Dead by Daylight – Power Outage Chapter: IDEA

Dead by Daylight – Power Outage Chapter: IDEA 4 -
Dead by Daylight – Power Outage Chapter: IDEA 4 -

Guide for Dead by Daylight – Power Outage Chapter: IDEA

The Entity has brought to its realm something that will make survivors never be the same…

The Electrician backstory

In 2367, Nillo Blome was 11 when he discovered the fun of playing with robots. In school he was known for his skill during ICT cla*ses and for the many devices he created. 
When he turned 19, he went to an university, where he gained a name: The Stockholm Electroboy. In most cla*ses he felt like nothing was new to learn. He knew all. 
In a few years he got his electrician degree. As he loved working, he found a job as fast as he could. He was a good man. He worked hard and well. His boss gave him increase after increase. Soon he became the best electrician in Sweden. Not only he fixed stuff, but also created different devices that helped him a lot. One of them were the ”Absorbant pliars”, normal cutting pliars that had a special electricity-absorbing device that allowed Nillo to easily control electrical levels in different devices. 
Nothing was too much. Soon power outages were long history for Sweden. But Nillo didnt perform alone. He had a fellow workmate, Agardh Ahlberg. They were like brothers. Nothing separated them. 
What could have gone wrong? Just one thing. In one night, when Nillo was fixing an old lady’s light bulbs, he saw a thick fog comming from outside. He followed it. He saw the building’s electrical pannel. He looked at it. He felt like something wanted to make him use his absorbant pliers to get all the electricity out of it. He struggeled to resist. He couldn’t. He didn’t even see his hand getting the pliars out of his pocket and pressing that button on them… 
Police came in the next morning. A burnt dead old lady was found in her bathroom, with a scared face. The light in that house was also cut. 
Stockholm was on fire. Every night people were found burnt to death by electricity. But there was a pattern. Two women, then four men and then nine children. It always happened in this order. 
Agardh was feeling that Nillo is suddenly different. He wasn’t the same as before. He tried to approach him but it felt impossible. 
Then, terror came in after 225 days. Nillo found Stockholm’s main electrical pannel. There were so many houses connected to it. All that energy… about to become his own. After absorbing it, he could kill everyone. He did it. There was darkness everywhere. Stockholm was at his own will. But before he could kill anyone, The Fog got thicker and thicker, untill Nillo found himself in a new place, a place were he could kill endlessly. 

The Electrician power


Power: Corrupted system

Dead by Daylight - Power Outage Chapter: IDEA 
After studying the generators layout and system, The Electrician found a way to connect them to a special pannel, that can change their way of working. 

  • Up to 3 fuse pannels will spawn 
  • Each fuse pannel will be connected to a maximum of 3 generators

Press the active abillity button to change between absorber and shocker mode. 

While in absorber (normal) mode:

You can see the aura of fuse pannels. Getting close to a fuse pannel grants the abillity to open the fuse pannel. 
When opening a fuse pannel, you can either: 

  1. Damage it, causing all generators connected to it to be unrepairable, untill a survivor repairs the fuse pannel ( takes 25 seconds
  2. Extract a fuse, removing the ability to open fuse pannels for the next 60 seconds, but you gain 1 electrical charge


While in shocker mode:

  • you can charge up an electrical shock beam that slightly increases a survivor’s electricity level bar upon contact (like purge leveling) 
  • charging an electrical shock beam consumes 1 electrical charge


Electricity level:

  1. Survivors afflicted will randomly get impulse shocks that make them scream and reveal their location. They will also have considerably more difficult skill-checks. 
  2. Skill-checks will be triggered randomly while walking or running, and their failure results in chain impulse shocks for 5 seconds. While repairing, termendously harder skill-checks will appear every 2 seconds. Great skill-checks grant no progress. 
  3. Survivors afflicted have 30 seconds after leveling up to find a fuse pannel (auras are revealed) and start the electricity level down action at it before reaching level 4. 
  4. Survivors afflicted get a huge impulse shock upon reaching level 4, causing them to explode, resulting in an imediate death.

”Terror fell upon Stockholm in that night, when just a plain fuse pannel being destroyed was enough to let a whole city in darkness”- Agardh Ahlberg 

The Electrician perks

This new killer is able to easily take control of survivors feelings towards repairing and survival. 

Mechanic’s Atychiphobia:

The fear of failing like others while repairing generators overcomes the will to live.Dead by Daylight - Power Outage Chapter: IDEA 

  • Every time you grab a survivor of a generator you gain 3 tokens
  • Every time you hit a survivor repairing a generator you get 2 tokens
  • Every time you hit a survior that has been working on a generator in the last 3 seconds you gain 1 token.

Every token decreases survivor repair speed by 8/9/10% for the remaining of the trial. 
By default decreases repair skill-check successful zones by 10% 
” Those who want something too much might ruin the fate of others ” – The Electrician 

Hex: The Man Behind It All:

You become obsessed with one Survivor. After hooking your Obsession, if there is any Dull Totem remaining on the map, this Hex is applied to it.Dead by Daylight - Power Outage Chapter: IDEA 
The Obsession becomes Oblivious and any other Survivor in a 30/35/40 meters radius of the Obsession is also Oblivious
The Hex effects persist as long as the related Hex Totem is standing. 
” Who would’ve ever guessed Nillo was behind it all? ” – Agardh Ahlberg 

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