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I spent so much time making my own checklist, that I decided to share. I tried to make things chronological, apologies if it isn’t perfect, and added very brief location descriptions. For players who are familiar with the game and for those who want to collect all the rings for one of the rarest game achievements!


This list is meant to be copy pasted into discord so you can edit your message to have a check mark within the boxes to the left of ring names, see the bold ring names, and view emoji I put in the list to spice it up. NG rings are put into 3 different parts because the text count was too high for one message. Some area names are abbreviated to shorten the letter count.

Hope this helps someone 🙂


NG Ring List

**NG Ring List** 
[ ] **Life Ring** 
Firelink Shine, sold by Handmaid, or selected as burial gift. 
[ ] **Estus Ring** 
Firelink Shrine, bottom of tower. Requires Tower Key, 20k souls. 
[ ] **Covetous Silver Serpent Ring** 
Firelink Shrine, tower key **or** tree jump trick. Behind illusory wall. 
[ ] **Blue Tearstone Ring** 
Lothric, find Greirat, dialogue at Firelink. 
[ ] **Ring of Sacrifice** 
Lothric, jump down onto awning near the courtyard with the big halberd knight, or buy from Yuria. 
[ ] **Pontiff’s Left Eye** 
Transpose Vordt’s soul. 
[ ] **Bloodbite Ring** 
Undead Settlement, dropped by the giant sewer rat near dilapidated bridge bonfire. :rat: 
[ ] **Fire Clutch Ring** 
US, Cliff Underside, near the pyromancer. :fire::mage: 
[ ] **Flame Stoneplate Ring** 
US, hanging on a tree next to the cage fella who brings you to mound makers. 
[ ] **Saint’s Ring** 
US, Save Irina of Carim, purchase at Firelink. 
[ ] **Hawk Ring** 
US Tower, found or dropped from the giant archer. :bow_and_arrow: 
[ ] **Flynn’s Ring** 
US, after defeating the demon with Siegward. On rooftop after the twin evangelists. :two_women_holding_hands: 
[ ] **Chloranthy Ring** 
US, after defeating the demon with Siegward. Drop down tower after Flynn’s ring. 
[ ] **Mourne’s Ring** 
Road of Sacrifices, under the bridge between the 1st & 2nd bonfire, near two dogs and divine braille tome of Carim. 
[ ] **Great Swamp Ring** 
Crucifixion Woods, dropped by furthest giant crab, or pyromancer cla*s starting equipment. :crab: 
[ ] **Sage Ring** 
CW, in room with crucifix boi and sorcerer set. :cross: 
[ ] **Lingering Dragoncrest Ring** 
Farron Keep, drop from giant crab near white tree. :crab: 
[ ] **Havel’s Ring** 
Created with the soul of a Stray Demon. Found roaming above Old Wolf Farron. 
[ ] **Young Dragon Ring** 
Given by Vinheim, or starting equipment for sorcerer cla*s. :man_mage: 
[ ] **Farron Ring** 
Dialogue with Hawkwood after defeating Abyss Watchers. 
**Part 2** 
[ ] **Carthus Milkring** 
Catacombs of Carthus, room of many vases. 
[ ] **Carthus Bloodring** 
CoC, past wheel skeletons. :wheel_of_dharma::skull: 
[ ] **Knight Slayer’s Ring** 
CoC, kill Knight Slayer Tsorig. 
[ ] **Witch’s Ring** 
Abandoned Tomb Bonfire, hallway right before getting there. 
[ ] **Speckled Stoneplate Ring** 
Smoldering Lake, behind the destructable wall. :bricks: 
[ ] **Lloyd’s Shield Ring** 
Cathedral of the Deep, the bonfire, ashes guarded by a black knight. Trade with Handmaid. 
[ ] **Poisonbite Ring** 
CotD, behind the big crystal lizard. :lizard: 
[ ] **Lloyd’s Sword Ring** 
CotD, corspe along the wall where the giant can swipe at you. :hand_splayed: :moyai: 
[ ] **Aldrich’s Sapphire** 
CotD, kill spider. :spider: 
[ ] **Horsehoof Ring** 
Patches, vendor or drops on death. 
[ ] **Deep Ring** 
CotD, dropped from a deacon on the way to Rosaria. 
[ ] **Ring of the Evil Eye** 
Church of Yorshka, quest reward from Anri. 
[ ] **Magic Clutch Ring** 
CoY, illusory wall near throne. 
[ ] **Ring of the Sun’s First Born** 
CoY, drop down onto throne. 
[ ] **Leo Ring** 
CoY, second floor of the room with Gwynevere’s painting, in a chest. 
[ ] **Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring** 
Irithyll Dungeon, using jailbreaker’s key, open door that has barrels to break, drop down a few ledges. :closed_lock_with_key: 
[ ] **Dark Clutch Ring** 
ID, mimic at the end of the long hallway with rats. :rat: 
[ ] **Dusk Crown Ring** 
ID, in a room around the circling jailers. 
[ ] **Covetous Gold Serpent Ring** 
Profaned Capital, next to Siegward. :sun_with_face: :place_of_worship: :onion: 
[ ] **Lightning Clutch Ring** 
Archdragon Peak, before the Ancient Wyvern boss room, turn left. 
[ ] **Ring of Steel Protection** 
AP, in wyvern boss room, to the right. Use small platform to walk to it. 
[ ] **Calamity Ring** 
AP, Dragon-kin bonfire, path of Dragon gesture in front of shrine. :dragon_face: 
[ ] **Thunder Stoneplate Ring** 
AP, ladder near wooden scaffolding. 
**Part 3** 
[ ] **Pontiff’s Right Eye** 
Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, defeat the bridge dog. :dog2: 
[ ] **Dark Stoneplate Ring** 
Pontiff Sulyvahn, after boss, room with ghosts. :ghost: 
[ ] **Ring of Favor** 
Defeat the guard dogs of Archdeacon Mc Donnell. :dog::dog: 
[ ] **Wood Grain Ring** 
Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, get the Easterner’s Ashes. Purchase from Handmaid. 
[ ] **Reversal Ring** 
Anor Londo, :arrow_right: of hidden tomb altar. :wedding: 
[ ] **Aldrich’s Ruby** 
AL, Kill spider before Aldrich boss. :spider: 
[ ] **Sun Princess Ring** 
Gwynevere’s Chamber, after Aldrich’s boss room. 
[ ] **Dragonscale Ring** 
Consumed King’s Garden, jump out early at shortcut elevator. Near the priest. 
[ ] **Magic Stoneplate Ring** 
CKG, dropped by one of the knights before the boss room. 
[ ] **Ashen Estus Ring** 
Untended Graves, return to mirrored version of where you started the game. :headstone: 
[ ] **Prisoner’s Chain** 
UG, Defeat Champion Gundyr and transpose his soul. 
[ ] **Priestess Ring** 
Dark Firelink, sold by handmaid. 
[ ] **Hornet Ring** 
DF, where dog usually is. 
[ ] **Knight’s Ring** 
Lothric Castle, near sunlight altar. :sun_with_face: :place_of_worship: 
[ ] **Red Tearstone Ring** 
Lothric Castle, balcony of building you can summon Eygon of Carim, near the elevator going up to Twin Princes. :two_men_holding_hands: 
[ ] **Scholar’s Ring** 
Grand Archives, Sage mini boss, find nearby lever at the bridge, check out exposed area. :chair: 
[ ] **Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring** 
Give Orbeck every scroll, purchase everything. Exhaust Dialogue. :moneybag::speaking_head: 
[ ] **Fleshbite Ring** 
GA, after first elevator shortcut, go upstairs past the wax bois, turn right, at end of book hallway. :books: 
[ ] **Hunter’s Ring** 
GA, atop the birdcage tower surrounded by gold winged knights. :angel: 
[ ] **Skull Ring** 
Firelink Shrine, Ludleth of Courland. Pick it up before NG+. 

NG+: +1 Ring List

**NG+: +1 Ring List** 
[ ] **Speckled Stoneplate Ring +1** 
Starting area lizard. :lizard: 
[ ] **Ring of Steel Protection +1** 
Untended graves behind firelink tower. 
[ ] **Fleshbite Ring +1** 
High Wall, jump to roof near the two arches near a ladder after the pus man. 
[ ] **Poisonbite Ring +1** 
Undead Settlement, near white birch, beside the well. 
[ ] **Life Ring +1** 
Undead Settlement, behind Siegward. :sun_with_face: :onion: 
[ ] **Lingering Dragoncrest Ring +1** 
Road of Sacrifices, between the two huge crabs. :crab: :crab: 
[ ] **Wolf Ring +1** 
Keep Ruins bonfire, right outside the building. 
[ ] **Magic Stoneplate Ring +1** 
Swamp, near curse bug bois. 
[ ] **Thunder Stoneplate Ring +1** 
Catacombs, near milkring location.:milk::ring: 
[ ] **Bloodbite Ring +1** 
Smoldering Lake, near ballista. :bow_and_arrow: 
[ ] **Ring of the Evil Eye +1** 
Before Deacons, behind altar. :back::place_of_worship: 
[ ] **Chloranthy Ring +1** 
Before Pontiff, behind throne. :back: :chair: 
[ ] **Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +1** 
On the way to Irithyll Dungeon after the **dark** room with ghost bois, drop down to the right. :ghost: 
[ ] **Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +1** 
Irithyll Dungeon, jumping off elevator near rats. :rat::elevator: 
[ ] **Havel’s Ring +1** 
Archdragon Peak, near Hawkwood summon. 
[ ] **Ring of Favor +1** 
After Pontiff is defeated, second floor. 
[ ] **Flame Stoneplate Ring +1** 
Profaned Capital, drop down from court sorcerer/baby hand boi. 
[ ] **Wood Grain Ring +1** 
Consumed King’s Garden, behind bottom of first elevator (not the shortcut) :back::elevator: 
[ ] **Dark Stoneplate Ring +1** 
Lothric, Near second dragon, on balcony. :dragon: 
[ ] **Sage Ring +1** 
Grand Archives, on the rafters below the bird cage. :bird: 

NG++: +2 Ring List

**NG++: +2 Ring List** 
[ ] **Wolf Ring +2** 
Iudex Gundyr, turn left outside of boss room. :door: 
[ ] **Ring of Evil Eye +2** 
Tower on the Wall, to the right of the stairs going down to the cell key for Greirat. Smash some barrels in your way. 
[ ] **Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +2** 
Undead Settlement. After meeting Siegward with the Fire Demon, on the roof of a shack in the far back of the area. :fire::japanese_ogre: 
[ ] **Chloranthy Ring +2** 
Road of Sacrifices, behind mage bird near the broken cart, drop down behind mage ledge. :bird::mage: 
[ ] **Dark Stoneplate Ring +2** 
Farron Keep, behind closest candle. :candle: :candle: :candle: 
[ ] **Ring of Steel Protection +2** 
Catacombs of Carthus, drop down upon a pillar to the left of the first bridge you cross. :bridge_at_night: :arrow_double_down: 
[ ] **Flame Stoneplate Ring +2** 
Smoldering Lake, in room where hidden black knight room is, behind an illusory wall. Turn left instead of going into the rat room, which leads to ballista. :rat: 
[ ] **Ring of Favor +2** 
Rosaria’s elevator shortcut, turn left where the big axe boi is. :up: :elevator::soon: :arrow_left: :axe: 
[ ] **Wood Grain Ring +2** 
Irithyll, turn right when exiting the room with the black knight admiring artwork. 
[ ] **Havel’s Ring +2** 
Anor Londo, dropping down from Yorshka’s rafters. :point_down: 
[ ] **Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +2** 
Archdragon Peak, below Nameless King boss room. :crown::grey_question: 
[ ] **Magic Stoneplate Ring +2** 
Profaned Capital, go down the stairs all the way from the bonfire. 
[ ] **Sage Ring +2** 
Consumed King’s Garden, jump out of elevator going down early, jump down and parkour to next ledge. :elevator: 
[ ] **Life Ring +2** 
Lothric Castle, after first dragon, drop down a ledge to the right after leaving the dragon room. :arrow_heading_down: 
[ ] **Thunder Stoneplate Ring +2** 
Lothric Castle, drop down onto a roof from the balcony of the room you summon Eygon of Carim. :arrow_down: 
[ ] **Lingering Dragoncrest Ring +2** 
Grand Archives, tower above the bird cage, drop down from the top. :chart_with_downwards_trend: 

NG+++: +3 Rings, + Ringed City +3 Ring List

**NG+++: +3 Ring List** 
[ ] **Life Ring +3** 
Dark Firelink Shrine, behind Holy King Lothric’s throne. 
**Ringed City DLC required** 
Can be accessed NG and up! 
[ ] **Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +3** 
Drop down from balcony where Great Soul Dreg spell is found. :small_red_triangle_down: 
[ ] **Ring of Steel Protection +3** 
Near butterfly, behind building you get blasted. :butterfly: :gun: :butter::fly: 
[ ] **Ring of Favor +3** 
Atop the right root in the swamp. 
[ ] **Wolf Ring +3** 
Kill the dark spirit, Seeker of the Spurned. :crossed_swords: 
[ ] **Havel’s Ring +3** 
Drop down from ledge close to the Silver Knight Ledo invasion. 
[ ] **Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +3** 
Found in room you find Lapp in near purging monument. 
[ ] **Ring of Evil Eye +3** 
The mimic chest within the Shared Grave tower. :headstone: 
[ ] **Chloranthy Ring +3** 
Jump off elevator near Midir boss room, but turn right and fall onto statue instead of going left to Midir. :elevator: 

Covenant/Special Ring List

**Covenant/Special Ring List** 
[ ] **Darkmoon Ring** 
Give Company Captain Yorshka 10 ears, AKA Proof of Concord Kept. :new_moon_with_face: :ear: 
[ ] **Wolf Ring** 
Give Old Wolf of Farron 30 Wolf’s Blood Swordgra*s. :crossed_swords: :wolf: 
[ ] **Silvercat Ring** 
Defeat Crighton for Sirris on the bridge to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, following Sirris’s questline. *Do not offer Rosaria tongues if you wish to go this route!* 
[ ] **Obscuring Ring** 
Give Rosaria 10 pale tongues. :tongue: 
[ ] **Untrue Dark Ring** 
Purchase from Yuria. :black_heart: 
[ ] **Untrue White Ring** 
Purchase from Yuria. :white_heart: 

Written by Maweeka

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