Fall Guys – Pro Tips, Skills and Tricks

Fall Guys – Pro Tips, Skills and Tricks Needed To Win Every Final (Season 1 & 2)


With videos demonstration and pictures analysis on how-to and basic knowledge. I will also point out common mistakes, what you need to do and what to expect to win every final. (Warning: Quite long guide!)



I know it’s getting harder and harder for newbies, even those with many hours playing and still struggle to get a crown. I personally don’t push too hard on winning against other jellybeans but to see people that don’t have a chance against better players, it doesn’t feel right.

As I’m writing this, I have 354 hours on record with more than 400 wins, give away at least 35 crowns to the people I’ve played with (as long as they can keep up the pace), and about 7 crowns stolen by cheaters/hackers back in the day.

By publicizing this guide, I hope it can shorten the gap between better players and those mentioned above, to help more and more people win their finals and most of all, have enough

👑 to buy amazing costumes in Fall Guy.

All these Finals below will be transferred to the current Season!


Fall Guys - Pro Tips, Skills and Tricks Needed To Win Every Final (Season 1 & 2)


All the information, tips and tricks are from my personal view, experience and knowledge!

(Image analysis: Brought to you by Microsoft Paint.)

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Min 6 people ~ Max 20 people



Reason why I put this first on the list is that my first Fall Guys winner-winner-chicken-dinner was on Hex-a-gone.



  • There are 8 layers (doesn’t count the starting point) and the last layer above the slime is the largest, 3 on the top are the smallest ones.
  • Each hexagon piece will disappear after 1 second if a player steps on it.
  • Jellybeans can step on more than 1 piece at a time so be careful.
  • There’s a glitch that when you fall through the crack between pieces, you will fall straight down that layer.
  • Season 2: New appearance for Hex-a-gone.



  • To avoid falling down and reserve as many pieces as possible, one needs to learn how to JUMP on each hexagon piece or so-called Bunny Hop and it goes like this:
    The more you play the better you get the hang of it!
  • Try not to JUMP-DIVE too much between spaces on the same layer because it takes longer to get on your feet at the end of the dive animation and might take away more than 1 piece if you’re not careful, only do it when necessary and there’s no other option left.
  • Always drag the camera down to see more clearly before you drop. By doing so, it’s easier to predict the landing point and get a better view.
  • If you’re afraid of heights, do not look down the slime, focus on hexagon pieces instead.



  • A JUMP = the width of 1 hexagon piece. (Green)
  • A JUMP-DIVE = the width of 2 hexagon pieces. (Pink)
    Adjust your momentum regarding how far the pieces are.
  • If possible, jump onto the empty starting-point pieces before you drop down to the first layer
    At the start, your momentum (or speed) is 0, in order to jump, hold your direction key and walk for a tiny bit till you reach the edge of your piece then jump. (Notice the darker blue line, it requires maximum momentum you can get to make that jump)
  • Take a short break before you jump to another piece. (Unless you need to maintain the momentum)
  • Do not panic DIVE at the start of the fall, while falling down, you can still control where your jellybean facing. Take a quick look where to DIVE to avoid falling straight down (unless it’s intentional). Diving is a clutch skill to give you another chance.
  • Try to make good use of separated pieces by choosing the best route outside the main area.
  • It’s easier to maneuver by fixating the camera the same direction your jellybean is facing. (Most of the time you only look at the jellybean’s back)
  • Turn to another direction if you see someone else is running at you or run toward them if they have a bigger area.
  • If you see people are still on your layer, pan the camera around and make a quick calculation where to go based on how big your area is and where they are, how to cut them off in case they want to come at you.
  • If you’re alone on the higher layer, make a quick decision where to land, the best possible path to keep it up after dropping down.
  • If you fall first, try to dig a big hole where there are more people on the higher layer(s). (Provided that you still remember their routes)
  • Try not to corner yourself if you know someone is above.
  • You don’t have to win by just jumping; try running, digging holes, cut people off,… and then bunny hop at the end.
  • Stay calm no matter how bad the situation is, just remember, as long as you still have hexagon pieces below within your reach, it’s not over just yet.





  • Panic.
  • Don’t run into other beans or you will get the same result as I did at the start of the video.
  • Too greedy to keep jumping on every single piece, you might pay your jellybean’s life if there’s nothing below.



  • You can’t predict other jellybeans’ movement as well as how the layers gonna disappear.
  • People on higher layers gonna drop on your way, no way to tell, either you cut them off their landing point or you get cut off.
  • Staying too high, nowhere to land or land in the area that has little pieces in an isolated area that you can’t even survive long enough with Jump-Dive technique.
  • Run out of pieces to jump no matter how good you’ve been doing.



  • Stand still and drop down to the bottom layers then dig a big hole.
  • Grabbing other jellybeans.
  • Running the whole time.



Min 2 people ~ Max 20 people


This is by far my second favorite final among the 4, although I really hated it when it just came out.



  • Unlike regular Jump Club, the floor will fall down in this one, there are 8 floor tiles. They keep falling until there are 2 tiles left.
  • Each tile will shake for about 5 seconds to notice jellybeans that it will fall.
  • It has 2 spinning golden beams (technically 4) one bigger and one smaller, most of the time, the small one is the one you need to keep an eye on.
  • As the game goes on, the smaller beam will rotate faster and faster.
  • 5 minutes secret timer, if any bean survives pass this threshold each will get a Crown.



  • One needs to JUMP continuously to avoid the “death sticks” and not to get Yeeted into the slime.
  • Quickly move out of the shaking tile.
  • Move to the platform that has the most tiles left to get a better chance of not falling down with the floor tile.
  • Keep your composure even though your heart might be racing!



  • Instead of jumping, you can dive right over the small beam at slow speed.
  • Always jump before the beam hit you, what I mean is you have to jump a little bit early and then land down just when the beam sweeps through as if your feet floating on it.
  • Avoid jumping near other beans because you might bump into them while jumping and leave you vulnerable or even get thrown off.
  • Watch out for BUMP between the floor tiles, stay on one tile if you can and don’t cross these red lines, especially when the beam going fast.
  • If you can, keep your jellybean moving before you JUMP as it will be easier with the help of momentum.
  • Always remember that if you’re separated by a floor-tile gap, stay on the right side platform. Because it’s way easier to JUMP-DIVE to another platform clockwise.
  • Stay on the outer ring of your platform if it rotates too slow, inner ring (closer to the axis) if it rotates too fast, it’s more of personal taste, I prefer to stay in the middle.
  • What to do if you can’t see the smaller beam, which is obscured by the bigger beam?
    It’s easy, look at the other side to measure when you need to jump.
  • The faster the beam goes, the harder it gets to grab somebody and it also increases the chance that the grabber will fall first.
  • Be careful when other beans keep looking at you, usually, they will try and grab you from behind, if you think that would happen, either grab them first or do a defense move like this.
    (If they grab you, both will be hugging each other and let fate decide).
  • If it rotates too fast, try to jump to a music beat, a rhythm… to keep track of it so that you don’t have to glue your eyes on the beams.





  • Jump when the beam gets too close.
  • Not paying attention to the falling platform and its pattern.
  • Jump while the big beam is directly above your head.
  • Keep running forward during the jump and can’t hit the break or move back in time therefore you fall at the front of the platform.



  • Staying on the unlucky platform, got isolated and if it’s shaking, insert <It was at this moment…> voice effect.

    Actually, you can get out of this desperate position by trying to move at the same speed of the smaller beam, jump and stand on it, if lady luck on your side, it will carry you to the other side then jump off. (this requires insane luck and skill).
  • While in the middle of the air, you stumble on other jellybean(s).
  • Delayed jump response: your feet get stuck and dragged by the beam.
  • Unexpected grabbers.



  • Standing near the edge.
  • Doing emotes repeatedly.
  • Dive and squeeze through the tiny gap when those 2 beams align.



Min 2 people ~ Max 15 people

Quickest Final and there’s no room for error, once you get hit, it’s pretty much done.



  • Important: Remember to HOLD the GRAB button (not press and release, not spamming) while JUMPING toward the Crown
  • You may experience desynchronization (desync) issue, it’s based on your connection and latency between you, other beans and the server (in this case: the Crown).
  • There are many variants for this Final.



  • Hold Move Forward for your dear life.
  • Dodge those big rolling balls coming down the slope.
  • Avoid getting hit by hammers and moving lollypops.



  • Always JUMP at the start or you might stumble if keep running.
  • Run outer side of the propellers’ radius.
  • If there are many balls coming down, stay behind these pieces of obstacles to easily avoid getting hit.
  • If a ball coming at you too fast, DIVE to the sides to quickly dodge.
  • Run through these gaps (✓) and not those (✘).
  • Patiently slow down for the moving lollypops (if there are) to clear the path and then jump/pass through.
  • You can pass through this hammer gap on the left with no problem even though it rotates opposite direction
  • If you get the right timing, you can clutch this corner.
  • When you’re at the top and the Crown is flying up, do zic-zac around and then JUMP GRAB the Crown to preserve the speed.


There are some certain advantages and disadvantages for each side:

Left SideRight Side
About 70% of the time you have to push the propeller
30% the ball gonna help you with propeller push
About 70% of the time you will get through with ease
30% the ball gonna roll into your face (pic below)
Less rolling ballsMore rolling balls
Have to squeeze between 2 hammersHug the right wall and deal with 1 hammer
Big hammer gap on the left to fit throughHave to time it right to avoid getting stunned



Going Left Side    


Going Right Side


So how to know which side is the better?

Don’t always choose right side immediately

because this happens occasionally:


If you see this ball rolling down fast, go to the left for safety measure.




  • Impatience.
  • Standing still and waiting under the Crown when it goes up, momentum is important to race against others.
  • Give up too early, there’s a chance people mess up their run, it’s not over until it’s over.
  • Wrong timing passing through hammers.



  • Spawn location.
  • Fall over at the start when jumping into other beans.
  • Propeller(s) won’t rotate the certain way that it normally would.
  • Rolling balls might bump elsewhere and then bounce to a not-expected-direction.
  • The Crown going up when you reach the top.



  • JUMP and DIVE at the Crown, you can’t use GRAB when diving.
  • Start the round by going far left/right.
  • Hug the sidewalls of the map the entire time.
  • Grabbing other jellybeans on the run unless your intention is to help teammates and/or sabotage others.



Min 2 people ~ Max 6 people


This is currently the rarest final to get as it only accepts a few beans.



  • Know how to… GRAB a TAIL (This is top secret!)
  • Must have the TAIL when the timer runs out and only 1 TAIL for the contenders.
  • 1-second invincible if you just got the TAIL.
  • Latency has huge effect on your grab. (The higher the ping, the longer you need to hold instead of touching other jellybeans to get the TAIL)



  • This Final heavily relies on one’s mind-game ability and reflex to grab the TAIL and RUN AWAY with it.
  • If somehow you and your teammates make it to this final, do some teamwork to boost your chance. (Hold other beans back, play tag game, block da wae…)
  • Always turn on wall-hack… uh… what I mean is Show Name.



  1. If you have a tail:
    • Try to double back, do some jukes
    • Pretend you go this way then swiftly switch to another direction
    • Pretend to jump but fall down on purpose
    • Running around the middle spinning wheel
    • Jump down on any ramp to boost your speed
    • Remain vigilant
    • Spin the camera around to catch a glimpse of other jellybeans and where they’re heading to avoid that direction
    • ….
  1. If you don’t have a tail:
    • Just wait in the center of the wheel and wait for the right time then strike, use the spinning wheel speed to quickly get to wherever the TAIL is
    • Keep the person with the TAIL on your sight
    • Try to scare the person with the TAIL by standing in their path, cut them off
    • ….


When it comes to mind-game, there are endless ways to outplay other jellybeans.

Unlike the other 3, this one, you can practice your movement and mind-game ability in the regular tail tag/team tail, same skills can be applied and transferred both ways.



(Since it’s so rare to get into this map, I use the old footage when the timer was 2:00. Also you don’t have to Jump-Dive like I did, a normal Jump would suffice, I was so clumsy back then.)



  • Too many beans in 1 place and they keep switching TAIL back and forth.
  • Since latency is an unknown factor, you might get your TAIL ripped from you so far away or you grab them but don’t get the tail.



  • Run in a straight line
  • Get hit by wrecking balls unless you know where to go
  • Jump and dive over other beans’ head


In Conclusion…

You’ve read it all, congrats!

Remember to Vote-up on the top and Share this to everybody, especially anyone that hasn’t won yet or is still struggling to bring home the 👑

I do not expect people with little experience to win right away, It’s gonna be hard (but joyful) the first couple wins but will become easier the more you play, especially knowing these tips.

(Only when you get 👑 using these tips, may you come back and drop an Award for this guide to let people know that it actually helps to get those spicy 👑 !)




Should you need further help or have any feedback, leave a comment below!

(This guide will be frequently updated if I notice any change until we get a new Final)

That is all… for now…

Until then, best of luck on the path to Final!


By Funguy

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