Farming Simulator 19 – Mahindra Retriever 1000 – Unique machine

Farming Simulator 19 – Mahindra Retriever 1000 – Unique machine 17 -
Farming Simulator 19 – Mahindra Retriever 1000 – Unique machine 17 -

Guide for Farming Simulator 19 – Mahindra Retriever 1000 – Unique machine

Useful and cheap helper for beginners and fun techniques for experienced players.
English to Russian translation. (Translation errors are possible)


About her

This machine is an addition to the pre-order game-Farming Simulator 19.
(Already hacked and can just be downloaded.)

There will be no more download links in this guide.

Specifications :
Engine power: 8З l.c. ; (Comparable with the first tractors.)
Maximum speed: 97 km per hour; (The fastest equipment after the pickup, but cheaper by 2 times and has more functionality.)
Price: 17,800; (Cheaper than a pickup.)
Trailer capacity: 460 l. (A bit, but still.)
img 5faf4118486b4 wpgameplay com

What is special, and how to use it wisely?

Her features

1)The first feature of it is –
img 5faf4122f3751 wpgameplay com
And Yes, it is a trailer mount, but what is shown in the picture.
img 5faf4132a33c6 wpgameplay com
And if you still need a tractor mount? Then the adapter will help you. –
img 5faf41413513b wpgameplay com

2)The second feature – This is her trailer with a capacity of 460 liters.-
img 5faf414c0ef74 wpgameplay com
And having the function of a dump truck will help you unload something loose in the right place for you.

If you just started playing on the map

For those who have just started to play on the map and have already acquired everything you need, this machine will help you transport equipment to the place of your first farm.
Its unique speed and power [/ u] will help in the shortest possible time to deliver the necessary initial things to the new farm.
Therefore, I recommend to buy it immediately after the start of the game.

If you are a farmer

Those who are faster than the others could get used to farm with Mahinda and gathered the first harvest. One mysterious question- ” How to carry a trailer with the goods.”
The answer is simple – MAHINDRA. Her strength will be enough to deliver your first cargo for sale.
img 5faf41593548b wpgameplay com
– “Did you buy a bigger trailer?”
– “It does not matter! MAHINDRA, and here will help you! –
img 5faf41674c11f wpgameplay com
– “Need to plant something?”
– “Use the adapter shown above” –
img 5faf41747524f wpgameplay com
– “Do you need fertilizer?”
– “Not a word more!” –
img 5faf418311cc6 wpgameplay com

And what if you’re a breeder?

For livestock breeders, this is also useful.
Transporting purchased feed can help you a little –img 5faf41911d84d wpgameplay com

And the most agile can transport boxes and in this form –
img 5faf419fc14cf wpgameplay com

img 5faf41af124fb wpgameplay com

And what if you are a woodcutter?

And in this case, our car can help you even a little.
For example, in the transport of short logs –img 5faf41bddb3ef wpgameplay com

img 5faf41cc18c55 wpgameplay com

And where is the physics and the absurd?

Since the game is new and the physics of technology and surfaces is still bad, you can climb almost on steep mountains with the help of this technique. –img 5faf41dc62c70 wpgameplay com

You can also admire the abnormal fastening technology –
img 5faf41ea9a6d1 wpgameplay com

img 5faf418311cc6 wpgameplay com

Mahindra Outcome

In conclusion, we can summarize –
1. Uniqueness. You can boast that there is a miracle unit.
2. The machine is useful for all types of players.
3. Helps at the start of the game.

Thank you for reading this guide. Drawn up based on personal opinion about technology.


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