Don’t Starve Together – How to achieve maximum coolness

Don’t Starve Together – How to achieve maximum coolness 1 -
Don’t Starve Together – How to achieve maximum coolness 1 -

Guide for Don’t Starve Together – How to achieve maximum coolness

This guide will inform you on how to achieve maximum coolness in don’t starve together

For eye of the storm beta users

Step 1) go to your steam library 
Step 2) find don’t starve together 
Step 3) right click on it and select properties 
Step 4) go to the betas tab 
Step 5)change the beta to none 
Step 6)update don’t starve together 
Step 7)good job, now you’ve become way cooler, if you already aren’t using the beta then you’re already cool, follow the rest of the guide to become even cooler 

For modded users

Step 1) follow the step 1 and 2 from the previous section 
Step 2) instead of right clicking, left click and click on play, this will open the game 
Step 3) once you get in the game, go to mods 
Step 4) search for playable pets 
Step 5) go to the mod page of every playable pets mod 
Step 6) unsubscribe from them all, if they don’t lead to the steam page find their steam page in don’t starve together workshop and unsubscribe from them there 
Step 7) done, now you’re even cooler, if you already don’t have them installed then you’re already cool, follow the rest of the guide to achieve maximum coolness 

How to make your world cooler

Step 1) go to don’t starve together steam workshop 
Step 2) search for disable characters mod and subscribe to it 
Step 3) activate it to your don’t starve together world 
Step 4) click in it and go in configurations 
Step 5) toggle wes off 
Bro tip) you can achieve extra coolness by toggling maxwell, walter and willow off 
Step 6) go to forest and set all of this stuff to none in world settings: enlightenment monsters, lune trees, salt formation, salt formations, gnarwhails, schools of fish, cookie cutters, horror hounds, moonrock pengulls, sharks, shattered spiders, skittersquids, antlion tribute, crabking, lord of the fruit flies, malbatross and poison birchnut trees 
set wobster to lots 
to world generation, set all of these to none: celestial fissures, anenemies, beached bull kelp, bull kelp, hot springs, lunar rocks, lunar saplings, lune trees(again), sea stacks, stone fruit bushes, carrats, saladmander, shoals, sea weeds and shattered spider holes 
set wobster mounds to lots 
if you want to have caves then go to caves, turn them on, set everything mentioned before in caves to none aswell, and also these: lightflier flower, lunar mushtrees, bulbous lightbugs, mush gnomes, nak*d mole bats 
set dust moths to lot 
Step 7) now that you’ve done all of these your worlds are even more cooler, and that makes you cooler aswell, if you have your worlds like that already then good job you’re already cool, follow the rest of the guide to achieve maximum coolness 

Now how to achieve maximum coolness for everyone

Step 1) go to klei forum 
Step 2) create an account, if you already have one then log in, if you already logged in then skip this step 
Step 3) make a post or comment in a klei post in don’t starve together section that you want the new reign and RoT updates to be togglable so you have the option to play with or whitout them 
Step 4) now Klei will consider adding this to the game, you just have to wait 
Step 5) once it’s added, follow the instructions from previous sections to enter the game 
Step 6) go to host 
Step 7) remove RoT from all of your worlds, you might have to delete them and create new ones for that 
In case Klei doesn’t make it into the game or it takes too long, follow this alternative patch: 
Step 5) uninstall the game, find the game in steam library following the steps from the first section 
Step 6) ask steam for refund 
Step 7) if they refuse, sue them (sue for as much as you want, and sue for whatever you want- preferably tax evasion, scamming, and fraud) 
Step 8) enjoy your hard-earned cash and buy a better game 
Alternative: or you can just do the steps from the previous section to your worlds instead 
If you’ve followed any of these patches and all of the previous sections of the guide you have sucessfully achieved the maximum coolness possible 

Written by Moth

This is all that we can say about Don’t Starve Together – How to achieve maximum coolness for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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