Joshua or you try and make his braindance a failure.
  • SJ-23 They Won’t Go When I Go (Major): Unlocks after SJ-22 Sinnerman, after waiting 12 hours.
    The success of the braindance at the end relies heavily on a point system based off five dialogue choices in the first job, and one in the last. For the braindance to fail, you need to get at least four points out of the next following choices made between both of the jobs (info from the official guide):

    Zuleikha’s house“Yeeeep, still not buyin’ it.”1
    Zuleikha’s house“Whoa. Insane, that’s what this is.”1
    Car ride to restaurant“Where are we going to eat?”1
    Restaurant“Can we please stop talking about faith?”1
    Braindance studio“Got pure intentions, but this isn’t the way to act on them.” or “This is crazy, don’t do it.”2
  • SJ-24 Human Nature (Major): Unlocks after MJ-11 Playing For Time.
  • SJ-25 Tune Up & Epistrophy (Major): Unlocks after SJ-24 Human Nature and read Demamain’s message. Here you’ll need to find seven cabs, all across Night City, and help Delamain bring them back onto the network. They’re all marked individually on the map.


SJ-26 – SJ-40 Side Jobs

  • SJ-26 Don’t Lose Your Mind (Major): Unlocks from SJ-25 Tune Up & Epistrophy and either triggering an accident at Corporate Plaza OR getting a call from Delamain after going 48 hours without an accident. Here you decide the fate of Delamain. You can shoot the core to liberate the Delamains, reset the core to restore the original Delamain (sort of), or you can merge all of the Delamains together if you have high Intelligence. Your decision stays with you for the rest of the game, as well as inside the Cortes Villafort No. 21 cab you get as a reward for completing this job.
  • SJ-27 Both Sides, Now: Unlocks from MJ-15 Double Life and wait 24 hrs.
  • SJ-28 Ex-Factor: Unlocks from SJ-27 Both Sides, Now.
  • SJ-29 Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution: Unlocks from SJ-28 Ex-Factor and waiting 12 hrs for a message from Judy, then another 6 hrs away from her apartment. When Judy calls asking for help, if you refuse the entire quest line will end right there. A few dialogue options with Maiko will change based on your choices back in MJ-12 Automatic Love. If Woodman is still alive, she will tell you where he is in the building, up to you what you do with that information.
  • SJ-30 Pisces: Unlocks from SJ-29 Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution. In this mission, you can obtain the iconic Tsumetogi katana in the room where Maiko meets with the Tyger Claw bosses.
    In this quest you are also given a few choices on Maiko’s deal, one of which will permanently lock you out of the next job (SJ-31 Pyramid Song) as well as the chance to romance Judy:

    Choice OneChoice TwoMoneyConsequence
    “Hiromi has to go.”“Maiko’ll run things as she does now. Only officially so.”“Thanks.” (take the eddies)SJ-31 Pyramid Song will be permanently locked from you, and Judy will no longer be a Romance option.
    “Hiromi has to go.”“Maiko’ll run things as she does now. Only officially so.”“Don’t want your eddies.” (refuse the money)SJ-31 Pyramid Song will be open to you, as well as Judy’s romance options.
    “Hiromi has to go.”“Clouds will be a doll collective.”The Tyger Claw bosses attack you if you go this route.SJ-31 Pyramid Song will be open to you, as well as Judy’s romance options.

    If you choose to draw your weapon and attack the members of the meeting or choose any options that lead Clouds to becoming independent, that will count the meeting as a failure, and Judy will be more than happy to see it go that way- but she will be shocked if you end up killing Maiko. Keep in mind that if you go the violent route, you have to kill everyone there, and Maiko only if you really want her gone.

  • SJ-31 Pyramid Song: Unlocks from SJ-30 Pisces, by refusing to go with Maiko’s plan and waiting 24 hrs. This is the main romance quest for Judy, and available to you if your V has both a female body and voice. Don’t deny her anything- kiss or hug her, do the do, tell her the night was amazing when you’re out on the pier. You’ll get access to her apartment if you romance her. If you lean away or tell her the relationship was just a distraction, she will end up leaving Night City and the romance ends there. If you just lean away, you’ll keep access to her apartment. Completing this gets you the achievement “Judy vs Night City,” the Neoprene Diving Suit, and the Box with diving suit memorabilia for your apartment.
  • SJ-32 Spellbound: Unlocks from MJ-19 Ghost Town.
  • SJ-33 Love Rollercoaster: Unlocks from MJ-11 Playing for Time. Ride the rollercoaster with Johnny. Best quest, 11/10.
  • SJ-34 Tapeworm (Major): Unlocks from MJ-11 Playing for Time. This side job consists of four conversations you have with Johnny after major events in the story. Those conversations are when you leave Clouds in MJ-12 Automatic Love, after you speak to Alt in MJ-18 Transmission, after your conversation with Hellman in MJ-21 Life After Wartime, and after you talk to Hanako in MJ-25 Search and Destroy. Completing this gets you the Record player memorabilia for your apartment.
  • SJ-35 Chippin’ In (Major): Unlocks from SJ-34 Tapeworm. This involves a very important conversation with Johnny, one that can unlock the secret ending of the game for you, as well as the next side job. It would be best to make sure you both finish the side job happier, but that’s up to you. Keep in mind that he needs to like you in order to unlock the next side job. The choices you need to make in order to unlock the secret ending are as follows, and can also be found in the Finale portion of this guide:
    • [Inscribe Johnny’s initials]. Let’s do something about that.
    • The Guy who Saved My Life.
    • Nah. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ that up too.
    • What do you want from me?
    • OK. But as second chances go, this is your last.
    • You were a real ♥♥♥♥ in the beginning.
    • When you said you let down your friends…
    • Smasher biz really got to her.
    • Yeah. I’ll call Rogue.

    You can get Johnny’s 911 II (930) Turbo Porsche in this job if you get the key from Grayson and open the shipping container, only if you let him live.

  • SJ-36 Blistering Love (Major): Unlocks from SJ-35 Chippin’ In, be friends with Johnny, and call Rogue. Completing this quest unlocks one of the endings involving Rogue and is also where you take her out on a date, possibly leading to a makeout session. Completing this gets you the achievement “Bushido and Chill”.
  • SJ-37 Holdin’ On (Major): Unlocks from SJ-36 Blistering Love, or from SJ-35 Chippin’ In if you aren’t friends with Johnny. This marks the beginning of Kerry’s quests, a possible romance option if your V has a male body and voice.
  • SJ-38 Second Conflict (Major): Unlocks from SJ-37 Holdin’ On. A lot of things here depend on your actions back in the Prologue, specifically in MJ-08 The Pickup. If Dum Dum and Royce survived, they’ll show up here, and Dum Dum can actually be looted here for the iconic Doom Doom revolver. If you killed Royce and Dum Dum and saved Brick, he will be your host. If all three of them are dead, then have fun with Patricia. You can also obtain the iconic Gold-Plated Baseball Bat from this job, it’s the bat that Denny throws into the pool.
  • SJ-39 A Like Supreme (Major): Unlocks from SJ-38 Second Conflict and waiting 24 hrs. Your choices here don’t affect the game in the long-term.
  • SJ-40 Rebel! Rebel! (Major): Unlocks from SJ-39 A Like Supreme and waiting 12 hrs outside Kerry’s mansion.


SJ-41 – SJ-50 Side Jobs

  • SJ-41 I Don’t Wanna Hear It (Major): Unlocks from SJ-40 Rebel! Rebel! No matter the results between Kerry and the Us Cracks, you’ll still get to romance him. However, Kerry and Us Cracks need to come to an agreement in order to unlock Sj-62 Every Breath You Take. If you threaten Us Cracks, this won’t happen.
  • SJ-42 Off the Leash (Major): Unlocks from SJ-41 I Don’t Wanna Hear It and waiting 12 hrs. For Kerry’s romance, you just need to be nice with him, don’t write him off, and you also don’t need to kiss him to get down with him, but you can if you want ;).
  • SJ-43 Boat Drinks (Major): Unlocks from SJ-42 Off the Leash and wait 24 hrs. Take him up on his offer to visit his yacht to do so, or you can opt out to end the quest right there. You can choose to ruin Kerry’s yacht with him or not, but regardless you can still engage in the s*xy times with him here. For the romance, make sure you kiss him in the yacht and on the beach you say you want to stay with him. Completing this gets you the achievement “To Bad Decisions!” and the Kerry poster memorabilia for your apartment.
  • SJ-44 Fool on the Hill: Unlocks from MJ-10 The Heist. Find all of the tarot cards that are all around Night City. They are all marked on your map once you receive this side job, there are 20 in total. Completing this gets you the achievement “The Wandering Fool” and the Dream catcher memorabilia for your apartment.
  • SJ-45 Riders on the Storm: Unlocks from MJ-21 Life During Wartime and wait 12 hrs. This side job marks the beginning of your possible romance with Panam, and the chance to quickly end it if you wish. During this side job, Panam wants to recruit your help to save Saul from the Raffen Shiv. Flirt with her in this mission if you wish to romance her. She asks for you to ride with her, you can say no if you wish to ride there yourself- keep in mind that if you do not show up at the camp within 24 hrs, the side job will be counted as a failure. Also if you say yes but drive somewhere else, she will kick you out of the car, and the same rules apply as above- no show in 24 hrs, it’s a failure.
    At the camp, the big guy at the front of the gates drops the iconic Problem Solver SMG.
    Both of those failures lock you out of progressing through the next side jobs revolving around Panam, and will also prevent you from romancing her. She will leave, and you’ll be left without one potential option of ending the game.
    If you flirt with her at the farm, it will further your relationship with her. Don’t be aggressive with her.
  • SJ-46 Gun Music: Unlocks from SJ-45 Riders on the Storm. Regardless of the way you choose to handle the meeting, it doesn’t seem to have any effect later on.
  • SJ-47 A Day in the Life: Unlocks from MJ-11 Playing for Time. Help Darrell, he lives. Don’t help him, he dies.
  • SJ-48 Imagine: Unlocks from MJ-11 Playing for Time. You have to meditate four times all around Night City, after which you get a collectible, the Monk Altar. Giving him money doesn’t affect your reward at the end.
  • SJ-49 With a Little Help from my Friends: Unlocks from SJ-45 Riders on the Storm. You can either choose to help Panam in her mission to steal the Basilisk, or you can sell her our to Saul. If you help her, the possibility for romance continues. If you sell her out to Saul, subsequent side jobs revolving around Panam will end, so will your relationship with her. If you do betray her however, you get an alternatively colored Mizutani Shion “Coyote” car at the end.
  • SJ-50 Queen of the Highway: Unlocks from SJ-49 With a Little Help from my Friends and wait 24 hrs for Mitch to finish fixing the Basilisk. During this side job, you can solidity your romance with Panam and have s*xy times in the Basilisk. By this point you had to have a male V (body AND voice), flirted with Panam back in SJ-45 Riders of the Storm, not sold her out to Saul in SJ-49 With a Little Help from my Friends, and told her you’re not doing this for the money at the junction. When Panam asks whether or not you want to try synchronicity inside the Basilisk, choose “Oh yeah. Let’s go.” to keep going with her. Picking “Nice, but I’ve had enough, thanks.” will end your romance with her. Completing this gets you the achievement “Life on the Road”.
    Be warned, if you trigger this job without completing SJ-53 I’ll Fly Away first, you will forever be locked out of completing that job. Do that first, THEN this quest.
    Once you finish this side job, you unlock a possible ending for the game as well as the Aldecaldo jacket memorabilia for your apartment.


SJ-51 – SJ-67 Side Jobs

  • SJ-51 War Pigs: Unlocks from MJ-18 Transmission. This side job is only available to those with a Corpo background. In this side job, you’ll meet Frank again, provided he’s still alive after you met him back in MJ-03 The Corpo-Rat. Your reward stays the same no matter what you choose to do here. After this job, you can loot Frank’s body for the iconic Apparition pistol.
  • SJ-52 These Boots Are Made for Walkin’: Unlocks from MJ-19 Ghost Town. This side job is only available to those with a Nomad background. Here you find your old Nomad car, and decide whether or not it stays under its new ownership.
  • SJ-53 I’ll Fly Away: Unlocks from SJ-45 Riders on the Storm. This side job is only available before even triggering SJ-50 Queen of the Highway. Keep in mind that this job doesn’t have a waypoint, but you can start it by talking to Mitch when Panam invites you to the Aldecaldo camp to honor the recently departed. At the burial site, Mitch will be sitting on some rocks nearby. Talk to him and give him your help to do this quest. Completing this quest will give you the Scorpion figure memorabilia at the end.
  • SJ-54 Fortunate Son: Unlocks from SJ-50 Queen of the Highway.
  • SJ-55 Ezekiel Saw the Wheel: Unlocks from MJ-11 Playing for Time.
  • SJ-56 Kold Mirage: Unlocks from MJ-19 Ghost Town.
  • SJ-57 Space Oddity: Unlocks from MJ-11 Playing for Time. Completing this gives you the Brancesi painting memorabilia for your apartment.
  • SJ-58 Stadium Love: Unlocks from MJ-11 Playing for Time. If you triggered a combat scenario back in side gig 57 Life’s Work, this side job will eventually end in combat. If not, you’re free to finish the competition in peace. Winning as well as fighting the group will grant you the iconic Divided We Stand a*sault rifle at the end.
  • SJ-59 Killing in the Name: Unlocks from SJ-39 A Like Supreme. If you have at least 10 Intelligence, you will have access to an option at the end that makes Johnny happy. By the end of it all, when you report back to Nancy, if you tell her about what happened she will send you more messages later on.
  • SJ-60 The Highwayman: Unlocks from MJ-07 The Ride. This job revolves around fixing up a motorcycle, which is your reward upon completion, the Nazare “Itsumade”. By the way, the code for the locked door is 0214.
  • SJ-61 Sweet Dreams: Unlocks from starting SJ-18 I Fought the Law. You’ll trigger this by accepting Stefan’s offer and pay him for his virtu and editor.
  • SJ-62 Every Breath You Take: Unlocks from completing SJ-42 Off the Leash and making sure Kerry and the Us Cracks have an agreement in SJ-41 I Don’t Wanna hear it. This job can be failed in any number of ways, but it’s fairly easy to complete. Don’t walk away from the area in which you’re tailing the lady, don’t alert her, and don’t neutralize the wrong person. If you get the wrong person, the job will continue until you get a call later on saying that Blue Moon was killed.
  • SJ-63 Machine Gun: Unlocks from MJ-11 Playing for Time. You acquire this job by picking up a gun in Vista Del Rey. Skippy has a built in AI and has several choices a*sociated with simply picking it up.
    You get to choose between two modes, and after 50 neutralizations it will switch to the other mode:

    • “Stone Cold Killer” If you pick this mode, Skippy will instead select Stone Puppy Loving Pacifist after you neutralize 50 enemies with it.
    • “Puppy-Loving Pacifist” If you pick this mode, Skippy will instead select Stone Cold Killer after you neutralize 50 enemies with it.
    • If you choose to be pacifist and later tell Skippy that “killing is wrong,” it will stay in that mode.

    After 48 hrs, Skippy will talk to you again and tell you that it’s found out its previous owner’s name, Regina. In order to complete this job, you’ll need to return the gun to her- you have the choice to keep the gun, but the job will tell you to bring it to her anyway. If Skippy is set to Stone Cold Killer, it will retain its personality. If the gun was set to Puppy-Loving Pacifist, Regina will reset it, and it will lose all of its personality. If you choose to keep it instead, it becomes a piece of memorabilia in your apartment.

  • SJ-64 Bullets: Unlocks from MJ-11 Playing for Time. Your conversations with Zane don’t influence how the job goes. At the end of it all, after 48 hrs if you return to his store you will get a discount on his goods.
  • SJ-65 Raymond Chandler Evening: Unlocks from MJ-11 Playing for Time. If you take over 3 hrs to deal with the Valentinos, don’t help Pepe, or leave the bar without helping the Corpo, this job will fail. After it’s all said and done, if you don’t tell Pepe the truth or don’t discuss the situation fully with him, his relationship with his wife is over.
  • SJ-66 Only Pain: Unlocks from MJ-11 Playing for Time. If you refuse to get involved, you’re locked out of the job. The situation only ends peacefully if you’re a Street Kid.
  • SJ-67 Small man, Big Mouth: Unlocks from SJ-10 Heroes. This side job is only available to those with a Street Kid background. You can obtain the Fake SEMEREI Jacket here.


Johnny’s Gear

There are many side gigs and jobs that offer you the chance to get Johnny’s iconic items, all of which are requirements for the “Breathtaking” achievement. Interestingly enough, this achievement is called “Never Fade Away” in the official guide.

Johnny’s ShirtObtained automatically in SJ-34 Tapeworm.
Johnny’s PantsIn a pink suitcase in the bedroom during sidegig 59 Psychofan.
Johnny’s AviatorsObtained automatically in SJ-35 Chippin’ In.
Johnny’s ShoesFound in the locked with the bootleg during sidegig 31 Family Heirloom.
Johnny’s Samurai JacketGiven to you as a gift from Rogue in SJ-36 Chippin’ In.
Johnny’s Gun (Malorian Arms 3516)Obtained during SJ-35 Chippin’ In, through an option to pick it up off the ground.
Johnny’s Porsche 911 II (930) TurboObtained near the end of SJ-35 Chippin’ In by sparing Grayson, getting the keys from him, and opening the container at the marked location.


Apartment Memorabilia

These little goodies become available as cosmetic set pieces inside V’s apartment. Most are achieved through completing the side jobs in the game.

MemorabiliaUnlock Requirements
Car model on the deskComplete MJ-01 The Nomad.
Arasaka clock on the deskComplete MJ-2 The Street Kid.
Night City diorama on the deskComplete MJ-03 The Corpo-Rat.
Pin-up posterComplete SJ-10 Heroes.
Lizzy Wizzy posterComplete SJ-13 Violence.
Paralez posterComplete SJ-19 Dream On.
Augmented reality game boxComplete SJ-21 Following the River.
Box with diving suitComplete SJ-31 Pyramid Song.
Record player with vinyl discsComplete SJ-34 Tapeworm.
Kerry posterComplete SJ-43 Boat Drinks.
Dreamcatcher near the bedComplete SJ-44 Fool on the Hill.
Monk altarComplete SJ-48 Imagine.
Aldecaldo jacketComplete SJ-50 Queen of the Highway.
Scorpion figureComplete SJ-53 I’ll Fly Away.
Brancesi paintingComplete SJ-57 Space Oddity.
SkippySJ-63 Machine Gun. You can either fail the mission or do an item duplication glitch to keep Skippy forever while also completing the mission, or simply never return the gun.


Iconic Weapons

Weapon NameWeapon TypeLocationStash Wall
AmnestyRevolverComplete the bottle-shooting challenge at the Nomad party in MJ-31 We Gotta Live Together.
ApparitionPistolLoot from Frank’s body after SJ-51 War Pigs.
ArchangelRevolverGiven by Kerry during SJ-42 Off the Leash.YES
Ba Xing ChongShotgunCrafting spec obtained from the same container that has Johnny’s Porsche.YES
BreakthroughSniper RifleCrafting spec obtained from the leader found at the NCPD Hustle 752 Suspected Organized Crime Activity (southernmost SOCA in Rancho Coronado).
BuzzsawSMGCrafting spec obtained from the leader found at the NCPD Hustle 643 Vice Control (SOCA in the middle of the other two in Northside).YES
Caretaker’s SpadeBlunt Melee
Cocktail StickBlunt Melee
Comrade’s HammerRevolverCrafting spec obtained from the leader found at the NCPD Hustle 772 Suspected Organized Crime Activity (Arroyo).YES
CottonmouthBlunt Melee
Divided We StandAssault RifleObtained by winning the shooting competition (getting all 44 points) in SJ-58 Stadium Love.
Doom DoomRevolver
Dying NightPistol
FenrirSMGCan be found on the table next to the monk you rescue in SJ-06 Losing my Religion.
Gold-Plated Baseball BatBlunt Melee
La Chingona DoradaPistolYES
Malorian Arms 3516PistolYES
Moron LabeAssault RifleCrafting spec obtained from the leader found at the NCPD Hustle 717 Suspected Organized Crime Activity (West Wind Estate).YES
O’FiveSniper Rifle
OverwatchSniper RifleYES
Ozob’s Nose (not exaclty iconic, but it may have been originally planned to be one as it’s in the iconic and legendary lists)Grenade
Plan BPistolYES
PrejudiceAssault Rifle
Problem SolverSMG
Prototype Shingen: Mark VPistol
Psalm 11:6Assault RifleCrafting spec obtained from the leader found at the NCPD Hustle 644 Just Say No (northwest SOCA in Northside).YES
Second OpinionPistol
Sir John PhallustiffBlunt (and very hard) Melee
SovereignShotgunCrafting spec obtained from the leader found at the NCPD Hustle 684 Modern Labor Market (Japantown).YES
The HeadsmanShotgunCrafting spec obtained from the leader found at the NCPD Hustle 714 Privacy Policy Violation (North Oak).YES
Tinker BellBlunt Melee
Widow MakerPrecision Rifle
YinglongSMGCrafting spec obtained from the leader found at the NCPD Hustle 905 Living the Big Life (On the border between Wellsprings and the Glen).YES


Useful resources

If you guys haven’t seen or heard of it yet, there’s an official Cyberpunk 2077 guide available. I cross-referenced it along with numerous online resources to make this, and it’s got a LOT of info that online guides get wrong, so I highly suggest checking it out if you haven’t yet. It’s also really cheap as far as thorough game guides go, and it gives you access to the premium interactive map found below: – I highly recommend using this to find almost everything I mention in this guide. It also has a handy checklist to keep track of things, but I personally find that system to be a bit clunky. The only things it does not show are loot/ rewards, Main Jobs, and Side Jobs.

I made a ––UxYG60/edit?usp=sharing for keeping track of some of the more important quests. I may update it as time goes on but as of right now it’s just a simple checklist. If you want to use it, just download it for yourself and edit how you see fit.

So far the list has a checklist for:

  • Main Jobs
  • Side Jobs
  • Side Gigs
  • Cyberpsycho Sightings
  • Iconic Weapons
  • Johnny’s Gear



Thanks for checking this out. Feel free to comment below or DM me for any questions or concerns. If I missed something, let me know. If you’d like me to add something that isn’t listed below, let me know.

This guide is working on the following (not in any order):


Written by Briggs

Thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Cyberpunk 2077 – List of All Quests helped you somehow. If you believe we forget to add something or update the post with more information, please let us know via comment below! See you soon!

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