Fall Guys – How To Throw Eggs

Fall Guys – How To Throw Eggs


A little trick to do long-distance throw in egg game.


What buttons/keys to use?

You can bind this in your game settings, but here is the default:



  • SHIFT or Left-click for Keyboard & Mouse
  • RT for Xbox controller
  • R2 for Playstation controller



  • SPACEBAR for Keyboard & Mouse
  • A for Xbox controller
  • X for Playstation controller



  • CTRL or Right-click for Keyboard & Mouse
  • X for Xbox controller
  • ▢ for Playstation controller


How to do it?

  1. GRAB an egg and HOLD it.
  2. JUMP with the egg firmly in hands.
  3. While in the middle of the air, press DIVE to throw.


That’s it, the only difference from Jump-Dive is that you hold an egg.

With a new Egg Siege map in Season 2, this trick might come in handy!

Fall Guys - How To Throw Eggs


By Funguy

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