Epic Tavern – Crossover Eve Haunted Loot Event Live Now! (29 October 2020)

Epic Tavern – Crossover Eve Haunted Loot Event Live Now! (29 October 2020) 1 - wpgameplay.com
Epic Tavern – Crossover Eve Haunted Loot Event Live Now! (29 October 2020) 1 - wpgameplay.com

Epic Tavern – Crossover Eve Haunted Loot Event Live Now! (29 October 2020)


Happy Halloween From Epic Tavern!

It’s that time of year again to slap on your costumes, snatch up a candy bucket and loot your neighborhood politely ask your neighbors for treats.

In celebration of our favorite season, we’re launching our very first Crossover Eve Haunted Loot Event! Here’s how it works…


The Challenge

We’ve selected 13 of our favorite horror quests and added a unique, limited-time reward to each. Successfully complete any of these quests during the event (Oct. 29-Nov. 24) and you’ll score yourself bonus spooky goodies!


The Quests (and Loot)

Murder Most Fowl: The tavern’s chef, Hans Hellwig, has been found brutally murdered. Investigate the crime during our event to unlock a new menu item, Spookhetti and Meatballs!

The Flaming Gate: Complete this epic quest chain investigating the last ride and fall of the Ravinger Four to unlock the most valuable food item in the game, Archdeviled Eggs!

The Curse of Blackheart Manor: Survive a night at the haunted manor to unlock a seasonal favorite, Pumpkin Spice Lager.

Late to the Funeral: What’s a party to do when a corpse just won’t stay dead? Solve this conundrum and receive the Scythe of the Reaper, one of very few items in the game that bestows the necromancy skill upon any wielder.

It’s All In Your Head: Ignatius Mordred wants the Lost MacGuffin of Beor for his shop, Morbid Curiosities. Survive the four trials of the MacGuffin and receive the powerfully enchanted Gnarled Broomstick!

The Lost Menagerie: Visit the mysterious carnival and find a way to rescue Isabella Soleil, and you’ll receive a Lost Menagerie Snow Globe!

Return to Blackheart Manor/No Rest for the Wicked: Pay another trip to the haunted manor and lay to rest the remains of Bridgette Blackheart and Raven Stormswept to receive a Pumpkinhead Helmet!

Six Feet Under: What seemed a simple task to clear out a couple overgrown bugs leads to potential disaster when the heroes find themselves trapped in the bug tunnels beneath Millston. Destroy the nest and save the town to receive Bug-Eyed Goggles that greatly boost perception and dungeoneering skills.

Ant Misbehavin’: The bug war heats up when the heroes visit Orthisalis and find the once-bustling fishing village is a ghost town. Rescue the local residents and destroy the Ant Queen to receive the always stylish Spiderweb Leggings.

No Good Deed: An attempt to rescue a young prisoner goes thoroughly off the rails when the heroes discover too late that sweet little Melody is a vampire princess. Team up with legendary vampire hunter Hans Velsing to dust the murderous tyke and you’ll earn yourself a Black Cat Brooch!

Curses!: Ignatius Mordred’s shop, Morbid Curiosities, is destroyed by a supernatural storm, scattering cursed artifacts everywhere. Race against witch Silvaria Thornheart to recover the artifacts, then take her down to receive your very own Candy Bucket!

The Dark Rift: A salvage mission for a sunken ship in a raging storm, a rival group of explorers trying to sabotage your every move, an interdimensional breach deep beneath Beor Bay from which mysterious rift elves have emerged, and a hearty dose of experimental magic. What could go wrong? Survive this ill-fated adventure and you’ll receive Beorian Tales of Terror, a sure bet for keeping your heroes entertained around the campfire!

The Deadman’s Easel: When the events from a series of violent paintings come true, the heroes must investigate the mysterious painter, Lucius, and avoid becoming his next subject. Snuff out this threat and the Deadman’s Easel is all yours!


New Horror Quests!

The Fantastical Crimes Unit has two new missions available. Taverns that aligned with the FCU instead of the Undermarket and that have completed the mission Curse of the Swamp Witch will now receive a pair of extremely dangerous quests perfect for adventurous heroes in search of a horrifying challenge.

What Lies Beneath: Wererats have been spotted in the sewers under Beor. Accompany the FCU’s Redshirt Brigade on a mission to clear out the threat and discover the hard way that there are dangers far greater than wererats lurking below.

In Your Dreams: An assassin is executing Fantastical Crimes Unit upper brass by entering their dreams and killing them as they sleep. After three days without rest, FCU commander Daria Stonemaw hatches a desperate plan. All it will take is four heroes willing to enter her nightmares and battle against an Undermarket assassin in the dream realm. Any volunteers?

We’re also cooking up a special, food-themed event for you folks next month. Have a dish you want to see in Epic Tavern? We want to hear from you!

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