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Digimon Survive – Sanctuary Murals 1 - gameplaylists.com
Digimon Survive – Sanctuary Murals 1 - gameplaylists.com

*This may not be considered spoiler
I did a translation of the digicode found on the sanctuary murals. Not the best translation. However the digicode isn't exact and some parts cannot be freely examined. The order isn't known.
These sentences are from murals that run from the highest to the lowest floor, right side first, and left side second.


1deg floor
There were people who longed for great strength from the Kemonogami. And there were others who tried not being monsters.
Because of their extraordinary power, they were feared and loathed by the people
2deg floor.
The gate that connects these two worlds is now in place
The gate must link both worlds
(Between wo and n there might be another character but the camera doesn't let me see well enough)
The gates that used to connect the two worlds now have been removed, each with their own unique threats
3deg floor
People started to fight but the world of Kemonogami is not in need of them
The Earth is not an area of birth, but it is a spot of death
4deg floor
Center of the circle
The potentiality for a creature is enhanced when man is involved
Left side
Only Kemonogami (people) have the right and privilege to exist.
Right side
There are both animals and people in the universe.
And with the fog, a new world is created.
It makes sense.


Written by Lexius

This is all we know about Digimon Survive – Sanctuary Murals, this post original url can be found here and possible new updated to.

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