Fall Guys – My way of Getting 100+ Crowns, Infallible

Fall Guys – My way of Getting 100+ Crowns, Infallible 1 - wpgameplay.com
Fall Guys – My way of Getting 100+ Crowns, Infallible 1 - wpgameplay.com

Fall Guys – My way of Getting 100+ Crowns, Infallible




See Saw

– walk off to another platform instead of jumping, this reduces the chance of you tripping

– don’t jump when climbing

– wait in the middle of the see saw instead of the side, to ensure you get to another platform more quickly


Dizzy Heights

-walk the first spinning platform

-don’t fight the flow on the platforms, go with it


Hit Parade

– don’t fight the crowd

– be aware of the swinging ball (just memorize one side of the path, there are only 2 balls that swung all the way to the left) and the moving object


Door Dash

– jump and dive through the door and crowds


Gate Crash

– at the end, you can jump on the slime to make your character slide faster


Tip Toe

– observe the shaking tiles around you, pick the solid one

– there is often 2 paths to get to the goals

– the last 2 tiles at the end is always solid, once you get the correct tile on the second last tile, the next one is also solid. Just go straight to the goal once you get that right


The Whirlygig

– Use jump and dive on this map more often

– Jump and dive to get to higher platform after the first spinning sticks, either through the middle boost or the sides bump

– dive also makes you easier to get up instead of tripping from high jump

– you can jump to the middle area after the Big Windmill from the first platform either on the left or right (use jump and dive, hold grab for safety)


Slime Climb

– Learn the maps, there are lots of shortcuts

– more dive and jump to reach higher platform for shortcut. Sometimes needs momentum from your speed


Fruit Chute

– use the left and right side for more shield

– pan your camera in front and avoid fruits

– just run and don’t jump

Survival Mode


Jump Club

– watch for the spinners and jump?


Roll Out

– watch out for huggers

– i try to be more static here by staying close to the edge (but not close enough to be pushed off) and walk off to other platform when needed and be static again


Block Party

– tripping is dangerous in this one

– try to be on the front row to avoid bumping with the front crowds once they tripped


Perfect Match

– 1st round – 2 fruits

– 2nd round – 4 fruits

– 3rd round – 6 fruits


Tail Tag

– cut off others for the tail

– tapping the grab button is often better for faster movement

– jump to other ramps on the middle for safety and tail grabbing

– you can grab someone in midair

– always have in mind that the enemy is actually nearer to you than what you see



Egg Scramble

– at the start pick as many eggs as you can and jump dive to make the eggs roll to your basket

– pay attention to your defense and attack team

– if have enough eggs just defend

– if your basket is already crowded with teammates just patrol middle area for eggs or running enemy with egg

– hug golden egg in your basket to protect it


Rock ‘N’ Roll

– walk towards the ball instead of pressing grab

– don’t jump or dive towards the ball

– just push forward button to get ahead of other team

– only spam jumping when other team is trying to sabotage your ball


Fall Ball

– control middle and goalie

– make sure there is always a goalie



– somehow staying in the middle of the spinner increases your chance of survival

– weave and dodge around the middle spinner

– somehow you are unable to jinx someone from behind when they go on the flow on top of the spinner, grab from the front works.. well mostly

Final Stage


Fall Mountain

– you can jump up the ramp on the right side after just the starting point

– you can hug the wall on either the right or the left side without being hit by the spinners

– pan camera forward and avoid the balls

– wait a moment to go with spinner at the end to avoid tripping

– only press or hold grab after you jump and near the Crown , just get the timing right before jumping

– move your character in circle to gain momentum while waiting for the crown to come down



– learn to slow jump, there is a difference between a fast and slow jump

– you can use your starting tile to jump to other empty tiles

– dive only when emergency and start spamming jump button again

– plan your fall ahead of time instead of blindly falling

– best to cut off from other players


Royal Fumble

– somehow you are unable to grab tail from behind when they go on the flow with the middle spinner, grab from the front works

– learn to play and jump on the middle platforms, memorize swinging hammers position for you advantage

– cut off other players instead of blind chasing

– tap grab button after you walked/jumped off from higher platform to avoid tripping

– there is a good chance to take back your tails immediately after being taken by quickly

tapping/holding grab again

– always have in mind that the enemy is actually nearer to you than what you see


Jump Showdown

– can jump between tiles if there is 1 gap

– can grab on the ledge to climb up if about to fall when jumping to other tiles

– there are always 2 tiles left at the end



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