EarthX – No. Achievement Guide

EarthX – No. Achievement Guide 1 -
EarthX – No. Achievement Guide 1 -

These are all the things I found useful when I applied for the No. Achievement.

Helpful Tips

You should be pretty rich by the time this achievement is completed. Rockets do not accumulate over multiple playthroughs. However you should be able finish this in one solid playthrough. I recommend finishing the story about (terraforming Mars) before you begin to concentrate on this achievement.
1. Once you hire the fleet manger, Cargo Mars can be launched automatically. You can make Cybertrucks as well as Material in your Gigafactories. He will continue sending them to Mars and will rack-up a lot more launches.
2. You can launch as many small/medium/larger rockets as necessary (40 for each). Also, make sure you have the facilities to carry them. Manually launch them filled with concrete (. I would avoid sending LinkLink up on these as it will cause your game too much lag. You also have the option to turn off satilite look and LinkLink outline, which will stop) lag. I was able get 60+ launches per a year by doing this.
3. You need as many launchpads to keep your managers busy as possible.
4. So that your managers can launch as much rockets as possible, make sure you have as many Cargo Spaceships or Superheavy rockets (40 each).
5. Build a lot of Mega Hangers, so that your Spaceships can't wait for long periods of waiting to land.
6. Spaceships will not wait if there are enough landing pads available on Mars.
7. Your Mars colony should have lots of fuel storage facilities and factories so that your ships won't have to wait to be fueled and can take flight quickly.
8. You don't have to rely on your managers to complete launches. It will go faster if there are other rocket launchers.
9. I launched a lot of rockets at half capacity so that I could get more launches for the same cargo (. I reiterated my point at the beginning that money shouldn’t be an issue when you achieve this achievement).
10. When manually launching large numbers, I recommend keeping the camera on Moon. It can be quite slow to launch 30+ rockets all at once. Since none are leaving from earth, it doesn’t really effect your game.
11. Keep the game running. Even with all of the tips in this guide, this achievement could still take many hours. So I recommend you find something else while your waiting.
You can also leave any tips you have that helped you reach the achievement in the comments.


Written by Jipsy

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