Devil Slayer – Raksasi – General info

Devil Slayer – Raksasi – General info 1 -
Devil Slayer – Raksasi – General info 1 -

Guide for Devil Slayer – Raksasi – General info

Just some things you might want to know (if you didn’t know already).

General info

  • The red symbol that appears with some attacks means it can’t be parried or blocked (but it can be perfect blocked with a shield). 
  • Elite enemies (the ones with a colored aura below them) have super armor (they can’t be stun-locked by your attacks, so be careful). 
  • The red symbols that may appear in some of the zones of the "choose your path screen" means dangerous zone (enemies have +30% ATK, +50% HP and may drop extra coins when killed). 
  • The secret room ghost CAN appear in the starting rooms so don’t forget to check first thing. 
  • The yellow orb armor gives you shield gating (if you have 1 HP / 20 armor and an enemy hits you for 50 damage it will leave you at 1 HP). 
  • The chests in the starting and last room before the boss of the area always contain Jade Pendants (with exceptions) so don’t waste keys if you don’t need them. 
  • Some of the secret rooms with locked chests always contain relics (for example the last one of the "spiral pattern" room filled with plant traps, or the one in the middle of the room with three chests in the great wall zone). Need more testing to see if it’s always the same chest (?). 
  • There are some rooms that may appear empty of treasure but if you walk through them you may spawn chests (and enemies). Mostly in the swamp and desert areas. 
  • Lore and game info manuscripts drop from breakable vases, rocks, boxes, etc. so destroy everything you see if you want to collect them all. 
  • If you choose to kill the lantern keeper he won’t appear that run anymore but if you kill the master thief he can still appear in the following areas (he always drops a Jade Pendant).

I am still learning so if someone knows anything else that might be helpful , or if there is some mistake, please tell me. (●≧ω≦)9 

Written by Yuhsud

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