Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive – Day 3 Razor’s Gang Alternate Route.

Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive – Day 3 Razor’s Gang Alternate Route. 1 -
Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive – Day 3 Razor’s Gang Alternate Route. 1 -
Alternate route for day 3 razor’s gang perfect. SPOILERS AHEAD



Well you know the spare sarge route? this is the other way to get perfect in day 3 razor’s gang. Step by step. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: This guide a*sumes you: Are using the car and made both parts of the broken bridge, have the metal bars in your storage (unless you had spiders on day 1) and are not in the awakening also you got perfect on the last 2 days 
IMPORTANT NOTE #2: If you had spiders on day 1 the solution will be slightly different if something is diffrent for the spiders it will be marked with “🕷” so if you see that read the bottom section for the day 1 spiders information. 

Sidereal Plexus

1. Drive to sidereal plexus office 
2. Go to the sand dune 
3. walk up it 
4. go to an opening in the wall 
5. Save either Barry or Cody (it doesn’t matter) 
6. go through the doorway 
7. take a small rock 
8. go down the stairs 
9. go through the doorway 
10. take the silencer 
11. interact with the dead body 
12. right click the ID 
13. use the key on the door 
14. click it and go through it 
15. click the backup battery and do the puzzle 
16. go back through the other doorway 
17. click the computer 
18. go to email express 
19. click Hunt… 
20. click lodgemap.bmp 
21. click ESCAPE 
22. click esc-map.jpg 
23. go back to the backup battery 
24. make it so that A (the top one) is 15 and B (the bottom one) is 40 
25. go down the next stairway 
26a: if you saved Cody click the vent 
26b: if you saved Barry click the pipe 
27a: if you saved Cody talk to him and tell him to crawl through the vent 
27b: if you saved Barry talk to him and tell him to help you with the pipe 
28. go into the door 
29. grab the floppy disk 
30. use the small rock on the fire hose 
31. open the elevator 
32. click the fire hose and then click the elevator 
33. climb down the elevator 
34. go down the corridor until you reach the end 
35. click the doorway 
You did the first part of this day! 
If you would like, go to your dead friend and make a simple grave (that’s how you get the don’t forget achievement) 

The Actual Route

36. go back to the front 
37. drive to a house on a hill 
38. go to your storage chest 
🕷39: take a rifle, a wrench, a hammer, metal bars and a handful of nails 
40. put the metal bars on the ground floor window and then use a handful of nail on them 
41. go the a hunting lodge 
42. go through an entrance 
43. use a wrench on a hunter’s trophy with antlers 
44. click scratches 
45. click a couch 
46. click the floor safe twice 
47. drop the revolver 
48. go through a pantry 
49. grab everything 
50. go back outside the lodge 
51. go through a path to the back 
🕷52: grab the bear traps 
53. interact with the animal carca*s 
54. collect the bear trap 
55. go back to a house on a hill 
56. drop the bear traps outside 
57. use a scope on a rifle 
58. use a silencer on a sniper rifle 
59. go to a restaurant 
60. go to a pa*sage to the restroom 
61. go through a closet door 
62. grab a bottle of oil and a bottle of rat poison 
63. go to a gas station 
64. go to the window room and interact with the window 
65. use a silenced sniper rifle on sarge 
66. grab a empty gas canister 
67. fill it 
68. refuel your car 
69. go to a construction site 
70. go a construction equipment parking space 
71. click a corpse 
72. click a fence shelf 
73. use a silenced sniper rifle on a thug 
74. use a bottle of whisky on food supplies 
75. use a bottle of rat poison on food supplies 
76. go to a house on a hill 
77. go through a ladder leading to a ceiling hatch 
78. open a hatch and go through it 
79. if you don’t have 6 bullets in a silenced sniper rifle use a box of rifle rounds on a silenced sniper rifle 
80. wait for night and arm yourself with a silenced sniper rifle 


1. the metal bars will be at the construction site 
2. you will have to reset the 2 bear traps that caught the spiders. use a wrench on them 


If you followed this guide correctly you should have gotten perfect on the day and you also got another gas canister out of it. 
If anything is unclear, please tell me in the comments. 

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