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Deadside – Achievement guide 6 -
Deadside – Achievement guide 6 -

Guide for Deadside – Achievement guide

Guide to less obvious ones



Deadside might be still in early access (as of the time of writing) so new challenges can come with time. Most of the achievements are straightforward so I’ve only focused on the missable ones.

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Full Arsenal

Deadside - Achievement guide - Full Arsenal
When you kill someone with a weapon you didn’t get a kill yet – achievement’s progress pops up and shows that you need 32 kills total. If you look at the table below there are 35 weapons, I’ve killed with every one of them and right now I’m not really sure if each did trigger the progress or the achievement itself shows the wrong number.

Best (not easy though) to be done on a PVE server.

Important things to note:

  • both granade types count as separate weapons (you need to get a kill with both F-10 and R-5)
  • both knives (available at Safe Zones for 900 and 1000 respectively) count as separate weapons
  • both axes (Axe and Fire Axe) count as separate weapons, Sawmill north from the southern Safe Zone is a good source for getting axes
  • weapons not available at Safe Zones can be bought (outside of looting) at Traders ($ icon on the map) but not every one sell weapons and even when they sell them – some might not be available. If you plan to aquire them that way – they cost quite a bit, so do not forget to bring at least 200-300k per one (top tier) weapon.
  • camo variants (aquired at the Bunker) DO NOT count towards achievement

List of all weapons available at the time of writing guide [30/12/2020]

MeleePistolsSMGsAssault RiflesRiflesShotgunsGranadesGranade Launchers
Knife* (800)IZH-70*Scorp*AK-SU*S85*IZH-43S*R-5*GRM-40
Knife* (1000)TTk*MR5*AK-SM*Mosin-K*IZH-43*F-10*
AxeBereta M9*UMR-45*AK-mod*Mosin*M133*
Fire AxeC1911*P900RPK-modVSDMS590*

* available to buy at Safe Zone
** not sure if it triggered the progress


Deadside - Achievement guide - Gourmet
It’s fairly easy one – there’s 8 different things to eat available at Safe Zones (meals costing 500, drinks 350) – buy one of each and enjoy the feast until achievement pops up.

Hottest Potato

Deadside - Achievement guide - Hottest Potato
Throwing grenades is kinda awkward and the cheaper R-5 has a really small explosion radius on top of that. Thankfully kills made with grenade launcher (GRM-40) count!

You can get GRM-40 from loot drops, traders and possibly heli crashes.

Last bullet

Deadside - Achievement guide - Last bullet
One thing worth pointing out is that killing with weapons that have only ONE bullet/projectile loaded at a time (GMR-40, M99) DOES NOT count towards progress!

This one might be hard if you tend to reload after every shot 😉



  • added Full Arsenal, Gourmet, Hottest Potato, Last bullet


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