Dead by Daylight – How to repair a generators?

Dead by Daylight – How to repair a generators? 1 -
Dead by Daylight – How to repair a generators? 1 -

After years of endless fires between me and my chair, I decided it was time to create this guide. I hope that you will find some useful strategies that will increase your chances of a successful escape for yourself and your entire team.
A little about yourself
Since the killer nurse chapters came out, I've been playing Dead by Daylight. Yes, I'm the one who holds the legacy. I have played around 4k hours since then. However, I see the same stupid blunders that survivors make from one game to another. As it turned out, neither the rank nor the hours nor the level or prestige of the player nor a bright skin like Nea guarantee that your teammates "know how they play".


This manual is translated from my original manual, which i wrote for the russian-speaking Dead by Daylight group. I used Google Translate to make my adjustments. We're also ready to make changes to the text. Let us know the best example text in the comments so we can get started!


Dead by Daylight - How to repair a generators? - Introduction - 1F192CD
This guide is not too long . Let's get it down . (no):
Dead by Daylight is primarily a team game, so it's important to think as a team (details below). In some cases, even One of the 4 can change the game's outcome . Additionally, his actions may not have been intended – he may not even be aware – which is the worst thing!
What does it actually mean to "think together as a team?"
The goal is to " Escape through the gate, without dying " is secondary für den Team-Spieler. This logic can easily be explained by the main purpose. The main goal is for others to win so that they can do actions that lead towards a secondary goal. Despite these statements being contrary to the game's motto: "Death, Not an Escape", it is your personal victory to die for the escape of your comrades (and it is possible the next time someone will make a sacrifice for you).
Dead by Daylight - How to repair a generators? - Introduction - 0B71312
Agree, This goal setting is a major change in the actions must and can perform. :
1. not "start 5 generators", а " Start generators in such an approach that it doesn’t play a cruel trick on the team in perpetuity "
2. not " Avoid a poke, if a wounded friend brought an a*sa*sin with you ", a:
2.1 Get a hit so that a friend can drag himself into a more secure place ",
or even
2.2 " To lure the killer to you, take a bite ",
and sometimes
2.3 " To replace a friend threatened with the 3rd stage, he deliberately substitutes himself ".
There are many other examples of oppositions.
Dead by Daylight - How to repair a generators? - Introduction - DA7A85F
Consider this common error.
The fourth generator was the work of the man who created it. He was a great guy, and he repaired all four. – repaired the most important or everything in a row, which can be fatal. And this mistake lies in the fact that the repair was carried out in such a way that the killer has a triangle of generators, each of which he can to go about 3-5 seconds. Alas, These actions fall on the whole team This is just one example. The whole team often gets involved in creating such situations.
Blue star: The generator's running.
Red triangle: remaining generators.
Dead by Daylight - How to repair a generators? - Introduction - 1B0BAF9
While the killer might have insinuated such tactics, it is rare for them to actually be used. The triangles are usually given to the killers by the survivors. How can you avoid this trap. Let's see how to fix generators.

Basic repair strategy

RTO means "repair through the one".
The whole point of this method is the implementation of the actions it names, but I will still show you the procedure.
1. The game is over and you have discovered the first generator
2. Repair
3. If you are not sure where to go, just run and ignore the next generator. If the killer chases down the survivor trying to repair it after breaking the *hot* gene then you can touch it and continue on to the next generator.
4. After finding the next generator we return to point 2. Then we circle (2-3-4-2-3-4 )
* Hot–with high repair progress
Tip – Avoid the generators that are in the corners. They should be reserved for late game*.
* Late game – in this sense, when it is left to start only one of three generators.
Pros – Simple to remember, simple to implement
Cons: situational strategy.

Universal repair strategy

This strategy is based a set of priorities. It is composed of:
1. Generator close to another generator(s) (priority determined by the number of relations, details are below)
2. Generator closest in the middle
3. The generator is located outside a safe zone (open area or lack thereof).
Accordingly, Priority of generator for you or the killer is determined by how many of the above criteria it meets. .
Please note that This list doesn't contain any "repair success" criteria. It is not necessary or even fatal to repair a generator, even if the heat is already high. Example:
While you are fixing a useful generator, a neighboring Govnogen* starts right next to you. This is better left for later game. The priority of your generator is now lower and it is better for you to abandon it and move on to the next one. This shows that the priority system changes depending upon the contribution of your group to the repair and maintenance of generators.
* Govnogen: A generator from which someone can disrupt the balance of current priorityitization.
Blue star: The generator's running.
Green circle: you repaired.
Red circle: current priority.
Dead by Daylight - How to repair a generators? - Universal repair strategy - 4BFA01F
If you make a careful a*sessment of the situation and decide that repairing the generator in the current circumstances does not create a problem, then you can start it. But be careful. Your colleague may be able start an adjoining gene and create the triangle. [/previewimg]
Pros: versatility, reliability.
Cons: complexity.

Priority according to the number of relations

Dead by Daylight - How to repair a generators? - Priority by the number of relations - 573B528
As you can see from the above, the more generators there are, the better it is for the criminals. Patrolling each generator after the generators have been started will be a difficult task. Repairing generators is difficult. However, even if one of the generators was started, there are other safe options. Try to capture the essence with the next sketch.
Safe triangles
Dead by Daylight - How to repair a generators? - Priority by the number of relations - 78024A4

Situational microtactics

If a killer won’t allow anyone to fix a particular genetic gene, someone can get him into a "battle" over that one gene. Others take this opportunity to repair other generators, following the same procedures, while also considering possible priorities in the unlikely event that the generator fails to start.
How to provoke?
The killer arrives => your run back => the killer breaks off the generator and moves away => then you continue to repair, and so on. It's much more profitable, and safer to provoke in pairs.
Repairing the generators is therefore not only an M1SPACE part, but also a key strategic part. Priorities change dynamically during a game.

That's all!

If you find the guide to be useful, or "potentially to somebody", please support it. Thank you very much for reading. Good luck next game!
P.S. P.S.
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And here is the end of the post, i hope you enjoy Dead by Daylight – How to repair a generators? . If you believe we mistake something or we forget to add some content on the post let us know via Comment. The original post can be found here

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