Dead by Daylight – How to counter everything

Dead by Daylight – How to counter everything 1 -
Dead by Daylight – How to counter everything 1 -
a list of all perks (both survivor and killer) with their power ratings and how to counter them the best way


perks – part I

all data for version 4.7.2 

power scoretitleteachable byhow to counter
💔💔💔decisive strikeLaurie Strodedown the survivor who was unhooked recently, but wait out 60 s or use him as bait
☠☠barbecue & chiliCannibalalways change your position after someone hooked
☠☠hex: no one escapes deathyou see an opened gate – use it
💀💀hex: ruinThe Hagfind the totem and cleanse; do not do gens alone
💀💀franklin’s demiseCannibaljust forget about your item
💔💔mettle of manAsh
💀☠hex: blood favorBlighttell others to cleanse that totem
💀💀hex: haunted groundSpirithide!
💔💔iron willJake Parkmake them spill blood
💔💔dead hardDavidbait it and wait it out; bait throws if playing Huntress
💔💜unbreakableBill Overbeckalways keep downed survivors in sight
💔borrowed timeBill Overbeckdo not hit unhooked survivor, and never let multiple survivors come for the save
💔deliveranceAdamkeep hooked survivor in sight when gates are opened
💔💜prove thyselfDwight Fairfielddo not let survivors do gens in pairs and trios
💀💀agitationTrapperfear the bas*ment
💜💜litheFeng Mindo not chase that survivor, bait him instead to come to you
💜💜spine chilllook sideways when approaching survivors
💜💜adrenalineMegtry keeping survivors dying when the gates are opened, never injured
💀💀sloppy butcher
💜💜head onJane Romeroif survivor enters locker in a rush – he has it
💜💜kindreddo not face in obvious directions after leaving the hook area
💜💔calm spiritJake Park
💀💀i’m all earsGhost Facedo not rush vault, even when killer far away
💀💀surveillanceThe Pigcheck around the corners – the pig may be coming already!
💀🎃make your choiceThe Pigunhook and hide in lockers, or run far away
🎃💀brutal strengthTrapperdo not stand near the dropped pallet
☠💀a nurse’s callingNursedo not heal nearby the Nurse
💀🎃overchargeDoctorbe ready for the skill check
💀🎃infectious frightPlaguedo not chase the killer when he downs someone
💀🎃knock outCannibaldo not try to heal your friend too quickly
💜sprint burstMegjust chase him and hit anyway
💜we’ll make it
bitter murmurface in random direction for 5 s after gen completion
💀corrupt interventionPlaguesearch for the free gen, but do not run; do totems on your way
💜for the peopleZarina Ka*sirbe nearby when players healing
💀tinkererHillbillylook around the rock – Hillbilly may be running for you
💜self-careClaudetteuse for economizing your medkits; do not use for full healing
💀rancorSpirithide actual direction of your next attack when gen completed
💀spies from the shadows
💜power struggleElodie Rakotobeware of survivor crawling towards unused pallet
💀pop goes the weaselClowntry to not be hooked nearby critical gens; distract if playing against Nightmare
💜urban evasionNea
💜bondDwight Fairfield
💜inner strengthNancy Wheelerlet her waste time on doing totems and healing in lockers
💀overwhelming presenceDoctordo not heal nearby killer, especially Doctor
💛💛💛quick & quietMegalways watch every survivor and track their moves
🎃🎃🎃blood wardenNightmareyou see a gate – use it
🎃🎃hex: devour hopeThe Hagyou see Exposed status – do not unhook anybody
💛💛dark sense
🎃🎃mad gritLegion
🎃🎃forced penanceExecutioner
💛💛tenacityDetective Tappa*sume tenacity if you can’t find crawling survivor
🎃🎃hex: huntress lullabyHuntressbe super-focused after gen 4
💛💛no one left behind
🎃🎃dragon’s gripBlight
🎃🎃hex: the third sealThe Hag
💛💛botany knowledgeClaudette
🤡🎃hex: thrill of the hunt
💛💛smash hitYun-Jin
hex: undyingBlightcleanse all cursed totems
🎃beast of preyHuntress
🎃unnerving presenceTrapper
🎃monitor & abuseDoctor
🎃starstruckTricksternever stand nearby the player being carried
💛left behindBill Overbeckalways be the first to find the hatch
💛saboteurJake Parkalways keep at least two hooks in sight when carrying
🤡monstrous shrine


perks – part II


💛no mitherDavid
💛boil overKate Denson
💛technicianFeng Min
💛dance with meKate Denson
💛ace in the holeAce
💛🖤balanced landingNeasurvivor runs on top of the hill – he has it
💛💜small game
🖤💛leaderDwight Fairfield
💛🖤detective’s hunchDetective Tapp
🖤🖤🖤poisedJane Romero
🖤🖤we’re gonna live foreverDavid
🖤🖤deja vu
🖤🖤plunderer’s instinctjust let him do that challenge :), or punish him
💀dark devotionPlague
🖤fixatedNancy Wheeler
🖤pharmacyQuentin Smith
🖤wake upQuentin Smith
🖤windows of opportunityKate Denson
🖤this is not happening
🖤built to lastFelix Richter
🖤buckle upAsh
🖤up the anteAce
🤡🎃territorial imperativeHuntress
🎃🎃iron grasp
🤡fire upNightmare
🤡remember meNightmare
🤡zanshin tacticsThe Oni
🤡hangman’s trickThe Pig
hex: crowd controlTrickster
hex: retributionDeathslingerrun away from the cleansed totem
flashbangLeon Kennedy
blast mineJill Valentine
iron maidenLegionrun away from the locker


perks – part III


object of obsessionLaurie Strodedo not use predictable routes of map traversal
off the recordZarina Ka*sir
play with your foodThe Shape
cruel limitsDemogorgon
bite the bulletLeon Kennedy
rookie spiritLeon Kennedy
soul guardCheryl Mason
save the best for lastThe Shape
blood echoThe Oni
alertFeng Min
no way outTrickster
counterforceJill Valentine
thrilling tremorsGhost Face
nemesisThe Oni
spirit furySpirit
coup de graceThe Twins
dead man’s switchDeathslinger
dying lightThe Shape
hoarderThe Twins
oppressionThe Twins
lethal pursuerNemesis
red herringZarina Ka*sir
deceptionElodie Rakoto
better togetherNancy Wheeler
trail of tormentExecutioner
appraisalElodie Rakoto
sole survivorLaurie Strode
resurgenceJill Valentine
fast trackYun-Jin
solidarityJane Romero
blood pactCheryl Mason
any means necessaryYui Kimura
repressed allianceCheryl Mason
furtive chaseGhost Face
babysitterSteve Harrington
second windSteve Harrington
lucky breakYui Kimura
breakoutYui Kimura
visionaryFelix Richter
desperate measuresFelix Richter
camaraderieSteve Harrington
stake outDetective Tapp
🖤slippery meat
vigilQuentin Smith


Written by ivan866_z

This is all that we can say about Dead by Daylight – How to counter everything for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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