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Due Process – Controller Support 7 - wpgameplay.com
Due Process – Controller Support 7 - wpgameplay.com

Guide for Due Process – Controller Support

A guide to explain the process of using Steam’s support systems to integrate controller support for Due Process until the devs add it (or if they never do).

Step One


As a preface: Make sure the controller you intend to use is plugged in before you start, and during the whole process.

First navigate to Steam; click on Steam and use the dropdown to open your settings.Due Process - Controller Support 

Step Two

Head down and select Controller on the left hand tab; from there click on General Controller Settings. 
Due Process - Controller Support 

Step Three

Here you will select which type of controller you will use; from here the guide may or may not look different to your experience; I am using an Xbox Elite controller. I don’t believe the important details will be different, but make sure you double check if you are using a different controller. 
Due Process - Controller Support 

Step Four

After you enable your controller, down below under “Detected Controllers:” select the controller you will be using. Off to the right will be a button called Calibrate; you’re going to want to be able to navigate back to this easily so that you can adjust the deadzones on your controller accurately. 
They do have an autocalibrate feature, but it can be a little insensitive. 
Due Process - Controller Support 

Step Five

After we’re done enabling and calibrating the controller, we want to create a configuration for our game. So, in Steam you are going to want to open Big Picture Mode; navigate to Library, and then navigate to the game you intend to play, in this case Due Process. From the Due Process page we will navigate to Manage Game, and then to Controller Configuration. 
Due Process - Controller Support 

Step Six

Here is the playground. You can create a configuration on your own, or at the bottom of this guide I’ll place a link for my own. It should work on default controls in Due Process, but I can’t recall if it’s accurate 100% 
Something else to consider is that the developers for Due Process added toggle modes for some features, so you may want to experiment with that. 
Due Process - Controller Support 
I have my one handed buddy playing with a pretty similar configuration; there were some things he switched around, but I can’t recall what all he changed, so please play around and create the best config you can. 

My Controller Configuration

I’ll try to play with it so that I can export it through the Steam systems, but I make no promises because I have no quality micro-USB cables. Until then I hope this helps. 

Written by /Toad

Hey there, thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Due Process – Controller Support helped you. If you believe we forget something to add or want us to add extra on the post, please let us know via comment below. Thanks, and see you soon!

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