Farming Simulator 19 – Start From Scratch – Estancia Lapacho[MOD] – Optimal Fields

Farming Simulator 19 – Start From Scratch – Estancia Lapacho[MOD] – Optimal Fields 1 -
Farming Simulator 19 – Start From Scratch – Estancia Lapacho[MOD] – Optimal Fields 1 -

Guide for Farming Simulator 19 – Start From Scratch – Estancia Lapacho[MOD] – Optimal Fields

A brief rundown of the best first fields to buy when playing Start From Scratch mode on the Estancia Lapacho Map.
Note: This map is a downloadable mod. It does not come with the vanilla game.



When playing Start From Scratch, you only have $500,000 to begin. With even the cheapest field on the map running at $111,336, it’s obviously important to pick a good field to start with.
First, we have to determine the equipment costs. After testing, I’ve determined that the harvesting 1 field will not pay the lease cost on equipment to buy our equipment instead of leasing.
Italicized items are for grain harvest, underlined for corn/sunflower, and bold are for baling. The normal text indicates it is used for either application.

Finz Bizon Super Z056Harvester$84,000
New Holland TX 32 Harvester W/Chaff$100,000
Finz Zo56HGrain Harvest Head$27,000
Cappello Quasar F4Corn/Sunflower Harvest Head$17,000
New Holland Tx 32 HeaderGrain Harvest Head W/Chaff$17,000
Fiat 1300DTTractor$59,000
Fortschritt HW 80Trailer (10,750L)$8,500
Rau Polymag 300Cultivator$7,000
Amazone D8 30Grain Seeder$13,000
Amazone ED 3000-CCorn/Sunflower Planter$27,000
New Holland RollBelt 150Baler$49,000
Fliegl SchmetterlingBale Carrier$2,000
BigBag SeedSeed$900
TOTAL COST GRAIN$199,400$300,600 remaining
TOTAL COST of CORN/SUNFLOWER$203,400$296,600 remaining
TOTAL COST BALING$271,400$228,600 remaining

I picked the Fortschritt HW 80 over the Strautman SEK 802, even though it’s slightly more expensive because it has more than twice the carrying capacity as the base model SEK 802. To get the same equivalent capacity in the SEK 802 would cost $11,000 (halfway between the 8k and 12k capacities)
In case you’re wondering why potatoes, beets, and cotton are not on the list, it’s because the starting equipment for those requires more than $500,000.
This eliminates all but fields 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 11, 16, and 25.

  • Field 7 is the largest at 9.69 Acres. It seems like a great deal, at only $285,576, or $29,471 per acre. However, you’d be unable to afford baling equipment. So your first crop of Soybean will bring in about $53,886. And the best second harvest is Canola at $54,186.
  • Field 2 is the next largest (alongside field 3) with 8.06 Acres. For only $216,576, or 26,870/acre, it’s an amazing deal. The first harvest of Barley will bring a whopping average of $75,425. 2nd harvest average income of Oat at $78,036.
  • Field 3 is the third option, also running at 8.06 Acres. $218,736, or $27,138 per acre. The first and second crops of Oat will bring an average of $78,036 each. This is a better deal than Field 2, barely. First harvest income offsets the slightly higher field cost with an extra average of $451.
  • Field 8 is the last option worth considering. 7.78 Acres for $244,007 or $31,363/acre. The first crop of Corn would bring $43,420. The best second harvest of Sunflower would be $43,731.


Comparison of Table

FieldCostAcresCost/AcreCropAvg. First Harvest IncomeBest 2nd Harvest Income
Field 7$285,5769.69$29,471Soybean$53,886$54,186 Canola
Field 2$216,5768.06$26,870Barley$75,425$78,036 Oat
Field 3$274,2728.06$27,138Oat$78,036$78,036 Oat
Field 8$244,0077.78$31,363Corn$43,420$43,731 Sunflower


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