ELDEN RING – The Kinds of PVP Players I’ve noticed

ELDEN RING – The Kinds of PVP Players I’ve noticed 1 - gameplaylists.com
ELDEN RING – The Kinds of PVP Players I’ve noticed 1 - gameplaylists.com

This is not a list of players, it's just a list of the pvp characters I've met in duels and invasions. I haven’t played a lot PVP nor am I very good at it but I felt like sharing this.

The New Guy

These poor guys are usually the first to get severely punished. While everyone does not like chuggers, this guy is unique and will eventually learn the rules of the unspoken duel.

The Rusher

These guys are quick to fight and buff, but they also know how to catch other players while they're rolling. These guys behave like they're running erratically and if they manage kill you they'll go back to grace, waiting for the game to end.

The Meta User

I've heard people complain against certain builds. But these guys don’t seem too concerned about what they think. They’ll go for it as long as it's good and kills quickly.

The Large Ego

Some people seek out honorable duels. While others are more interested in making people mad, these guys tend the to be the ladder. They will point down at anyone, no matter what their abilities or shortcomings are, and this is just for a quick joke. They are trying a little too much, in my honest opinion.

The Honorable Duolist

I see most duelists as this: A bow at start, no chugging. Good amount of experience. And a bow at end if they kill you. It is always great to share a good duel.

The Invader

There are many ways in which invaders behave. Some are rushers who will attack you and kill you. While others prefer to fight back honorably. However, you will most likely see rushers during invasions.

The Memelord

These guys fight in some very ridiculous ways. Maybe they'll use two stone shields and block all the time or maybe they'll just spam their shouting attack while calling themselves Karen. They don’t take the sport seriously, and that’s perfectly fine.

The Cosplayer

My favorite method of playing the game is cosplayers who act and fight in the same way as their replica character. This helps them smile and have a good time before the fight. It's always great to see a game character you recognize.


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