Farming Tractor Simulator – Official Guide

Farming Tractor Simulator – Official Guide 3 -
Farming Tractor Simulator – Official Guide 3 -

Guide for Farming Tractor Simulator – Official Guide

What is Farming Tractor Simulator?
What is Ploughed?
What is Seeder?
What is Sprayer?
What is Harvester?
How to perform different tasks and activities in this game?

Farming Tractor Simulator:

Farming Tractor Simulator - Official Guide - Farming Tractor Simulator: 
Basically, in this game you can do tractor driving simulator practice by using modern and latest technologies. It will give you real-time modern methods of farming crops for better agriculture experience. 
Growing and cultivation of crops from damage done by following phases: 
Firstly, write your name and select the person and click the next button. Please drive tractor plougher to attach plougher on back of your tractor. 


Used for cutting furrows and breaking up soil so that roots of crops can penetrate the soil easily. 


Used for sowing seeds mechanically. 


Used for spray to pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides as a means of crops quality control. 


Used for gathers crops as a harvest. 

In Game tasks and activities:

 Go to any fresh field to start ploughing, fields from 1 to 6 are fresh fields. Farming Tractor Simulator - Official Guide 
You can set any destination by opening and set marker to field as you want. 
 Open Map, the color in circle represent field status and in the rectangle below the circle represents field types. F indicates field, H indicates home, S indicates shop and arrow indicates the current position. 
 In this game total fields are 18, in which: 
• Fresh fields are 5 i.e. cotton, wheat, corn, and 2 fields of sugarcane. 
• Seeded fields are 5 i.e. wheat, rice, corn, and 2 fields of sunflower. 
• Soiled fields are 5 i.e. corn, wheat, rice, cotton and sugarcane. 
• Sprayed fields are 3 i.e. rice, cotton, sunflower. 
 The mission starts, when you reach the field that you select on map, so you have to complete ploughing task in the given time. When you done 85% of it, mission will be successful. The same method follow to plough all remaining fields. Without it, you are unable to own the seeder. 
 The next step is add seeder to buy seeds from shop. In this game six shops are available and each shop has all 6 field types. You can buy according to desired crop. 
 Wherever, you purchase seeds from shop and you don’t need them, then you can place these seeds in farming store and if you need cash then you can sell these seeds in best highest amount which is profitable. 
 In Timer, seeds prices will be updated in every five minutes. The green arrows indicates update prices and red arrows indicates that the shop price still not updated. 
 If you take right crop to the field, the dialogue box hints you that mission start and if not then it hints wrong matched. 
 Note: If you don’t have enough cash to buy seeds, then you can convert silver coins in to cash. 
 The same method follow in case of sprayer and harvester. But during harvesting, if you don’t have enough cash then you have to convert gold coins in to cash. 
 You can also buy new tractor anytime when you have enough money to afford it. 
 In currency, if you don’t have cash then silver and gold coins can convert in to cash. Silver coins used for plougher, seeder, sprayer and Gold coins can get after harvester as a reward. 

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