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Dungeon Dreams – “Secret Character” Alisha Guide 1 - wpgameplay.com

Guide for Dungeon Dreams – “Secret Character” Alisha Guide

An “in-depth” guide pertaining to a hidden substitute character normally accessible only if you permanently lose access to the game’s first two recruit-able Mage characters.

Recruitment Prerequisites

Be aware that this section will contain explicit spoilers about the fate of multiple early-game characters. I’m not responsible if you choose to reveal the spoilers. 
The following conditions must be met before the first encounter with Alisha: 

  • Your relationship with Caecily must be irreparably ruined. This can be achieved most easily by consistently siding with her “rival” Lucius, and betraying her trust at the end of her Personal Quest by taking an artifact intended for her use. You will know you’ve pa*sed this threshold when speaking to her about reconciliation at her home, if she says she’s not interested. 
  • Your relationship with Lucius must be irreparably “ruined”. This can be achieved most easily by simply killing him during one of multiple opportunities during his Personal Quest, or by siding with Caecily over him at the end of it and then ruining your relationship with her. 
  • Fiona must have arrived in town and be able to join your party.



Once all the above prerequisites are met, you are able to meet Alisha for the first time by entering the Golden Butterfly to view a scene between her and Mai. After she rushes out, you will be able to meet her again by progressing through the dungeon with Fiona in your party, until you reach her and are given the option to help her. Obviously, you want to help her…unless you’re for some reason here to ruin your relationship with Fiona. 
Following this encounter, you can meet Alisha and Fiona at Heaven & Hell, where you will be presented with a series of options leading to her recruitment…or not, depending on your choices. 
Note: Something in this event triggers Alisha’s pa*sive Personal Quest to begin, but I was able to somehow recruit her without the PQ being triggered. You may want to save before viewing this event. 

Personal Quest

Alisha’s Personal Quest is different than most, in that it doesn’t involve any interactions with her. As you wander around town, you will encounter various townsfolk gossiping about poor Alisha’s potential crushes, and be given the opportunity to encourage or discourage them. I don’t believe it has any effect or consequence at the conclusion, but considering the mistakes necessary to recruit her…maybe you just like making people miserable! 
The following locations are where I triggered the rumor, in order. It’s possible they don’t need to be done in a specific order: 

  • Restaurant: Morning(?) or Evening – This event triggers automatically. 
  • Outside the Church: Not Nighttime – This event triggers automatically. 
  • Furniture Store: Morning or Afternoon – This event triggers automatically. 
  • Dungeon Floor 16 – You need to speak with a static NPC to trigger the conversation. 
  • Outside the Dungeon – You need to speak with a static NPC to trigger the conversation.

You’ll know your mission(?) is complete when speaking with her about romance, if she bemoans everyone is saying she loves a certain character. 
That’s it. She doesn’t get any stronger or have a mental breakdown. 


It’s possible I made a few errors, so expect at least one update clarifying some details. 
Are you interested in recruiting Alisha without necessitating a cruel or tragic end for the initial Mages? Well, thanks to the game’s creator that might soon be possible by overwriting a single game file. I just need to do a bit more thorough testing to make sure it works properly. Stay tuned! 


RPG Maker MV: I used this to examine the game files to determine the conditions for multiple events. 
DDreamsGames: The game’s creator has been especially helpful and forgiving about me pestering them with questions about unseen mechanics they have absolutely no obligation to answer, so I really appreciate it. 

Written by Puddles

This is all that we can say about Dungeon Dreams – “Secret Character” Alisha Guide for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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