Farming Simulator 19 – The Ultimate FS19 Easter Egg Guide

Farming Simulator 19 – The Ultimate FS19 Easter Egg Guide 1 -
Farming Simulator 19 – The Ultimate FS19 Easter Egg Guide 1 -

Guide for Farming Simulator 19 – The Ultimate FS19 Easter Egg Guide

After seeing the popularity of the Giants Easter Egg guide I created, I’ve decided to talk about even MORE Easter Eggs that I’ve found!
Please note: this is a work in progress. Check back now and then to see if I’ve added more stuff.
Also note: these are in the two of Farming Simulator’s default maps, Ravenport and Felsbrunn.


Felsbrunn eggs (part 1)

Okay, I’ll start with an easy one…
A Christian Ammann will own some of the fields. This guy is a real person, who is the founder of… Giants Software!
In the town square, next to the church, is a stack of statues like the statues of Bremen’s musicians, from the fairy tale and the REAL one actually in Bremen, which, ironically, is in Germany where the map is set.
In the new farmer mode, if you go to the barn next to the house (not the one in front of it), you will find a bulletin board. One has an ad of a celebration at a castle, which is probably at the one close to the farm, and there’s also a Lizard ad on there as well.
If you go inside the farmhouse, the walls are aligned with pictures. Some of them include a picture of Goldcrest Valley and Sosnovka from FS17.
Also in the farmhouse is a computer. Look at the screen more closely. It’s a scene from Giants Editor, which is showing…well, your farm!
By the town square, near the church, all the posters on the bulletin board are flying.

Ravenport eggs (part 2)

There are pictures on the wall in the farmhouse, which are the same as the German farmhouse.
There’s a tile in a black bucket at the construction site that has the words “Farming Simulator” on it. It’s tiny, so you’ll have to crouch to see it (the standard one is LEFT CRTL).
The lighthouse has a sign near it that says it’s called Dolphin Point Lighthouse. It also says it’s in California, which explains the surfboard shop and the surfboard in your house.
All the pallets have the initials “FS” on it. I’m pretty sure you’ll know what that stands for quickly.
The big highway that loops around fields 4 and 5, Route 242, is the same highway from FS17 in Goldcrest Valley.
If you find a pair of headphones, if you look at it closely, you’ll find that it says, “Can You Hear Me!?” on the side.
Near the lighthouse is a windmill. If you drive to it and go inside, there’s a trapdoor. Fall through it, and you will arrive at a chill cave with beach chairs & and a radio.*
At the default farm that you start within new farmer mode, there is a mountain with a shack directly east of your farm. Go to the shack, and discover the old, busted (probably by the hammer that you can pick up on it) Jet Set Farming 2148 arcade game!**
If you go behind the Spinnery, if you look VERY closely at the gas box next to the ladder & bucket, it says GIANTS FARMING.
Also, in the spinner, if you go through the garage door with the boxes next to it, turn left and go through the other stack of boxes, and you’ll find a tic-tac-toe game.
Very close to the spinner is a pond. On the side closest to the road, there is a wrecked car. There are also tire marks on the road leading down to it, too.
At the surfboard/garden center, close to the dolphin statues, there is a flying box.
At the beach near the end of the map, there’s a wrecked boat.
Any house on the map with a flag on top is actually a normal flagpole but is just inside the house.
(You can find it by buying a building, sign, etc., and positioning the camera in front of the house.)
Also: When you have Lumberjack Mod on, you can stand really close to a pack of seeds, pick it up, walk with it, and you should fly in the air. You can go really high!
(Note: works in all maps)

Vehicles (part 3)

In the Ponnse Buffalo log loader, when you change the driving direction, the GPS has a picture of the Felsbrunn map.
In some tractors, like the Case IH Puma, the radio station will be “Giants FM. Likewise, the Fendt Favorit 500most of the tractors c have a clock in them, which tells the game time.


Thank you for reading the guide! I hope you’ll be motivated to hunt for more Easter Eggs!
You can tell me in the comments section.
Thanks again!
Big thanks to these Steam Players that pointed out some of these Easter Eggs and told me about it!

LAGarn – Shared the windmill chill cave Easter Egg in Ravenport.
Hunter – Shared the shack with the Jet Set Farming 2148 arcade game in Ravenport.

Happy Hunting!

By ho-tee

This is all that we can say about Farming Simulator 19 – The Ultimate FS19 Easter Egg Guide for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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