DOOM Eternal – General Weapon Mod Tips

DOOM Eternal – General Weapon Mod Tips 1 -
DOOM Eternal – General Weapon Mod Tips 1 -
This is a general guide on useful applications and tips for the vast arsenal of Doomguy. Learn something new and try out a different playstyle!


Combat Shotgun

– Can destroy weakpoints. A weakpoint hit or headshot will double both the impact and explosion damage of the sticky bomb, indicated by a brief blue flash before detonation. 
– Wide radius explosion, great for clearing flaming fodder for a large armor pool. 
– Can be fired in quickswap precision bolt combos by continuing to hold the weapon mod button after firing the precision bolt and pressing fire when the sticky bombs are ready. This cancels the short delay after firing the sticky bomb, where the Slayer pumps the shotgun. This is great for rapidly splash-damaging Marauders and whittling down large groups of heavies. 
– Good to fire on a staggered enemy just before a glory kill. While the glory kill plays, the sticky bomb will explode, potentially clearing fodder that could box you in after the animation finishes. 
– Mastery allows gaining shells on finishing enemies with full auto. Fodder grant 3, heavies grant 6, super heavies grant 9. This has many applications: mow down groups of fodder in incidental combat or downtime to never lose ammo, finish off a Baron or Tyrant to gain a large amount of shells, and extend a long period of rapid fire spray into a crowd. 
– Does deceptively high damage in combination with Ice Bomb. Sure, it won’t beat pb + ssg or sticky bomb swaps, but it requires little advanced key inputs so you can focus on your movement to avoid damage. 
– Use with falter/stun setups (grenades, Remote Det, Microwave Beam, Heat Blast, etc.) for maximum DAKKA potential. 

Heavy Cannon

– The king of quickswap combos. The animation cancel allows for high damage at any range when combo’d with heavy hitters like the SSG or Rocket Launcher. 
– Easy weakpoint targeting weapon. 
– Mastery headshot explosion can clear grouped fodder efficiently. 
– Headshots do actually deal more damage, but not by much. Indicated by a brief red glare on hit (this may require the mastery unlocked, however). 
– Pierces fodder. 
– One PB shot to the body will stagger a Shield Soldier(even if his shield is up, you can hit him in the hand) or Mecha Zombie, with a headshot killing any fodder instantly. 
– Excellent spray-and-pray crowd control weapon 
– Main downside is the ammo inefficiency (1 missile = 2 bullets, 12 missiles per rack) 
– Primary Charger upgrade allows for ridiculous rapid-fire damage for a few seconds after killing an enemy with the base Heavy Cannon fire, indicated by the reticle and missile rack glowing. 
– Has light tracking, making it a deceptively good distance weapon. 
– Can’t break weakpoints. 
– One micro missile will stagger an imp or zombie. 
– If you have the flaming meathook, you can spray a fodder or low health enemy and grapple them. They get ignited, and then the missiles explode, killing them and granting armor. You can fly forward without having to worry about crashing into the meathook target. 
– Can be used in quickswap combos as well, even with sticky bombs. Just as fast as precision bolt, but a bit less damage and no weakpoint breaking capabilities. 

Plasma Rifle

– Generally very good if you spray a lot of plasma to stagger fodder and whittle down low-health enemies, as you’re charging a guaranteed falter blast to use whenever. 
– As mentioned above, causes a guaranteed falter, even with only a single charge. 
– A single charge will stagger a Possessed Soldier, and a fully charged blast will stagger a Prowler. 
– Fully charged blast breaks ALL weakpoints in its radius (which is LARGE). 
– Excellent defensive panic button if you don’t have the Energy Shield handy and there’s a Dread Knight/Hell Knight/Baron etc. charging at you. 
– Can also be used offensively to stunlock enemies at close range in combination with pb + ssg combos. 
– Mastery allows for a temporary damage boost to the base fire after using a fully charged blast, though the damage buff is mediocre at best. 
– Even a single charge will instantly blow up Soldier shields. 
– Deals good damage to the Doom Hunter’s shielding as well. 
– Continuing to hold the fire button and then firing the heat blast WHILE swapping to another weapon (after firing at least 8 base plasma shots) causes the game to fire heat blasts at the speed of base plasma fire, causing a double damage blast. Known as the Yeet Blast, discovered by Doom god Sylar. 
– Consumes no ammo. 
– The only thing that can falter an Armored Baron (with his armor on). 
– The king of stunlocking. Even a tiny zap from the holy meme beam will stun any enemy, with the exception of shielded Doom Hunters, Armored Barons, shielded Blood Maykrs, and Marauders. Use this in combo with heavy hitters to bully lone enemies and stop an advancing Baron or Hell Knight. Quick stun allows for an easy headshot on Maykr Drones/Blood Makyrs, as well as quickly breaking a weakpoint. THIS CAN STUN POSSESSED DEMONS TOO (as well as being the only way to cook the Spirit). 
– Mastery causes any enemy killed to create a guaranteed falter blast (as well as doing more damage in a wider radius than the un-mastered explosion). Bigger demon = bigger blast, bigger damage, bigger falter wave. This allows you to cook the Marauder’s spirit wolf and open him up to a ballista or ssg shot if your timing is adept. 
– Shows enemy health on the bar below the reticle. Works even if the beam is only targeting an enemy and not firing. I use this a lot to determine how low a Marauder is, so I know whether to keep comboing or spamming splash damage. 
– Main downsides are the movement penalty while zapping and the ammo inefficiency. 

Rocket Launcher

– BIAS WARNING! I love this mod. 
– Concussion Blast upgrade is the bread and butter of this beautiful tool of destruction. Allows the detonations to falter enemies in a deceptively wide radius. CANNOT falter a recently faltered enemy (with a few exceptions), as it is a “soft” falter. Watch Under the Mayo’s video if you’re interested.”>

– Mastery allows a rocket near enemies to create a larger array of explosions when detonated. Doesn’t increase the damage by much, but allows it to clear fodder very efficiently. I use this A LOT with flame belch. 
– A remote det rocket above a Shield Soldier’s head will stagger him and break his shield. Works with tightly packed groups of them as well. 
– Amazing general utility; fodder clearing, faltering advancing enemies, faltering enemies boxing you in after a chainsaw/glory kill, stunning a Maykr Drone for an easy headshot. The possibilities are vast. 
– Can detonate rockets mid-pb-rocket swap without slowing down, but requires precise coordination and lots of practice. 
– One-shots Hell Knights, Whiplashes, and Cacodemons. Will stagger a Dread Knight or Arachnotron. 
– Uses 3 rockets per burst, obviously. 
– Main downside is the sometimes wonky tracking. 
– Mastery is mostly useless, but allows for a cool piece of tech discovered by Sylar that allows for two rapid bursts on one target.