Fall Guys – Hanging On The Ledge Trick

Fall Guys – Hanging On The Ledge Trick


This is similar to what you see when people climbing on Whirlygig but with another twist, you can hold there for a few seconds with a secret effect.


What buttons/keys to use?

You can bind this in your game settings, but here is the default:



  • SPACEBAR for Keyboard & Mouse
  • A for Xbox controller
  • X for Playstation controller



  • SHIFT or Left-click for Keyboard & Mouse
  • RT for Xbox controller
  • R2 for Playstation controller


How to do it?


  1. Move to any ledge on a map (notice: there are certain maps that you can’t grab on anything)
  2. Press the JUMP button and then put your hands out like this by pressing the GRAB button:
  3. Stop pressing any button while in the middle of the air (free-fall after pressing JUMP) except for holding the GRAB button.
  4. Judge the distance right so that when you’re dropping down, your hands will touch the ledge.


Video demonstration


How to climb up or drop down while holding?

To climb up the ledge: Press Move Forward while still holding

(sometimes when holding on for too long, you need to SPAM it to climb up afterward)

To drop down: Release the GRAB button.

There you go!










Please notice: This is not a cheat, it’s just a small trick to workout your jellybean. You can get grabbed, tail stolen, stepped on… It’s normal.


Season 2 tweak

If you hang on for too long, your jellybean will be sweating (secret effect) and automatically drop down after a few seconds.

Fall Guys - Hanging On The Ledge Trick


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