Don’t Starve Together – Seasons for DUMMIES (updating in time)

Don’t Starve Together – Seasons for DUMMIES (updating in time) 1 -
Don’t Starve Together – Seasons for DUMMIES (updating in time) 1 -
This steam guide will give you a basic rundown of the seasons, what your objectives should be for each, the difficulties you will face, and how to overcome them!



Autumn is your starting season, and it might as well be the MOST important season. It will set your start for everything else to come, so get ready! 

Basic Overview

For autumn there are no major threats! Give yourself a nice sigh of relief as the only things you have to worry about are the routine hound waves and maybe spiders. This season is your time to prepare for EVERYTHING coming up. Find yourself a nice and habitable area. Make sure its safe because once you set up its going to be hard to relocate. Steer clear of: 
– Ponds 
– Mactusk camps 
– Basing right next to beefalo and pigmen 
– Mosaic Rock biomes (Meteors will crash here often and will break base structures!) 
Now to prepare for everything coming up, here’s what you will need to grab and make. Easiest if you do it in this order. 
– Get a stack of wood, gold, rocks, flint, twigs, and gra*s. (Nitre can be left behind for now) ALWAYS have a good amount of twigs and gra*s on you. When night comes you will always have a torch at the ready! 
– Find your base area whilst collecting said materials. 
– Make a science machine, and then an alchemy engine. 
– With an alchemy engine, prototype yourself a backpack, spear, shovel, and the luxury variants when possible. 
– Collect some gears via clockwork enemies or rare grave drops. 
– Drop any materials not previously mentioned from your inventory at your base. You should have enough space to carry a lot of items. With your shovel, go find and dig about 20-30 gra*s tufts, saplings, and berry bushes. You will plant these later. 
– Return to base and continue to gather basic materials as needed. (I find that I need a lot of logs and rocks) Collect manure so that your crops can be fertilized. Do so as soon as possible as you won’t have much time for crops to grow before winter. Place crops somewhat close together. This will be important for summer. 
– Gather wool from beefalo during the night with a razor. 
– With your ma*sive amount of materials, make a campfire, make some chests, make a lightning rod, a prestihatitator, ice box, crock pots, drying racks, and farm plots. Continue to gather a bunch of basic materials as you will always need more. 

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