Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes – Cheats and Exploits: Legendary Shenanigans

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes – Cheats and Exploits: Legendary Shenanigans 3 - wpgameplay.com
Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes – Cheats and Exploits: Legendary Shenanigans 3 - wpgameplay.com

Guide for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes – Cheats and Exploits: Legendary Shenanigans

Warning: If you’re going to cheat, do it against AI opponents. Don’t suck the fun out of the game for others.
This guide is a list of cheats, glitches and cheesy things you can do in the game, ranging from the fairly benign art of city spread to outright cheating. There will also be a list of basic strategies for when you don’t want to go whole hog on the cheats.

The Cheats

Based initially on Rocket!’s Elemental: Fallen Enchantress cheat list. 
To enable cheats, right click on Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes and go to properties. In the Launch Options line, type “cheat” 
The cheats largely remain the same, with a few tweaks here and there. I will also be providing tips for certain cheats on strategic uses of them. 

  • Ctrl+A: lets you choose an animation to play for the target (taking damage, defending, etc). 
  • Ctrl+B: Automatically finishes any and all city upgrades and construction attached to your city, including Outpost upgrades. Think of this as a better, free Rush for construction. Makes expanding your city towards resources much quicker and easier. 
  • Ctrl+C: Copy selected unit. Specifically, it only copies the first unit in an army. And when copying sovereigns, champions, or scions/henchmen, it copies the level they are currently at, but any traits or gear that they weren’t initially spawned with will be lost. So if you copy a level 20 Bacco who started at level 3, he’d have his hammer, but be missing 17 traits. This cheat goes really well with… 
  • Ctrl+D: Take immediate control of selected unit. City or character. Doesn’t work in Tactical combat. 
  • Ctrl+E: Grants every Champion/Sovereign you control the ability to use every spell in the game. Note that champions still cannot cast Sovereign-only spells. 
  • Ctrl+F: Have Children. Creates one or more children of your character, as well as a random character of the opposite gender as a spouse. Sometimes doesn’t work. The spouse is a level 1 general hero. When your children grow up, they become general champions as well. Or you can use 
  • Ctrl+V: Instant adulthood. What it says on the tin. One of your kids is now a full fledged champion. Repeat for the other kids. 
  • Ctrl+G: Turns the Grid on and off. Yes, that’s it. 
  • Ctrl+H: Gives 100 Mana to the faction that controls selected unit, and turns that unit into a rainbow spectacle. 
  • Ctrl+I: Selected Champion gets all equipment and items, including quest items and unit armor sets. The full armor items cannot be sold or actually worn, so trading them onto a “mule” champion (a copy works wonderfully) is the only way to get them out of your inventory. 
  • Ctrl+J: Selected City Immediately completes all training. This is your better Recruitment Rush. 
  • Ctrl+K: Kill Selected unit. Doesn’t work in tactical mode. Be careful not to use this on your Sovereign, as it will cause an immediate game over. 
  • Ctrl+L: If a target is selected, brings up lighting controls for that character. IF NO TARGET IS SELECTED, IMMEDIATE GAME OVER. 
  • Ctrl+M: Immediately gives 1000 of every resource, 100 fame, and nothing to research. 
  • Ctrl+N: Starts a new game. 
  • Ctrl+P: Grants Experience Points equal to a full level-up to Champions and Sovereigns, and half a level up to Units and Henchmen/Scions This is affected by Experience Gain increasing items and Traits, like Sovereign’s Scepter, Potential, Etc. 
  • Ctrl+R: Completes all researches, except the “Refined” ones. 
  • Ctrl+S: Quicksave. 
  • Ctrl+T: Teleports selected Character/Army to target location. Can be used in World and Tactical views. 
  • Ctrl+U: Turns the Fog of War on and off. Great in the early game for locating a good spot to settle your capital, and to easily spot those libraries to snipe early research from your opponents. NOTE: Ending your turn with the FoW off will immediately have your opponents detect you, so if you want to avoid interacting with them for as long as possible, turn it back on before ending your turn. 
  • Ctrl+W: gives any of your cities stone walls. Purely Cosmetic. 
  • Ctrl+X: Toggles the UI on and off. 
  • Ctrl+Z: Automatically ends turns. no real benefit to this one.


Glitches and tricks.

CONGA LINE, CONGA LINE, THAT RESOURCE IS MINE. Maximizing shards and resources while minimizing total city count. 
This is a relatively well-known thing, but in the options you can choose to manually place city improvements. Also, any resource node, ogre camp, or shard you have built an improvement on that is right next to a city improvement will be absorbed into that city on the turn following the end of its construction, making your enemies have to crush your city, or cast a lot of earthquake spells to destroy it. So what you can do is hopscotch two city improvements (merchant/black market, scrying pool/merchant) out to whichever node you’re after, to a maximum of eight large grid squares away from your city center. 
Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes - Cheats and Exploits: Legendary Shenanigans 

  • build your first improvement 
  • rush it or let it completely build.* 
  • build your second improvement out from your first improvement, then demolish your first improvement. 
  • rush it or let it completely build.* 
  • build your first improvement out from your second improvement, then demolish your second improvement. 
  • repeat until you reach your goal or the city limit. 
    *do note that you can use Ctrl+B instead, which can allow you to reach resource nodes within a turn if you’re good/lucky enough.

Regarding adding certain resources to your city 
Occasionally, when you go to upgrade an iron mine, Crystal quarry or shard shrine that isn’t yet absorbed into your city, but is directly next to an improvement, if you have the manual placement option active, you can “accidentally build a second upgrade of that building as well as the one you get for hitting the “build” button. So you can potentially have two air temples on the same space, for example. Or Foundries. 
Snaking, the Monument, and your foes never getting any shards, iron or anything ever again. 
If you snake with the Monument, every empty spot that it was built upon will still count as a monument for the purposes of Zone of Control size. Snaking a long way with it will allow you to cover the ENTIRE MAP in your influence with just a single city, if you’re dedicated enough. Enemies cannot take control of nodes within your Zone of control, and their zones will never expand because your Control is so much higher than theirs. 
EMPIRES, CORRUPTION, AND DEATH SPELLS. Because face it, 50 growth is way better than 5. 
Corruption is a World Spell that allows you to transform any shard in your Zone of Control into a death shard 
Some of the best death spells (Morrigan’s call, Wither, Dirge of Ceresa) get more powerful with extra shards. 
However, turning as many shards into Death shards as possible, when great spells like Falling Star exist, is counter productive. 
BUT, if you cast Corruption on a constructed altar/shrine/temple already within your city, something funky happens upon building the death altar. you can upgrade it multiple times, each time spawning a duplicate death shard, to what seems to be a random limit. 
Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes - Cheats and Exploits: Legendary Shenanigans 
Case in point, this is one city, with a single fire shard (that got split by the duplicate resource trick mentioned above). I turned ONE of those fire shrines into a death shard, then into a death altar, then into no less than FIFTY. FOUR shrines. One casting of this spell is enough to put you out waaay ahead. 

Building a better Troll Faction – Alignment, Race, and Benefits

When it comes to breaking the game over your knee with the aforementioned cheats, glitches, and sneaky moves, not all factions are created equal. Here’s a breakdown and reasoning why from personal experience. 
Empire. The Life spells are good, don’t get me wrong, but with the Corruption exploit, Spells like Blood Sigil and Pit of Madness get seriously stupid (your enemy dealing NO damage if they attack a Blood Sigil’d city, for example). They also get Sions, which are excellent commanders. 

  • Amarians. – Primary selling point for them is their stat bump from shards. Specifically the Initiative one. With the double shrine trick they can get crazy fast, well, crazy fast. Also Soul Spark is ridiculous when a level 50+ Amarian squad is tossing it. This race 
  • The Dead – I know, I know. “The Dead? The -2 Initiative Dead? Top Tier?” Yes, but only as an empire. The reason? The Undying Curse Trait. Slap it on a Sion, save it as new, train it, make him a Commander, powerlevel him to max his traits, and feed him foes. Then laugh as the Research and Gildar perks are multiplied by six for just a single unit. Three groups of six can also make the basic militia in your cities into freight trains of unstoppable death.


  • Men – Specifically in Kingdoms. Henchmen are the kingdom version of Sions, and just as busted at high levels.


  • Wraiths – Dodge is great in combat situations, and Wraith touch scales to level. 
  • Mancers – The extra move is good for teleport sniping Lost Libraries with your commander and chewing through battles fast, and the accuracy per level stacking with Discipline and Champion’s Helm can do wonders with a Rend build. Just really decent.

The other races are not bad by any stretch, but they don’t bring anything to the dirty pool table. 
WE ALL HAVE THINGS WE’RE GOOD AT – Faction Strengths and Weaknesses 
So, you’re going to make a cheese faction, but you need to figure out which strengths are REALLY worth it with all this power at your fingertips. Never fear, I am here. 

  • Free Research Strengths – Adepts, Civics, Scholars, Warriors: These can generally be avoided as they just give a free tech to start, except maaaybe Scholars for that +10% Research bonus if you’re not auto-researching everything immediately. 
  • Different Weapon Strengths – Archers, Assa*sins Tools, Defensive, Enchanters, Axe Mastery, Great Hammers, Wanderlust – Generally not that great, though Assa*sins tools does pack a sword with Backswing that can make Sions and Henchmen into absolute nightmares. Archers should also be mentioned, as the Ram’s Horn Longbow on an Assa*sin Sion can handle armies pretty easily. The extra quests that Wanderlust provide aren’t all that impressive or useful. BUT YOU DEFINITELY WANT ENCHANTERS FOR THE SCRYING POOLS. Free City Enchantment slots are always good. 
  • Spell Unlocks – Betrayers, Death Worship, Flesh Bound Tome, The Decalon, Gravetouched – No. Ctrl+E is all that is needed for anyone to cast everything, including item spells. 
  • New Units – Binding, Cult of a Hundred Eyes – Binding is okay since the Crow Demons have spears that deal damage with levels 
  • World Influencers – Heroics, Legacy of Serrane, Master Smiths, Slave Lord, Stealth, Undead – Mostly useless, Undead would be good for it’s lack of unit Wages, except everything else about it is pretty terrible, including not being able to get rid of the farm tiles. 
  • Unit Modifiers – Lucky, Master Scouts, Quick, Tough, Warrior Caste – The only Bad one here is Warrior Caste because the level cheat exists. Lucky and Quick are both amazing for being in combat, as any Initiative boost is good, and the 25% accuracy and dodge synergize spectacularly with Acrobat and Discipline Traits. Master Scouts makes it so your units can get their full movement out of every action no matter the terrain, whether that’s sniping quests, wiping groups, or invading cities from a hill. Tough isn’t bad or good, though a Town or two with Guild Grocers can easily stand in for it. 
  • The Armors – Masterwork Chain and Light Plate – They’re free. Take one, or both if you feel like it. 
  • Weaknesses – Honestly, it’s up to personal preference what to take if you’re going for four. I personally avoid Weakness to Magic, No Armor, and Uneducated most of the time.

My personal go-to loadout for an Empire is Amarians or Undead with Lucky, Enchanters, Master Scouts, Quick(Amarians), Binding(Undead), and Rebels for the Weakness. For a Kingdom, Men, with Enchanters, Lucky, Master Scouts, either Quick, Assa*sins Tools, or Archers with Rebels for the Weakness. 

Meet the New Boss, Lame as the Old Boss

So now the final piece of the puzzle. How do you kit out your leader for maximum cheesy goodness. 
Well, I’ll let you in on a secret. It doesn’t really matter. Most of their strengths and weaknesses, when measured against the sheer cheese that you can now put out, are just inconsequential. Don’t believe me? Let’s go through it all. 
The spells 
Unless you’re actively avoiding the Ctrl+E all magic cheat, the only spells you really need to worry about in general are Earth, FIre, and the Allegiance specific one. All of these can come on non-Sovereign champions. Most of the Sovereign Only spells are either not locked to an elemental discipline, acquired through research or a quest, or come as a part of a Faction Strength like Death Worship or Graveseal. 
Armorer, Noble, Warlord, and Warlock. These are the only ones that aren’t made obsolete by a cheat. Noble and Warlord are both mitigated somewhat in that if you’re cheating with the rush cheats or max research/resources, they become useless. So Armorer and Warlock are the only halfway decent ones. The former for it’s defense buff to EVERYONE, and the latter for increasing your Sovereign’s spell damage. 
Anything per season or per level is good, with Hardy losing some ground if you’re playing Undead. Sovereign Bond is good because extra Sovereign spells, if you need them. Tactician isn’t terrible, unless you plan on making your Sovereign a Commander. Cautious, Might, Wealthy, Treasure Hunter, Lifeblood and Misandry are all weak. Might is outcla*sed by the fact that there are a few weapons – and armor pieces – that increase damage with character level. 
Provided you’re actually going to NEED that seventh point, take Weak or Cowardly. It shouldn’t matter if you’re going whole hog anyway. 
DOESN’T. MATTER. Ctrl+I and pick your poison. 
*Cough* Bacco’s Hammer *cough cough* 

You’re a terrible person and so am I

So there you have it. Every tip, cheat, and shenanigan I can think of. Now go use these and feel bad about doing so. Or don’t, I ain’t your nanny. 

Written by R10is

Thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes – Cheats and Exploits: Legendary Shenanigans helped you somehow. If you believe we forget to add something or update the post with more information, please let us know via comment below! See you soon!

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