Dead by Daylight – Killer Concept: Red Coat Soldier

Dead by Daylight – Killer Concept: Red Coat Soldier 1 -
Dead by Daylight – Killer Concept: Red Coat Soldier 1 -

Guide for Dead by Daylight – Killer Concept: Red Coat Soldier

I’ve read many of these Chapter/Killer/Survivor concepts. So now I’m throwing my bloodstained hat into the ring.

Killer Stats and Stuff

Name: General Gaarverd 
Base Stats: 
Height- Tall 
Terror Radius- 26 Meters. 
Base Speed- 4.4 m/s 
Weapon- A Musket with an attached bayonet. 

Power Info

Bloody Queen’s Blessing. 
Holding “Use Power” will pull up your Musket and aim down it’s sights. Pressing “Attack” will fire your Musket. Successfully shooting a Survivor will instantly put them in the dying state. After the projectile makes contact with an object or person, you enter a 16 second reload event. 
(Details: Bringing up the sights takes .3 seconds. While aiming; you move at 3.3 m/s, your FOV zooms in 20%, and your turn rate is reduced by 40%. The projectile moves at 40m/s and travels for 12 meters or until it collides with an object or Survivor. During the Reload event, you move at 4 m/s, your turn rate is reduced by 20%. While this animation plays, you are unable to perform any actions. Being stunned with Head-On or with a pallet will pause the duration and will resume once the stun has ended, this does not apply to flashlight stuns.) 
Holding “Alt Power” in an open area for 10 seconds will erect a Sentry Post. You have 3 Sentry Posts at your disposal. Sentry Posts reveal the auras of Survivors who are within 15 meters of the Post, if they are within view of the Post. Survivors can destroy Sentry Posts by interacting with it for 12 seconds. Survivors who destroy a Sentry Post suffer from the Oblivious status for 20 seconds. 
(Details: Sentry Posts can only be placed 12 meters from a Hook, 10 meters from a Generator, and cannot be within 60 meters from another Sentry Post. These are roughly 1.5 meters taller than “Tall” killers, and cannot be placed if there is not enough overhead clearance. 50% of the Survivor’s body must be in direct line of sight with a Sentry Post for their aura to be revealed. The time it takes to destroy a Sentry Post is decreased if more Survivors are interacting with it. Destroying a Sentry Post triggers a loud noise notification for you.) 

Addon Info

(I don’t often see many of these concepts include any space for addons, but since I have effectively no life, I put forth the effort and came up with 2 for the iridescent spots.) 
Iridescent Powder: 
Tremendously increases the maximum range of the projectile (+6 meters) 
Tremendously decreases the Reload Event time (-10 seconds) 
The projectile will only deal a single Health State of damage to Survivors. 
Dedicated Scouts: 
Increases the maximum number of Sentry Posts by 3. 
Moderately increases the range of Sentry Posts (+4 meters) 
Moderately increases the time it takes to destroy a Sentry Post (+6 seconds) 
Moderately increases the duration of the Oblivious status effect (+8 seconds) 


Forward Engagement: 
After damaging a Survivor with your Basic Attack, gain a 5%/8%/10% increase to your movement speed for 10/12/14 seconds. Being stunned cancels the boost. 
(The timer begins after the animation of you cleaning your weapon ends) 
Strategic Defense: 
After damaging a Generator, the Entity blocks that Generator from being interacted with until it has lost 25%/50%/75% of it’s initial progress. This effect can only activate once every 120/100/80 seconds. 
Lawful Pursuit: 
You become obsessed with one survivor. 
You receive an audio notification when your Obsession enters your Terror Radius, and one for every 5 seconds they are in your Terror Radius. 
While you are in a chase with your Obsession: any Haste status effects they would gain are delayed for 2 seconds. 
After Hooking your Obsession: all other Survivors suffer from the Exhausted status effect for 10/15/20 seconds. 
When your Obsession dies on a Hook: another Survivor in the trial becomes your Obsession. 
The effects of this perk will only activate after 30 seconds have pa*sed after gaining a new Obsession. 


Is there a Mori? Sure, but I don’t care enough to detail it here. Think of something cool, or stupid, it doesn’t matter. 


Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or ideas for changes; feel free to leave a comment (I doubt I’ll change the text here, but it’s still nice to have extra opinions (provided they actually have some value)). 

Written by Lord Casual

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