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Embr – Achievement Guide 11 - wpgameplay.com

Guide for Embr – Achievement Guide

This is an in-depth, completely up-to-date guide for the achievements in Embr.


Hello Respondr™ and welcome to Embr™! Some of our contractors while working for us, they earn achievements. This guide should help you earn them as well if you have trouble with them. 
Disclaimers: The guide has spoilers. 
This guide is up-to-date as of the February 2021 update, with the exception of Diamond Respondr, which may be slightly out-of-date. Please comment if it is and tell me the proper pricing. 
If you notice any issue with the guide or need help, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help. 

Mission Achievements


A New Career

Embr - Achievement Guide - A New Career 
Complete the tutorial. When you first start the game, this will be the only mission that shows up. It is called "Embr Career Fare". 

Back for More

Embr - Achievement Guide - Back for More 
Every level, with the exception of Escape levels and Boss levels has addition bonus missions that you unlock after completing the Rescue mission for that level. These bonus missions are as follows. Complete any one of these for this achievement. 

  • Salvage: Remove as many items from the building while saving your client. This mission always only has one client. This is a great bonus mission for farming money. 
  • Low House Damage: This is the same as a regular Rescue mission, however, you fail if the building integrity falls below 50%. 
  • Special Object: Search the building for the "Special Object" and bring it to the yellow Rescue Zone. This Special Object is typically worth a couple hundred dollars, and is colored yellow so it sticks out from other items similar to it. 
  • Embr Eats: Using the Client Findr, find out what food item clients want, and deliver it to them while ensuring their safety.


Holla Holla

Embr - Achievement Guide - Holla Holla 
Steal a total of $5,000 worth of items from your clients, cumulative throughout all missions. This can be done by placing the items in the trunk of your vehicle. 


Embr - Achievement Guide - IPO 
Collect a total of 48 mission flames to open the first boss level, "Maple St. Warehouse". As with the Escape missions, you will only have access to your Axe and Hose, with any upgrades they may have. 
To beat this mission, dodge flying barrels, exploding barrels and fire to stay alive. Damage the boss by doing the following: 

  • Use your Hose to knock exploding barrels at the Hosr CEO on the platform above you. 
  • When the Hosr CEO turns on the electricity to the outlets on the side of the arena, use your Hose to connect the electricity from the outlet to the frayed wire, electrocuting him.


Lights Out

Embr - Achievement Guide - Lights Out 
Turn off the power in any mission that has a power box. This can be done in the first mission, "First Ave". 
Enter the house, turn right and go downstairs. Go into the far back of the bas*ment and use a ladder to reach the power switch. See imgur.com – https://imgur.com/0grjrfP for where exactly it is. 


Embr - Achievement Guide - Profit 
Achievement a 2-flame rating from a client in any mission. The quickest way to do this is on the first mission, "First Ave". On easy mode, rescue one client. After that, enter the house, turn right and go downstairs. Go into the far back of the bas*ment and turn left. There will be a cloud of gas. Run into the cloud of gas and die. You will then get the achievement. See imgur.com – https://imgur.com/QhLPMqm for where exactly it is. 

Side Hustle

Embr - Achievement Guide - Side Hustle 
Put $500 worth of items into the yellow client rescue zone, cumulative throughout all missions. This can be done in the first Rescue mission, "First Ave". Using this guide, get all three stacks of money, along with $200 worth of any other items into the yellow client rescue zone, and the achievement will be earned. 

Shop Achievements


Diamond Respondr

Embr - Achievement Guide - Diamond Respondr 
Buy every tool from the shop and tool upgrade from the inventory/upgrade screen available. The following is a list of the combined initial purchase and upgrade prices. 

  • Basic Hose: $7,950 (You start with this but have to purchase upgrades) 
  • Sprinkler: $2,600 
  • Fire Extinguisher: $1,900 
  • Ice Acceleratr: $3,500 
  • Total: $15,950


  • Fire Axe: $5,350 (You start with this but have to purchase upgrades) 
  • Breaching Charge: $1,650 
  • Throwing Axe: $2,270 
  • Total: $9,270


  • Collapsible Ladder: $2,500 
  • Trampoline: $2,400 
  • Jump Pad: $3,700 
  • Parachute Pack: $4,800 
  • Grappling Hook: $6,000 
  • Total: $19,400


  • Client Findr: $2,150 (You start with this but have to purchase upgrades) 
  • Cheap Metal Box: $330 
  • Hair Dryer: $2,000 
  • Slippery Slide: $3,650 
  • Healing Needle: $2,500 
  • Total: $10,630

Total: $55,250 

Fresh Out of the Shop

Embr - Achievement Guide - Fresh Out of the Shop 
Buy every car upgrade from the shop available. Costs are broken down into each individual section, with the total price listed. With the exception of the Bed items, all upgrades are cosmetic. 

  • Cha*sis: $2,100. 
  • Paint: $3,000. 
  • Wheels: $2,700. 
  • Siren: $20,200. 
  • Ornament: $7,700. 
  • Bed: $7,700. 
  • Total: $43,400


I’m a Freakin Blur Here

Embr - Achievement Guide - I'm a Freakin Blur Here 
Buy and equip the Baseball Hat and the University Jacket for a combined total of $4,700. Equip them in a loadout and start any mission with that loadout, and you will unlock the achievement. 

  • Basketball Hat: $4,000. This allows you to double jump. 
  • University Jacket: $700. This gives you +20% movement speed.


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