Farm Together – Experiences on XP

Farm Together – Experiences on XP 13 -
Farm Together – Experiences on XP 13 -
This guide will give you some keys to understand how XP works in farm together, and some other useful informations



I played a lot to farm together in the last months, and as I have less creativity for my personal fun, i would like to give some information on how things work in this game. I have to admit, I love mathematics, and I also love to plan the development of my farms. And I did not find a lot of information on how things work, so I took some time to understand all this and give you here the answers I found. 
Please, notice that : 
i did not verify every single number in this guide, a lot is just an estimation or approximation, as i dont have the formulae used by devs. If someone has them, I would be happy to have this information and will update the guide with them. 
This guide is written in may 2021, things can change with new update of the game. 
For the moment, i only give values for “normal” map. If there are enough people asking, I’ll try to make the same work for the “hard” map (the flat one). 
Farm Together - Experiences on XP 
This game is a farming game, meaning the basic principle is to do and do again actions to earn experience and upgrade your farm. There is 3 type of experience to earn : 
Farmer experience 
Farm experience 
Items experience
Farm and farmer experience are earned for most of the actions made in the game, from planting crops, plowing earth, harvesting, fishing,ect… 
They are separated for 3 reasons : 
– you can have more than one farm, so the farmer experience is cumulative with all your farms. 
– your farmer earn experience for the same actions when you go to another player’s farm, 
– Other player working on your farm will earn xp, even handfarmer will give xp for your farm 

I – Farmer experience

You can see your farmer experience in the star on the upper left corner : 
Farm Together - Experiences on XP 
You earn experience for a lot of actions in the game (but not all) : 

  • plowing earth (1 xp), 
  • planting crops , 
  • harvesting crop, 
  • planting tree, 
  • harvesting tree, 
  • planting flower, 
  • harvesting flower, 
  • buying animals, 
  • harvesting animals, 
  • creating each square of pond, 
  • fishing, 
  • puting any building from the market, 
  • sell products, 
  • finish a mission.

To know the xp earned for each action you just have to read precisely the description of each item : 
Farm Together - Experiences on XP 
Arrow 1 : you need 580 diamonds to buy the spice bazaar, and you’ll earn 1160 xp when you buy it. 
Arrow 2 : you’ll earn 100 diamonds and 100 xp when you sell 180 spices 
The farmer progression seems to follow the values on this guide, but i didn’t check it, as i have few interest on that point : 
The farmer leveling unlock few things : 
it gives a bigger fuel tank to your tractor 
it unlocks new customizations for your farmer, tractor and pet 

II – Farm experience

The farms leveling follow this progression to level 100 (checked as i could, might have few differences) : 
Farm Together - Experiences on XP 
You can read this data like that : 
At level 1, to reach level 2 you need 200 xp. You will earn 2000 coins and 10 diamonds when you reach the new level. The cumul give you the number of xp needed to reach directly the next level beginning at level 1. So, to reach level 10, from level 1, you’ll need 11.800 xp. 
With the farm leveling, you unlock a lot of things : 
ability to unlock new parcel of the map (see the data about map unlocking) 
new crops/trees/fishes/animals/flowers 
new buildings 
new decorations 
bigger tank for gas stations 
Farm Together - Experiences on XP 
Need some XP ? 😀 

III – Items experience

Each type of item has its own experience values. You’ll find all the values to level 100. As for farm experience, you have the cumul that give you the number needed to go from level 1 to the next level. 
Farm Together - Experiences on XP 
Farm Together - Experiences on XP 
The things are really simple with items : you earn exactly 1 point each time you harvest an item. No other action give any xp considering them, and the boost doesnt affect that. 
For example, for crops, at level 15, you need to harvest 86 crops to go to level 16. And from level 1, you’ll need to harvest 704 crops to go directly to level 16. 
Each level adds 2% to the benefits. It makes a big difference for crops, as you have to take the difference between the selling price and the buying price. The buying price does not affect the other items, but it also takes the food price for animals. In consequence, the levelling has less effect on crops and animals. 
If you need precise values about the prices and the effect of the levelling, you can use this data, i personally use it a lot : 
For a lot of items, in order to unlock them, you’ll need to reach a precise level in another item in addition to the farm level conditions. You can read the conditions in the description of all the hidden items you miss. 
Farm Together - Experiences on XP 

IV – The boost

The boost is the flash timer that appears when you work on another player’s farm. You earn time for the boost for the following actions made on another player’s farm : 
harvesting any crop/tree/fish/animal/flower 
planting cropsonly if it’s needed for a mission 
making actions in houses (painting, playing piano or cooking) 
If one of these actions helps to fulfill a mission you will earn two times more time for your boost. 
Farm Together - Experiences on XP 
You’ll begin to use your boost time when returning on your farm. The boost has 2 effects : 
it add 20% to the benefits for any harvesting 
you’ll earn two times more xp on any of these actions. 
Farm Together - Experiences on XP 
It applied only on harvesting items (crops, trees, animals, fishes and flowers). 
the boost affect the farmer’s xp and the farm’s xp. 
It doesnt affect items leveling. 
It doesn’t add anything on plowing, planting, building,…

V – Unlocking the map

I add data about unlocking map, as i find it really usefull : 
Farm Together - Experiences on XP 
You need to have your farm at the level (or more) in the “level” column and have enough diamonds to unlock a new parcel. As usual, the column “cumul” gives you the sum of diamonds you’ll need to go from 1st parcel directly to this one. 
I hope all these informations will be useful for you. Do not hesitate to say if you think that any other information could be added in this guide. 

And don’t forget, have fun !

Farm Together - Experiences on XP 

Written by China

This is all that we can say about Farm Together – Experiences on XP for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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