Dead by Daylight – Chapter Concept – Split Mind

Dead by Daylight – Chapter Concept – Split Mind 1 -
Dead by Daylight – Chapter Concept – Split Mind 1 -
A concept idea that I had from a long time. The inspiration for this character with different personalities comes from the movie called “Split”, directed by M. Night Shyamalan and played by James McAvoy. For the Killer’s powers itself is a combination of The Deathslinger, The Doctor, The Blight, Victor, and The Legion. For the Survivor Perks mostly inspired from Bill’s Perks.


Basic Lore

Arya Dana, an ordinary male teenager who protects innocent people and saves children from bad people. He did this not only for innocent people, but he also wanted to help the police, but he mostly didn’t want to join with the police and he is kind of difficult person to cooperate with. Even though he likes to do this job, it doesn’t mean it’s an easy job to do. Not only was he always being attacked by bad people, but his mind was also damaged by this job. 
After he met a psychiatrist, Arya was diagnosed with several mental illnesses. Some of these mental illnesses are depression, trauma, and multiple personalities. Lately, these multiple personalities had taken over Arya. The personalities who always take over Arya are David, Mike and Jack. 1). David, a guy who is always optimist, more focused, strong, a bit aggressive and selfish. He always considered himself a leader. He’s also great at interrogating people. Not only that, he’s a gun expert; 2). Mike, quiet, most mysterious but most smartest, especially in any kind of technology. Even though he was not mute, he never spoke. He always covers his mouth with black tape and uses a tape recorder and sign language to communicate with others; 3). And finally Jack. Most active, most loudest, always do something dangerous and risky stuff, and a little bit crazy. Thing that he likes the most is hurting bad people mercilessly and in gruesome way. He is also quite good at using any melee or sharp weapons. 
One day, when Arya and some polices were on a mission to save some childrens who were held hostage by bad people, something horrible happened. A bomb exploded when they tried to save the children. Almost all the buildings were destroyed, they all died, including the police and the children, only Arya survived the bomb. Arya tried to wake up, but when Arya saw the children he was going to save died, Arya lost control of his mind. He feels guilty, depressed, and other personalities start to take over Arya again. David becomes furious for failing to save the children, Mike becomes silent and sad, and Jack gets angry at the bad guys for what they have done and intends to sad*stically kill them. Due to uncontrolled emotions, Arya’s body and his mind began getting weaker and weaker, until a block of wood fell from a ceiling hit Arya’s head and made Arya unconscious. 
When Arya woke up, suddenly Arya slowly began to realize that he was not in the building, but Arya is now in the forest. Arya saw The Fog around him. However, Arya heard some noises from different sides. When Arya looked behind him, suddenly a punch appeared which finally hit Arya’s face. Something that hit Arya turns out to be someone who is the same as Arya but with different traits, where the different traits are Arya’s other personalities, which are David, Mike and Jack but in one body. When that person hits Arya again, Arya tries to defend himself, until finally their fight draws them both to a deeper forest. 


Basic Info: 
– Name: David, Mike and Jack (One Body) 
– Weapon: Balisong/Butterfly Knife or Sliding Knife 
– Height: Average 
– Movement Speed: 4,6 m/s 
– Alternate Movement Speed: 6.8 m/s (Hyperactive) 
– Terror Radius: 32 metres 
– Alternate Terror Radius: 40 metres (Hyperactive) 

Killer’s Powers

SPECIAL ABILITY: Split Personalities 
Tap the Active Ability button to choose between personalities. 
Press and hold the Active Ability button to fully change personality. While changing personality, The Multiple enters fatigue for short duration. 
Split Personalities has no cooldown. 
David (The Marksman) 
THE CROSSBOW (Ranged Weapon): 
Start the trial with 30 arrows and cannot refill at lockers. 
Press and hold the Power button to aim down sights. 
Press the Attack button to shoot an arrow. 
The Crossbow must be reloaded after every shot, before it may be fired again. Press and hold the Power button to facing down and reload The Crossbow. 
– The Multiple has an option to refill at Lockers with add-on, but decreased the amount of arrows from 30 arrows to 5 arrows. 
Mike (The Technician) 
THE REMOTE CONTROL (Gens Pressure): 
The Remote has a screen that displays Ready state or cooldown timer. 
If the Remote is on Ready state, press and hold the Power button for 8 seconds to disrupt all generators, causing all generators give infinite Skill Check, removed Great Skill Check and reduced Skill Check Success zones for stack-able 15% after every Successful Skill Checks up to maximum of 60% to all Survivors while repairing the generator. Any Successful Skill Checks will not be added to Repair progression. 
Any Survivor who let go from Repair Action will instantly explode the generator and start regressing. 
While using The Remote, The Multiple cannot move. 
After using The Remote, The Remote has a cooldown of 90 seconds. 
Jack (The Crazy One) 
HYPERACTIVE (Mobility and Scouting): 
Press the Power button to activates Hyperactive. While Hyperactive is active, The Multiple cannot attack with his Basic Attack, but The Multiple moves faster (6.8 m/s) and gains access to additional abilities. 
– The Multiple can cancel his Power anytime he wants, but need to be fully refilled to use his Power again. 
– When the Power gauge runs out or cancelling his Power, The Multiple enters fatigue for short duration. 
Using Monkey Climb while in Hyperactive, The Multiple can: 
– Climb any generators that has lights attached to it. 
– Climb any high ledges and high windows. 
– Climb any wall and stay on top of the wall (not include killer shacks and main building). 
– Climb any wall at certain high point and do a pounce to the opposite side. 
When close and facing any generators that has lights attached to it or a wall while in Hyperactive, press the Interaction button to climb up. Press the Interaction button again to drop down to the ground. If the Power gauge runs out while on top of the generator or the wall, The Multiple will immediately drops down to the ground. 
Using Mindless Pounce while in Hyperactive, The Multiple can: 
– Pounce and climb up to any high ledges and high windows. 
– Pounce to any nearby generators that has lights attached to it. 
– Pouncing at a Survivor will stun both the Survivor and The Multiple for a short duration, but not injure the Survivor. Pouncing at a Survivor will ends the Power immediately. 
When The Multiple on the ground or on the lights of a generator, press and hold the Power button to charge a Pounce and press the Attack button to unleash it. The Multiple will get stun for a short duration after every Pounce. If the Power gauge runs out, The Multiple enters fatigue for short duration. 

Killer’s Perks

When a survivor put into the Dying State with your Basic or Special Attack, you are granted the Undetectable Status Effect and all injured Survivors’ aura are revealed to you for 4/6/8 seconds. 
– This perk has a cooldown of 80 seconds. 
For each failed skill check, Careless Subject receives a Token up to a maximum of 4/6/8 Tokens. 
– For each Token applies a stack-able 2% up to a maximum of 8%/12%/16%. 
– The next failed skill check will instantly loses the amount of percentage based on your total Token. 
Every 10 seconds while in chase, Lovely Prey receives a Token up to a maximum of 4/6/8 Tokens. 
– For each Token applies a stack-able 2% Haste Status Effect, up to a maximum of 8%/12%/16%. 
– Performing a Basic or Special Attack to Survivor consumes all Token. 
– If the Survivor escaped the chase for short duration or you are not in the chase, this perk is reset/consumes all Token. 
Other Killer Perk(s) Idea 
At the start of the Trial, all Hex Totems are blocked by The Entity for 80/100/120 seconds. 

ARYA DANA (Survivor)


Survivor’s Perks

After completed a generator, you gain 20%/30%/40% healing speeds for the next 30 seconds. 
Unlocks potential in your Aura-reading ability. When a Survivor rescued you from a Hook, Rescue Is Coming activates. Once this perk activated, if the Survivor that rescued you is on hooked by the Killer, you see the Survivor highlighted in white aura. 
While you unhooking the Survivor: 
– Any damage taken that would put you into the Dying State will instead trigger the Deep Wound Status Effect, after which you have 20 seconds to Mend yourself. 
– Taking any damage while under the effect of Deep Wound or if its timer runs out will put you into the Dying State. 
If any other Survivor rescues them instead of you or you have completed Unhooking action, this perk reset. 
Once per trial, after your Recover progression at maximum while you and other survivor in the Dying state, Death Wish activates. Once this perk activated: 
– You see the Aura of all Dying state Survivors. 
– You can recover from the Dying State to the Injured State for 4/6/8 seconds. 
– While in the Injured State, any damage taken that would put you into the Dying State is blocked. Taking any damage again will put you into the Dying State. 
– If you healed other Dying Survivor(s), they will get Endurance effect as well. 
– Once the timer runs out, this perk deactivates permanently and you put into the Dying State. 
Other Survivor Perk(s) Idea 
Any depleted item that you carried, Just In Case activates. 
– Once this perk activated, press the Active Ability button while crouched to throw your depleted carried item, creating a distraction for the Killer. 
– This perk has a cooldown of 60/45/30 seconds. 

Thanks For Reading!

Thanks for reading. Feedback and suggestions are appreciated. 
Sorry for my bad english, especially for the basic lore. Kinda difficult for me to make a lore. 
Also, I’m sorry that I don’t know how to make a name, like the Killer’s name and the Perks. 

Written by JACK3T_ID

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Dead by Daylight – Chapter Concept – Split Mind. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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