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Guide for DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 – Road from PvE to PVP

In light of a DLC being only a few days away, and another already confirmed for later this year, I’ve decided to make a guide on just some information on getting better at the game. This information will be helpful in not just PvP battles, but also completing expert missions and such all by yourself, never having to worry about needing help or failing the mission. This guide is not designed to explain what is/is not cheese or cheap. It is solely meant to explain certain aspects of the game that many are still unaware of. If enough people have questions, or they want more detailed explanations, then I won’t mind making youtube videos of me speaking in depth over every aspect mentioned, and much more.

I will be adding on to this guide, considering there’s so much I haven’t talked about/explained. I’m posting this current version to see if this Guide is something worth investing my time in, or if it’d merely be writing to the wind.

The Basics

Health – Bar required to stay in the fight, if this gets fully depleted, you lose. 
Ki – Energy required to use some skills or have certain Super Souls effects initiated. 
Stamina – Stamina required for Z-vanishes, movements, and evasive skills. 

  • These 3 bars (Health, Ki ,and Stamina) are given to each player, and they each play a different crucial role in the effectiveness of your build.
  • Combos, also known as Basic Attacks, also work the same way. The amount of damage you give off, and the effectiveness of your basic attacks, all depends on how you use it.


Combo Basics

Every character has a unique combo that, for the most part, differentiates completely from combos that others have. However, keep in mind that each character, regardless of the animations the combos use, still only has about 4 main combos. 
Those are: 

  • Light Combo – Light 8 times
  • Heavy Combo – Heavy 5 times
  • Heavy Light Combo – Heavy, Light, Heavy, Light, Heavy
  • Half Light/Heavy Combo – Light 5 times, Heavy 3-4 times (depending on the character)

These are the button inputs you are to use to complete each combo. Remember, regardless of what character, race, or gender you’re using, these are the inputs for the main combos. Of course these aren’t the only 4, but they’re the main ones which means other combos are just different variations of these, which you can really tell by the animations that appear. 
It’s important that you get used to knowing these combo inputs, so that you no longer button mash. Button mashing is when you press randomly on your controller (Or keyboard) to get your character to do damage, without fully knowing how to do whatever you intend. Also, keep in mind that your timing of these input are equally important. Being too fast/too slow, will result in your combos not working correctly, or dropping. Which means it will not work. 

How to make a Real Build/ Preset

Because each and every character has different combos, it’d make sense for you to use them differently. So here’s the part where I list key factors in creating an effective build for your usage, so be sure to pay attention. Strike moves work close & long range, same as Ki moves, so neither is actually better nor worst than the other. It instead, depends on what your moves can do, and how you apply them in battle. 
Effective Combos  

  • Only use moves that COMPLIMENT each other, which means you can use 1 after the other. A combo is much more effective when it can utilize more than 1 skill in it. So having both a Galick Gun & a Kamehameha in 1 preset is redundant AND does more harm than good because that’s an entire slot wasted on an attack that will not be useful.

Keep in mind that if you’re moves cannot be integrated in your combo, then it is not a real combo. It’s more of a failed attempt at stacking moves. So what does it mean to integrate moves into your combo? That means when you use a skill, your opponent should not be able to roll out of your combo for an easy/automatic dodge. 
BAD COMBO EXAMPLE – Male Saiyan 4 Heavy Combo, Perfect Kamehameha Ultimate. This is bad because your opponent will have enough time to roll out of your combo, and easily dodge your Ultimate attack. 
GOOD COMBO EXAMPLE – Male Saiyan 4 Heavy Combo, Warp Kamehameha Ultimate. This is good because your opponent will not be able to roll out to dodge your ultimate. In fact, they’ll have to use Stamina or Limit Burst in order to dodge the attack, and if they don’t do either, then they’re forced to take that damage. 
Lastly, to know if a combo is going to connect fully, without your opponent being able to roll out of it, go into the training room, and once you’ve loading into the match, go to the settings for the NPC (The bot your going against) and make sure “Auto Recovery” is turned on. 

How to make a real Build/Preset [Part 2]

It is important that your presets compliments your characters combos, and timings. For instance, if you did a “Light, Heavy” attack with a Female Saiyan, and then activated “Vanishing Ball”, it would not connect because the opponent will not be in the attack animation long enough to get him by the super attack skill. However, if you did the exact same thing, BUT as a Male Saiyan, then the opponent would be stuck in the attack animation long enough to also get hit by the super attack skill “Vanishing Ball”. 
Timing your attacks is 1 of the most important factors to ensuring you deal the damage you intend. Speaking of, there’s more than just proper timing that influences the effectiveness of your build. How you play, as in your fighting style, will be the deciding factor as to what skills you should have equipped, and when you should use them. 
For instance, if you’re playing Defensive. Then you should be using skills that will increase your defense, such as Afterimage, or Senko Ki Blast, etc. So many skills have great defensive capabilities, and yet people often refrain from using them because they do little to no damage. Some times, doing less damage can be more effective than doing more damage to your opponent. And you could switch it up so that a combo will be weak at the start, but finishes with a high power super or ultimate attack. Whichever you do, make sure you have full intention of seeing it through because hesitating finishing/attacking your enemy may often result in a failed combo, or a lost match. 
The efficiency of a build does not always rest in the amount of damage it gives off. It can be how it makes your opponent reacts, any advantages it gives your character, etc. Stronger isn’t always better. Sometimes you need speed, defensive, time, or more. 

Basics to PvP Movement

Ki Stuns – Using a single ki blast to stun your opponent to create a opening for you to attack. 
Ki Cancels – Using a single ki blast to cancel an animation you’re in to enable you to move faster, possibly to counter your opponents attack. 
Side Steps – A very useful technique in which you dash to the left or right of your opponent, which will then have you move around them. It’s fast, but the distance isn’t as far 
Snap Vanishes – A very useful technique in which you dash to the left or right of your opponent, then pressing your jump button to increase the distance, and also sort of faze while moving, becoming harder to see. It takes longer to complete than a side step, but the distance is farther and you’re harder to see. 
How you move can boost your offense, or defensive effectiveness 100%, because this will determine if your going to be able to attack, or dodge an attack. To be able to switch from offense to defense is important, because situations can change 3 times in a single second, and that’s not an exaggeration. Pay attention to how your opponent is moving, and how you move as well. 

Cast Characters

There are a lot of cast, also known as original characters to choose from, and many have multiple presets. While many may be your favorite/least favorite characters from the anime, it’s important to know the rankings of such characters. Some characters are weak, regardless of the preset you use. This doesn’t mean you won’t win if you play as them, it simply means there are no advantageous aspects to the character in any way. Decent characters are the ones who have about 1 decent skill that can sorta be helpful in battle, but they’re in no way able to just beat on an opponent. 
However, God Tier characters are those who can do just that. They have very powerful/advantageous skills/ super souls that really makes them incredibly powerful. And they also have combos that are complimented by their skills, and movements which compliments their combos. Knowing which characters are powerful and why is going to be a large factor in who you decide to play as, and why. 

Super Soul Tips

The Super Soul you use should always compliment your playstyle, and not your build. There’s a big difference in the 2. 
For instance, if you have a super soul which increases your damage when you have max ki, but your builds’ strongest aspect is the skills, then you’re never going to be able to have full ki, which means your super soul won’t be helpful to your playstyle. 
However, if you have a Super Soul which gives you heath whenever you perfect block, and you know you’re good at perfect blocking, then that’s a great super soul to use since it compliments your playstyle, and not just your build. 

Written by Ten-Shun

Hey there, thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 – Road from PvE to PVP helped you. If you believe we forget something to add or want us to add extra on the post, please let us know via comment below. Thanks, and see you soon!

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