Don’t Starve Together – DST Reap What You Sow Guide

Don’t Starve Together – DST Reap What You Sow Guide 2 -
Don’t Starve Together – DST Reap What You Sow Guide 2 -

Guide for Don’t Starve Together – DST Reap What You Sow Guide

So I made this for a friend of mine who was newish to DST and liked farming, and he really liked it and told me to post it on steam. I know RWYSG is kinda old but steam wouldn’t let me post for a few weeks. Soooooooooooooooooooo… I hope you enjoy!



So I made this for a friend of mine who was newish to DST and liked farming, and he really liked it and told me to post it on steam. I know RWYSG is kinda old but steam wouldn’t let me post for a few weeks. If you enjoyed the guid don’t forget to rate and favorite

Farm Related Crafts

Rig-Ma-Jig – Creates a tile of farm land – 4 Uses – 4 planks + 2 rope + 2 flint
Hoe – Creates a hole for planting seeds in a tile of farm land – 50 Uses – 1 stick + 2 flint
Shovel – Digs out garden detrius and weeds – 25 Uses – 1 stick + 2 flint
Gardeer Hat –

  • Ability to research every stage of a plant
  • Ability to tell what might be bothering a plant by interacting with it
  • Ability to open the plant registry by right clicking on the hat while it’s in your equipment slot to see all the info you’ve researched

– ∞ Uses – 1 bucket o’ poop + 3 seeds + 1 electrical doo-dad


In DST, seeds are a food item commonly left on the ground by birds. While they can be eaten, seeds are used for farming by planting them in a farm plot to grow crops. Crop seeds are a specialized version of seeds, which plant a specific seed. They are obtained by harvesting farm plants with low stress, by hammering giant plants or by feeding a plant to a birdcage. The birdcage drops only 1 seed. The Lord of the Fruit Flies drops 4 to 8 seeds upon death.There is also a 33% chance that Carrats will drop Carrot Seeds upon death. Durian, Eggplant, Pumpkin, Onion and Garlic seeds can be obtained by trading with a King of the Merms.

Seed Chart

Normal Seeds – Grows a random plant, but has a 20 percent chance to grow a weed
Oblong Seeds – Carrot Seeds
Clustered Seeds – Corn Seeds
Bulbous Seeds – Dragon Fruits
Brittle Seed Pods – Durian Seeds
Swirly Seeds – Egplant Seeds
Windblown Seeds – Pomegranate Seeds
Sharp Seeds – Pumkin Seeds
Square Seeds – Watermelon Seeds
Tubular Seeds – Asparagus Seeds
Spiky Seeds – Toma Root Seeds
Fluffy Seeds – Potato Seeds
Pointy Seeds – Onion Seeds
Lumpy Seeds – Pepper Seeds
Seed Pods – Garlic Seeds

Plant Happiness

Caring for your crops can reward you a bonus of 1-2 seeds per crop depending on how happy you make your plants. Taking care of your crops near perfectly will even transform them into giant version of themselves! If a crop lacks something it wants, it can be stressed when growing to the next growth stage. Caring for the crop in 6 ways can prevent the crop being stressed to make it more fruitful. Note that crops can become more stressed if 10 or more crops are planted on a single tile.

  • Letting them grow in their preferred season
  • Clearing any weeds or rotten crops close to them
  • Having 2 of the same plants close by the crop (planting tight groups of 3 of the same crop work well)
  • Making sure there is enough water in the soil for every growth stage with a watering can by crafting and filling one up from a pond
  • Tending to them on every stage of their growth (musical instruments help alot)
  • Making sure the soil has the nutrients each plant needs with compost, poop and growth formula items, however there are ways to self-fertilize farms to make it easier by planting combos of certain plants

If a crop has less than 4 stress points, then it will give you one specalized seed along with its produce.
If the crop has less than 2 stress points, it will give you 2 specalized seeds when harvesting it.
If the crop has no stress points, then it will become a giant crop which will award a lot of produce along with 2 seeds.


A single farm tile can get to a max of 100% fertilization in 3 types of nutritions: Growth formula, compost and manure.
Growth formula – from a crafted starter growth formula
Compost – from a composting bin – add items in it, turn it and collect it later
Manure – I mean it’s just poop

You can research the effectiveness of fertilizers with a gardeneer hat and see what nutrients they provide. Everytime a single crop grows to its next stage in a farm plot it consumes a certain percent of nutrition from the soil, however it also produces an equal amount divided across the other types of nutrients.

Plant Stats



Forget Me Lots
When a Forget-Me-Lots is dug up, there is a chance for a new Forget-Me-Lots to grow in nearby tiles after 2 to 5 days. The chance depends on the number of other Forget-Me-Lots present; 75% to respawn if the plant is alone, 50% if there is another one within a 3 tile radius, 25% if there are two others, and 0% for 3 or more.
Fire Nettles
A player that comes into contact with Fire Nettles receives 6 damage and their perceived temperature is increased by 60° for 1 minute, making the player subject to Overheating. Wormwood is immune to this effect.
Tillweed spawns a new Garden Detritus every 0.75 to 1 day. There can be up to 5 garden detritus within a radius of 5 around the plant.
Spiny Bindweed
The Spiny Bindweed protects all plants within a 2.5 tile radius. When a player harvests a protected plant, Binding Roots will trap the player. Binding Roots deal 10 damage and will trap the player until destroyed. Binding Roots have 40 health. Wormwood is immune to this effect.


Dragon Fruit – Grows best in Spring & Summer – +4% GFormula +4% Compost – 8% Manure
Pepper – Grows Best in Autum & Summer – +4% GFormula +4% Compost – 8% Manure
Garlic – Grows Well Whole Year Round – +4% GFormula -8% Compost +4% Manure
Durian – Grows Best in Spring – +4% GFormula -8% Compost +4% Manure
Onion – Grows Well in All Exept Winter – -8% GFormula +4% Compost +4% Manure
Pomegranate – Grows Well in Spring & Summer – -8% GFormula +4% Compost +4% Manure
Watemelon – Grows Well in Spring & Summer – +4% GFormula -2% Compost – 2% Manure
Toma Root – Grows Well in All But Winter – -2% GFormula -2% Compost +4% Manure
Potato – Grows Well in All But Summer – +2% GFormula +2% Compost -4% Manure

My Tips

For plant happiness, all the tasks are easy exept the nutrition and having similar nearby plants.
To counteract nutrition, you can plant seeds that cancel each other out. My favorite combination is toma roots and dragon fruits in a 2:1 ratio, this cancels out the gformula/manure/compost need, the dragon fruit is good for dragonpie which is an op food (40 hp, 1 dragonfruit, 3 sticks), and the tomatos are a good snack. Toma root and potatoes are good if you haven’t gotten dragon fruit yet. Pomegranate and watermelon are an acceptable combination. Or you can wait until you are out of a nutrient and then get a ton of it and fill it back up.
Generally I don’t worry about having nearby same plants unless I’m in desperate need of food or in the late game and want large plants to show off in my base because if you do everything else, you will still get the plant and 2 seeds.


Thanks for reading my guide. If you enjoyed it, then leave a like and favorite it!

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Don’t Starve Together – DST Reap What You Sow Guide. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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