DOOM Eternal – Tips for fighting the bosses on Ultra Nightmare/Nightmare

DOOM Eternal – Tips for fighting the bosses on Ultra Nightmare/Nightmare 6 -
DOOM Eternal – Tips for fighting the bosses on Ultra Nightmare/Nightmare 6 -

Guide for DOOM Eternal – Tips for fighting the bosses on Ultra Nightmare/Nightmare

A lil helping guide to make the bosses easier for you, I will explain what they do throughout the fights. **SPOILERS**

Doom Hunter (Doom Hunter Base Version)

DOOM Eternal - Tips for fighting the bosses on Ultra Nightmare/Nightmare - Doom Hunter (Doom Hunter Base Version) 
So this Doom Hunter has more health and cannot be frozen unlike the later versions of him you’ll face, you face 3 overall then he becomes a weaker version who is easily dealt with. 

So what is good against this boss?

– Plasma Rifle is a great weapon to lower his shields since you can’t easily remove him from his sled like you can in later levels, once his shield is down lock on will easily offer the most damage but do be weary of your surroundings since gargoyles, imps and soldiers are supporting him. 
-Sticky’s can be used at long ranged to hara*s him and if you miss and he is nearby to the sticky he will take damage from them. 
-Full auto, while it does drain your shotgun ammo supply it dishes out a great amount of dps you can also use a grenade or blood punch to falter him so you can continue that damage. 
-Super Shotgun, this is great for obvious reasons, high damage and good spread, full auto will do more damage in a shorter time but full auto also can become very risky due to the movement speed penalty and the doom hunter could simply chain melee you and you’re dead, the super shotgun on the other hand is very good on getting a good hit on him while also avoiding his attacks. 
-Grenades are your best friend against this guy, guaranteed falter’s, extra damage and also helps with dealing any fodder that are nearby so make sure you use these to stop him from dishing out damage and lock on rockets towards you. 
-Lock on I only advise saving your rockets until he is off his sled for obvious reasons its the easiest way to kill them. 
*Once his sled is off, 2-3 lock-on’s will easily kill him and you can move on to the 2nd fight but be weary Carca*s and Prowlers are now in the fight with you* 

General tips:

-Personally I find that these guys struggle to fight anything that can just move around them or get behind them since the only attack that can actually hit you if you ain’t in front of them is his lock on rockets and a melee swipe. 
-Faltering these guys just make them stuck, they can’t really do anything if they are being barraged by grenades or blood punches. 
-Once they are off their sleds they are cowards so take this to your advantage, once they are removed they start to run and hide so take that time to either refill your ammo, get armour/health or simply hunt them down. 

What not to do in the fight:

-Try not to get so close to them unless you plan to blood punch or grenade/falter them, their melee is devastating and just like when a carca*s starts using their melee they won’t stop, so try to just move around their melee range and you should be fine. 


The Doom Hunter isn’t a totally hard boss but due to being close to the start of the game you don’t have the large arsenal you have by the time you see him again and paired with the fact that the ice grenade that you use to easily deal with him later on is something you can’t even use on him here. 
If you can manage keeping him faltered he is easily defeated but that doesn’t mean he still won’t be a challenge. 

Marauder (Arc Complex)

DOOM Eternal - Tips for fighting the bosses on Ultra Nightmare/Nightmare - Marauder (Arc Complex) 
The marauder will give a lot of difficulties to newer players due to him requiring you to play by his rules, when he’s alone he isn’t that much of a problem but when he’s a*sisted you best clear the arena so it’s just you and him. 


Unlike the Doom Hunter’s boss, the Marauder when you first meet him is no different than when you encounter him again in the later levels. 
Just like the tutorials state shooting his shield will trigger him to unleash his dog (this also applies to enemies that happen to shoot him) 
BFG and Ice Grenade will distract him allowing you a chance to attack him. 
Remote detonation, Sticky’s and the Ballista’s splash damage can be used to hurt him while his shield is up. 
Grenades are also useful to use when trying to one-cycle him. 
He cannot be frozen. 
The BFG does no damage to him but only distracts him. 

What to do when he attacks

The Marauder’s eyes glow when he attacks, shooting him will falter him allowing you to damage him. 
Most players use the Ballista, Super Shotgun, Ballista combo on him and using a grenade can continue this combo. 

Many players have different ways of dealing with him, such as the one cycle’s:

Arbalest/Grenade/Full Auto (this one is tough to do since you have to follow him as he is faltered by the grenades. 
Arbalest/Grenade/Lock-on is a more easier one to pull off since you don’t have to correct your accuracy as he is being faltered. 
Arbalest/Chaingun Shield Dash/Grenade/Bloodpunch, is safer since if he breaks out of the cycle or you time it wrong the shield will save you from any damage from him. 
All these will take time to learn but there are videos on how they are done so you can learn and see how they are done. 


The Marauder stays the same throughout the rest of the game, the arenas may change and who he’s with may change but if you got the rhythm of how he works he’s nothing more than just another demon in the way, stick to his rules and he can’t do anything to you. 

Gladiator (Sentinel Prime)

DOOM Eternal - Tips for fighting the bosses on Ultra Nightmare/Nightmare - Gladiator (Sentinel Prime) 
The Gladiator is a boss that should be taken seriously his aggression and the amount of damage he can cause is something you’re gonna want to spend some time learning for. 

Phase One (Shield)

Like the Marauder the Gladiator’s eyes glow when he attacks, upon hitting him will put him in a glory kill state to do extra damage and to give you more health. 
He will continue to strike normally or use his shield as a projectile (this attacked cannot be interrupted) but you can simply dash past it. 
As the fight goes on he will summon demons to help him after a certain amount of damage has been taken: 
He will summon either a Prowler with 2 fodder enemies OR a Hell Knight with 4 fodder enemies. 
Once he has summoned these demons it is best to kill them first before focusing back on fighting the gladiator. (sometimes the gladiator will use his shield attack which can also kill the summoned demons) 
A lock-on rocket will kill the Hell Knight and a Ballista shot will but the Prowler in a glory kill state (make sure the Gladiator isn’t nearby the Prowler before finishing it off) 
These summons also appear in phase 2 

Phase 2 (dual mace’s)

Phase 2 the Gladiator is much more aggressive and some of his attacks he can’t be faltered from, attempting to shoot the Gladiator while he’s swinging his mace will reflect back at you. 
Grenades can damage him while he is swinging his mace but if they roll into the shield they will be turned into projectiles that can damage you. 
Make use of the flaming hook upgrade for your Super Shotgun to keep getting armour and health at times. 
He will also do an attack similar to the Cyberdemon (2016) where he will put up a wall and you have to avoid being damaged by a incoming beam. (he can be damaged during this attack so don’t hold back on hitting him) 
Once he has stopped that attack he will charge into the wall, if he misses you he will be stunned for a few seconds so put in as much damage as you can. 

Weapons to use

Similar to the marauder the Super Shotgun, Ballista and Rocket Launcher are your best weapons. 
The precision bolt also can do decent damage and is quicker in quick swap combos so it comes down to preference so test and play around to see what is easier or the most efficient on deleting his health bar because in phase 2 you’ll wanna just get straight to deleting his health bar in the higher difficulties. 
Plasma Rifle won’t get you far and the combat shotgun is better on dealing with the fodder than the Gladiator. 
Lock-on is a high damage dealing weapon but compared to a Ballista/Super Shotgun combo you’re gonna be wasting time. 


The Gladiator is one of the hardest bosses in the game when it comes to how easy it can be to die to him if you can’t manage everything between you and him. 
While he is pretty much a bigger version of the marauder he has his tricks. 
Phase 1 is pretty easy to get past but when he is in phase 2 his aggression can become something of a challenge so try keep a distance on him because at times he does try to get close to you. 

Khan Maykr (Urdak)

DOOM Eternal - Tips for fighting the bosses on Ultra Nightmare/Nightmare - Khan Maykr (Urdak) 
The Khan Maykr is the boss of the mission Urdak, a lot of players have trouble with this boss due to the environment, makyr drones and the Khan Maykr herself constantly throwing attack after attack. 

How she works

So unlike the previous bosses she does not get aggressive or rush you down but simply try to overwhelm you by either barraging you with projectiles, summoning a high damaging laser beam that moves towards you, causing the floor to damage you and her maykr drones are always there to a*sist her. 
Further you go into the battle the more of the environment becomes a hazard. 
So throughout my playthroughs you should be in the air 70-80% of this fight, you won’t take any damage from the hazardous floor and the maykr drones projectiles will be too slow to touch you. 

2 weapons is all you need

Micro Missiles and Ballista is all you need, use the Micro’s until she’s about 30% and 1-2 ballista shots and she’s done and repeat it takes about less than a minute to demolish her health bar. 
General tip for the Micro’s: 
Try and get as close as you can to her so your Micro’s don’t miss and the fight get’s a lot quicker. 

It’s all about your movement

I think the biggest struggle people get is that due to the floor hazards it’s hard to find a place to land and be safe, there are 4 pillars on each side of the arena, these pillars are never hazardous and you can just bunny hop/hover around them and still take little damage, if you can meathook and fly then go for it, just stay in the air and you’ll be good. 

Her attacks

The Khan Maykr has 2 types of projectiles: 
She has her standard projectiles which she always shoots 4 in a row, these are easily avoidable and she can only do damage if she lands a direct hit. 
After she has shot those projectiles she then charges up a more powerful attack while it is slower than her standard attack it has an aoe and can still hit you, so a rule I tend to use is apply damage while avoiding her projectiles and once you see her charge up, stop shooting and move to a different place, it doesn’t track you so once she fires and you’re out the way you’re safe. 
Her last attack is that she summons a laser beam that follows you, it’s pretty simple to avoid but later on in the fight you may ignore it so once she does the audio cue look out for it. 


The Khan Maykr is all about your positioning and dealing with environmental hazards and once you get that down she is one of the easiest bosses in the game and is most likely the least threatening of the bosses in an Ultra Nightmare run. 

Icon Of Sin (Final Sin)

DOOM Eternal - Tips for fighting the bosses on Ultra Nightmare/Nightmare - Icon Of Sin (Final Sin) 
The Icon is the final boss of the base game of Eternal, he can remove your life if he catches you but he has his weaknesses… which is cheesing him. 

First phase (armoured)

So his first phase is fairly easy while his punches and summoning can get in the way and cause huge damage and annoyance, flying around in the air is something he just can’t deal with. 
What makes this fight so easy is the amount of Crucible charges, plenty of BFG/argent ammo and free blood punches on the floor. 
Avoid all his attacks and take care of the summons and it’s pretty much target/combo practise. 


Rocket Launcher – I never use this in this boss fight, it’s slow and later on in the boss fight it’s hitting a place I didn’t want it to, you’re better off saving this for some of the heavy demons to lock-on kill. 
Combat Shotgun – Full Auto is the only thing i’d use on him, compared to the Super Shotgun it’s not the best for damage. 
Plasma Rifle – You can’t use either of the mods on him so don’t try, just like the Combat Shotgun just keep the plasma for the Ballista. 
Ballista – Great damage, great range, perfect for this guy, the mods you’re better off ignore using since you can easily beat the damage in a combo and it saves you plasma. 
Super Shotgun – So due to the size of the icon you can shoot from a long distance and still have most of the weapons spread hit him so feel free to just use this whenever. 
Chaingun – Great dps and is pretty much hitscan, easily can rack up damage on his body parts and the Shield is a savior, Mobile Turret others much more dps but i’d only advise if it’s fully upgraded otherwise stick to the shield for safety. 
Heavy Cannon – Micro’s are your best bet, good damage, he’s a large target so don’t worry about missing, Precision Bolt is also a decent pick to use. 
BFG/Unmaykr – Both are good just make sure you don’t miss. 

Phase 2

So yeah this pretty much means gg you won for one reason only, in the arena anything that has a ceiling will shield you from all his attacks and the only threats are the demons but there are plenty of crucible charges, fodder are just health packs it’s pretty much a bunker for you. 


While the Icon is a cool and enjoyable boss battle it’s very easy to guarantee a win and phase 2 just hands you it if you stay in a place with shelter. 
It would be more challenging if there were more limted crucible charges in the arenas and the player couldn’t just hide in the lower rooms as a safe place until the Icon stops attacking. 

Written by Malekith

This is all that we can say about DOOM Eternal – Tips for fighting the bosses on Ultra Nightmare/Nightmare for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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