Football Tactics & Glory – Best Tactics and Tips for Beginners – 2021

Football Tactics & Glory – Best Tactics and Tips for Beginners – 2021 1 -
Football Tactics & Glory – Best Tactics and Tips for Beginners – 2021 1 -
Last updated: 2021-03-16.

This guide was first composed with the vanilla Football, Tactics & Glory game and completed on 2020-08-31. The DLC Football Stars make some information obsolete, but most of the tips should still apply.

——– ——– ——– ——–
This guide is created to explain the in-game economic system, and help players with developing their club and team.

I have acquired the following facts through data an*lysis and/or controlled experiments. Please feel free to share any additional facts you have learned!

All of the data I’ve collected so far:

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Quick Reference: Important Dates

First transfer window: 07/15 – 08/31 
Winter break (for premier league & continental cup participants): 12/24 – 01/31 
Second transfer window: 02/01 – 02/28 
Summer break (for premier league & continental cup participants): 06/14 – 07/14 

Contract Extension Cost

1. Contract extension cost is related only to the level of the player and nothing else. I have collected ALL the contract extension costs on Normal difficulty level. On Hard difficulty the extension cost is multiplied by exactly 1.5x; On Easy difficulty it’s multiplied by 0.6x. Go to the google sheet below for the detailed correlation between the 1-yr extension price and footballer level: 
-> Tab: Extension Price 
2. At any given level, the cost for extending the contract for 2 years is exactly 2.3x that of extending for 1 year, meaning that the money you pay a footballer for his second year in a 2/3-year contract is 1.3x the 1-year contract extension cost. 
3. Similarly, the cost for extending the contract for 3 years is exactly 3.9x that of extending for 1 year, meaning that the money you pay a footballer for his third year in a 3-year contract is 1.6 x the money the 1-year contract extension cost. 
4. Generally, your starting lineup and main substitutes are worth extending for 3 years, while your more niche substitutes are better to be extended for 1 year at a time. However, watch out not to extend footballers past Age 33. 
5. Once a level 99 footballer reaches level 100, his extension price skyrockets from 3,773K to 9,675K (1yr, on Normal). But their 2/3-yr extension price is still 2.6/3.9x the 1-yr extension price. Always extend your Lv100 footballers by 1 year. 
—-5.1. It’s best to extend your footballers above Lv 95 by 3 years so that you don’t need to extend them for a while at Lv 100. If you have Lv 98/99 footballers that have just a few months above 1 year left and the current transfer window has closed, ]it might be advantageous to put them in the reserve squad so you can extend them by 3 years in the next transfer window at Lv 99 instead of 100. 

Two Noteworthy Footballer Cla*ses Worth Extending Past Age 33

There are two cla*ses of footballers that could be as just useful at Age 40 as they were at Age 21. Although the stamina of all footballers decrease as they pa*s Age 30, these two cla*ses don’t rely on their stamina in a match. 
1. Goalkeepers (GK): If you have a really high level GK with desirable skill combination (like Playing Out + Reaction), you may want to keep using him in your lineup. This is because a GK hardly spends his stamina performing actions in matches. In addition, as long as he doesn’t leave the goal, he never has a chance to be tackled and injured. 
2. Made obsolete by the new giftedness system introduced in the Football Stars DLC. Header specialist (aka Lv.4 Headplay CF): One of the best scorers, and as of 2020-07-30, his heading ability doesn’t depend on stamina at all! When a footballer is fully exhausted, his four stats all reduce to 1, but his heading ability stays the same. Just don’t let him hold the ball during the opponent’s turn and don’t let him tackle others, because an exhausted footballer is really prone to injury when tackled or cards when tackling. 
3. Consider extending these two cla*ses of footballers to Age 36 by first extending them to Age 33, and extending for 3 years when it’s time to extend them again at Age 33. 
4. After Age 34, you can no longer extend a footballer using Money. However, you can still extend him to Age 40 using your Glory, when he has fewer than 1 yr left in his contract. Depending on the level of the footballer, it costs 50, 100 or 150 Glory per year. 

Footballer Value / Sale Price

0. Watch out for transfer windows! You cannot buy or sell footballer outside of the two transfer windows, so if a footballer will turn 33 or 34 after a transfer window closes, sell him on the last day of the transfer window. 
The overall equation for a footballer’s sale price is roughly: 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
[ (level_amount + skill_level_amount) * age_multiplier + specialization_level_multiplier] * fan_favourite_multiplier_if_any * club_interest_multiplier 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
1. Firstly, the value^ of a footballer is most significantly determined by his level. I have not yet compiled an exhaustive list of level value–there is simply too much data left to collect. You can see the completed part of my table at the Google Sheet. I’d appreciate if anyone can contribute to this. 
-> Tab: Level Value 
Note that the level amount is multiplied by age (see #3 below). 
(^ If unspecified, footballer value refers to his “cost” at High interest level) 
2. Secondly, skill level adds a flat amount on top of the level amount in #1. This amount is also multiplied by age. For those interested, please see [Appendix 1] for the value of each skill level. 
3. (Tested applicable to Football Stars DLC) Thirdly, footballer age acts as a multiplier: the older the footballer, the less he is worth. Month and day don’t matter: being 29 yr and 11 mo old is the same as being 29 yr and 1 mo old. On his birthday, a fraction of a footballer’s (level_amount + skill_amount) is subtracted. For those interested, please see [Appendix 2] for the list of age multipliers. 
—-3.1. Although a footballer loses some of his value almost every year, he loses the most by far when he turns 32 -> 33. This loss in value is so large that even the +70% value specialization cannot make up for it. In general, try to sell your footballer before he turns 33, unless a) he is vital to your tactics or b) you can train an additional skill that is worth more than his current value [Appendix 1]. 
—-3.2. You cannot sell a footballer once he turns 34. If you have any plans to make money off a footballer, you must sell him during the last transfer window before he turns 34. If you miss this final transfer window, he cannot be sold. 
4. Fourthly, every specialization level adds a flat amount to a footballer’s value, NOT affected by footballer age as of Football Stars DLC, this amount is now reduced proportionally by age. For those interested, please see [Appendix 3] for the approximate value of each specialization level. 
—-4.1. For lower league teams, pay special attention to specialization level 2->3: it increases a footballer’s value (38,000) almost as much as training skill lv 1->2 (42,200*Age) and takes much shorter. If you want to make more money, try to develop a footballer to specialization level 3 before selling. 
5. Fifthly, this is straightforward: Two fan favourite specializations multiplies a footballer’s value by 1.3 and 1.7, respectively. (Note that the +70% specialization only adds 40% on top of the previous specialization). Start working on that specialization tree once your star player turns 30. 
6. (Tested applicable to Football Stars DLC) Finally, interest from other clubs acts as a huge short-term multiplier to the sale price of your footballers. 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
Using the value at High interest as 100%: 
Sale price at Average interest = 70% Value 
Sale price at Low interest = 15% Value 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
—-6.1. If you wish to make money off a footballer in a given transfer window, the matches in a transfer window might not be enough to get a footballer from Low to High interest, unless you can make him the MVP most of the matches. However, it is worthwhile to get him to at least Average interest before selling him. Just let him attend a few matches should do the trick. 
7. Injury and suspension do NOT affect the selling price of a footballer. Don’t be concerned that your footballer gets injured before you want to sell him! On that note, injury and suspension stay with a footballer after being transferred to another team. 
8. One last thing: If you sell a footballer who has fewer than 2 months contract left, the sell price will be his value calculated above, minus the 1 year extension price. This means you don’t lose money for extending a footballer who has red contract (unless his value is zero which is actually negative), even if you sell him right away. If he levels up before you sell him, you actually make some money by extending him by 1 year. 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
Appendix 1. Value for Each Skill Level 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
Following values a*sume Age 21 (100%): 
Level 1: 42,160 
Level 2: 178,000 (+136,000 from level 1) 
Level 3: 750,000 (+572,000 from level 2) 
Level 4: 1,500,000 (+750,000 from level 3) 
Level 5: 2,250,000 (+750,000 from level 4) 
Level 6: 3,380,000 (+1,130,000 from level 5) 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
Appendix 2. Age Multiplier (if you feel like a calculator) 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
Using footballer value at Age 21 as 100%: 
16-17: 130% 
18-19: 120% 
20. 110% 
21-24: 100% 
25-26: 90% 
27-28: 80% 
29. 70% 
30. 60% 
31. 50% 
32. 40% 
33. 15% 
3. and above: 0% (i.e. only specialization levels count. However, as footballer over 34 years old cannot be sold, it’s no longer relevant) 
*Usually the final price is higher than the calculated value using these multipliers. This is due to specialization level value which is not affected by Age. 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
Appendix 3. Value for Each Specialization Level 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
Value NOT affected by age: 
1. 1,000 (+1,000 from level 0) 
2. 4,000 (+3,000 from level 1) 
3. 42,000 (+38,000 from level 2) 
4. 76,000 (+34,000 from level 3) 
5. 110,000 (+34,000 from level 4) 
6. 144,000 (+34,000 from level 5) 
7. 178,000 (+34,000 from level 6) 
8. 321,000 (+143,000 from level 7) 
9. 465,000 (+144,000 from level 8) 
10. 609,000 (+144,000 from level 9) 
11. 753,000 (+144,000 from level 10) 
1. and above: [No Data yet] 

Transfer Costs / Buying Price

Many thanks to the dev @_K_o_S_ for his contribution to this section!  
0. As an alternative play style, it is entirely viable to forgo upgrading your Youth Academy, and rely on getting new blood from the transfer market. 
———————– ———————– ———————– ———————– 
Personal List 
———————– ———————– ———————– ———————– 
1. The Money transfer cost of a footballer on your Personal List equals his value at high interest. This means you will usually earn money if you buy a footballer off your Personal List and give him enough match time to get to high interest level before selling him. 
2. The transfer cost of a footballer can be temporarily higher (+20%) if there is another club negotiating with him. Also, negotiation from the other club does NOT guarantee that he will be bought after the negotiation ends — the club might decide to buy another footballer instead. 
3. As mentioned above, Injury and suspension do NOT affect the purchase cost of a footballer. 
———————– ———————– ———————– ———————– 
Global List 
———————– ———————– ———————– ———————– 
4. A footballer on the Global List always costs more Money than his value (twice as much, more or less). A footballer from a higher league does NOT necessarily cost more in Money than one of similar abilities from a lower league. 
5. Footballers from higher leagues cost more Glory than those from lower leagues. Within a given league, the Glory transfer cost to negotiate a footballer consists of two elements: 
1. To persuade the club to sell you (the more important the player to their club, the more Glory you will pay). 
2. To persuade the footballer to join your club (the lower your league and your rank in the league, the more Glory you will pay). Therefore, it makes sense to buy a footballer when you know that your current position is the highest possible in the transfer window, like 1st place in your current league. 
6. To buy footballers from leagues that are lower than your current league, the Glory cost is almost negligible. 

Tips on Specialisation Levels

1. Specialisation xp (Sxp) can only be earned in match. Spending the entire match on the field gives 5xp, and footballers that are subbed-in or -out gains a proportion of 5xp depending on length on field. Footballers gain 1xp for performing a guaranteed successful action/skill, 2xp for failing an action/skill, and 5xp for a successful action/skill (against either opponents such as pa*ses and shots, or the distance factor such as lofted pa*ses and crosses). Footballers can also gain xp during the opponent’s turn: 5xp for stopping an opponent’s action/skill and 2xp for failing to stop an opponent. A footballer standing in the goal earns 1.5x the normal Sxp. 
1.1 Earn more Sxp using Lofted Pa*s instead of normal Pa*s! (If the pa*sing footballer has >50 Pas attribute, he will succeed a 3 square lofted pa*s by 66% and a 2 square lofted pa*s by 76%.) 
2. Special cla*s, zero cla*s and amateur footballers gain position-specific Sxp in match based on where they stand at the beginning of each player/opponent turn (NOT the action). Universal cla*s footballers gain Sxp of their respective positions no matter where they stand. For example, if you put a DF in the goal for the whole match, he still earns DF Sxp. 
3. When a footballer gains enough position-related Sxp, he can be levelled up either on the specialisation summary page before the Money/Glory summary page, or after the Money/Glory summary page in the calendar. Interestingly, the Money/Glory increase is calculated after the specialisation summary page. This specifically applies to the a) Fan Favourite specialisation and b) Fan Favourite group bonus. 
4. Amateur footballers CAN be trained as any universal/special cla*s if they gain enough position Sxp. Normally you would often want to develop D into DM or M into FW, but even F can be developed into GK if you like. 
5. After spec level-up, the excess Sxp is zeroed for universal cla*ses. For special cla*ses, only the Sxp for the levelled-up specialisation is zeroed. However, it does become harder to level up again due to Sxp requirement increase. 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
Appendix 1 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
Compiled list of Specialisation XP (Sxp) required for every level of specialisation. 
For 48 action games (default): 
Level—-Sxp——-Total Sxp required 
15——-*(I have no idea) 
*: These are only possible for specialist positions. I haven’t encountered such high specialisation levels, feel free to let me know through PM. 
**For 60 action games: multiply everything by 1.25; For 90 action games: multiply everything by 1.8 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
Appendix 2 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
Reference: Potential Sxp earned per match 
(in manual play, will be lower in simulation) 
in 48 action games 
5 — Minimum for footballers who stay on the field entire match 
10-15 — Most defenders and strikers 
15-20– Most midfielders 
25-35 — Main defender/scorer/a*sistant 
35-45 — Main midfielder 
50-70 — Superstar Footballer 
10. — Theoretical Maximum per match (BEAST GK with awful defender teammates) 
in 60 action games 
5 — Minimum for footballers who stay on the field entire match 
10-15 — Most defenders and strikers 
15-25 — Most midfielders 
30-40 — Main defender/scorer/a*sistant 
40-50 — Main midfielder 
60-80 — Superstar Footballer 
12. — Theoretical Maximum per match (BEAST GK with awful defender teammates) 
in 90 action games 
(no idea, never played*) 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
Appendix 3 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
Group Bonuses for Completing Specialisation Trees: 
“Specialist” tree (3 specialisations): The footballer instantly gains +2 levels. 
“Talent” tree (4 specialisations): Training time for the next ONE skill/talent is reduced by 2 months, in addition to the -70% training time reduction. 
“Dedication” tree (4 specialisations): The footballer instantly gains +5 levels (15 stat points to the attribute currently being trained). 
“Fan Favourite” tree (4 specialisations): A one-time bonus of 10% of the current fan number is instantly added to the club’s fan number. Interestingly, if this is selected post-match before the Money/Glory summary page, these new fans will also contribute to your ticket sale! 
“Utility Player” tree (3 specialisations): The footballer gains 100% more specialisation XP in the next 10 matches. 

Fan Favourite Specialisation

Fans, or as it’s adoringly put, “Number 12″s, are one of the most important source of income once you reach second league and above. Besides keeping a win streak, having footballers with the “Fan Favourite” specialisation is the fastest way to gain new fans. 
Each footballer with the “Fan Favourite” specialisation that plays a match, adds 0.5% of your current fan-base post match, regardless of the result of the match. The number is rounded down to the nearest integer, and a minimum of 1. For example, if you currently have 180 fans and two footballers with Fan Favourite, you will gain 2 additional fan post-match. 
This specialisation is most helpful once your fan base reaches 1,000 — from then on, just a couple of these footballers can provide a steady stream of new fans to your club, even if you lose some fans by losing a match. As a comparison, the maximum fans you can lose after a match is about 500 (for a loss streak spanning the whole premier league). Once your fan base reaches 80,000, it reaches the maximum and will not increase further. 
It is important to note that only footballers in the starting line up before a match give these post-match bonuses. Footballers in the substitute or reserve before a match don’t count, even if they are subbed-in during match. Further, a footballer with Fan Favourite still gives you the bonus even if subbed-out. 
Interestingly, a footballer who gains the Fan Favourite specialisation AFTER the match (upgrade him as soon as he gains a specialisation level) will also give you the bonus. 
Original thread: 

Sponsor’s Darling Specialisation

At the end of a season, when you sign a sponsor for the next season, every footballer in the club with the “Sponsors’ Darling” specialization gives you 5% bonus on the money sponsors give you. 
Every footballer with “Sponsor’s Darling” in the club at the end of the season–including those in the substitutes and reserve squad–contributes to more sponsor earnings. 
A footballers who has the “Sponsors’ Darling” specialization won’t give you bonus if you sell him before the end of the season. 
As sponsors only give you money when you fulfil their conditions, this specialization is generally LESS useful than the “Fan Favorite” specialization in the early game. Its usefulness increases once you’re in the premier league and has higher certainty to fulfil the sponsors’ conditions. 
Original thread: 

Facility Upgrades

Facility upgrades are instant. You can enjoy the benefit as soon as you purchase an upgrade. 
———————– ———————– ———————– ———————– 
Stadium————Size—————Upgrade Cost 
———————– ———————– ———————– ———————– 
Stadium upgrades exist only to make Money. Better fields do not improve reliability of performing actions. 
0 Star:————–100 seats——–costs $0 (for a total of $0) 
0.5 Star:————500 seats————–$15,000 (total $15,000) 
1 Star:————–1,000 seats————$100,000 (total $115,000) 
1.5 Stars:———–2,000 seats————$375,000 (total $490,000) 
2 Stars:————-5,000 seats————$1,200,000 (total $1,690,000) 
2.5 Stars:———–10,000 seats———–$3,500,000 (total $5,190,000) 
3 Stars:————-20,000 seats———–$10,000,000 (total $15,190,000) 
3.5 Stars:———–30,000 seats———–$22,500,000 (total $37,690,000) 
4 Stars:————-45,000 seats———–$45,000,000 (total $82,690,000) 
4.5 Stars:———–60,000 seats———–$75,000,000 (total $157,690,000) 
5 Stars:————-80,000 seats———–$120,000,000 (total $277,690,000) 
1. Costs are as they are in Normal Game mode. For Easy, multiply all costs by 0.7; for Hard, multiply all costs by 1.5. 
2. Ticket price: 
Amateur League–5 
Third League–10 
Second League–15 
First League–20 
Premier League–25 
Prestige Cup–15 
National Cup–25 
Secondary Continental Cup–30 
Main Continental Cup–35 
3. Ticket sale income per home game = (ticket price) * (# of fans BEFORE the match, upper limit is the size of the stadium). For the final of cup games, each team gets half the ticket sale. Specifically, 20,000 attend the Prestige Cup and 80,000 attend the National and two Continental Cups. 
4. The later stadium upgrades (beyond 2.5 stars) can take seasons to pay for themselves. For those that wish to speed run from Amateur to Premier League, it might not be worth it to upgrade past 2.5 stars. 
———————– ———————– ———————– ———————– 
Youth Academy—-New Footballer Lv—Upgrade Cost 
———————– ———————– ———————– ———————– 
0 Star:————–1-1——————$0 (total $0) 
0.5 Star:————1-5——————$14,000 (total $14,000) 
1 Star:————–1-10—————–$27,000 (total $41,000) 
1.5 Stars:———–5-15—————–$70,000 (total $111,000) 
2 Stars:————-10-20—————$110,000 (total $221,000) 
2.5 Stars:———–15-25—————$360,000 (total $581,000) 
3 Stars:————-20-30—————$800,000 (total $1,381,000) 
3.5 Stars:———–25-35—————$6,400,000 (total $7,781,000) 
4 Stars:————-30-40—————$11,000,000 (total $18,781,000) 
4.5 Stars:———–35-45—————$23,000,000 (total $41,781,000) 
5 Stars:————-40-50—————$36,000,000 (total $77,781,000) 
1. Costs are as they are in Normal Game mode. For Easy, multiply all costs by 0.7; for Hard, multiply all costs by 1.5. 
2. At the beginning of each transfer window, you will be given one young footballer (randomly aged 16-19, random position, random level based on youth academy) to join your team. A higher level footballer has a chance to have a position, start with a skill, or even start with a lv.2 skill. 
3. If you have fewer than 11 players at the start of a match (due to injury, suspension, or contract expiration), the youth academy will give you enough young footballers to have 11 players. The president will sign free contracts with old amateur footballers (Age 30-32 on Normal, 34 on Hard, Level 1) to fill your team. This is NOT influenced by your youth academy. You get to keep these footballers after the match is over. 

Scouts and Coaches

Scouts and coaches cost Glory to upgrade (hire). They share the same pool, and each scout/coach costs more than the last one to hire. This section will help you make long-term planning regarding which ones to hire first. 
———————– ———————– ———————– ———————– 
———————– ———————– ———————– ———————– 
Upgrading scouts will help you get younger and/or more footballers to appear on your personal list. Scouts do NOT affect the global list. If you don’t plan on using the personal list, upgrading scouts is advised against. 
Compared to the global list, footballers on your personal list costs much less, and you can “refresh” the list by purchasing the cheaper footballers on the list. It is also worth noting that footballers that appear on your personal list are different from those that appear on the global list. 
———————– ———————– ———————– ———————– 
First Scout 
Hiring better first scouts will lower the minimum age of footballers appearing on your personal list. Note that this expands the age range instead of shifting the range down, meaning that older footballers will still appear on your list. 
Note: If taken during a transfer window, upgrades to first scout doesn’t take effect immediately, even if you refresh your personal list. You will only start to see younger footballers in the next transfer window. 
0 Star: Minimum age on personal list is 26 
0.5 Star:————25 
1 Star:————–24 
1.5 Stars:———–23 
2 Stars:————-22 
2.5 Stars:———–21 
3 Stars:————-20 
3.5 Stars:———–19 
4 Stars:————-18 
4.5 Stars:———–17 
5 Stars:————-16 
———————– ———————– ———————– ———————– 
Second Scout 
Hiring better second scouts will expand your personal list. 
0 Star: 5 footballers will appear on your personal list (refilled instantly if you purchase anyone) 
0.5 Star:————7 
1 Star:————–9 
1.5 Stars:———–11 
2 Stars:————-13 
2.5 Stars:———–15 
3 Stars:————-17 
3.5 Stars:———–19 
4 Stars:————-21 
4.5 Stars:———–23 
5 Stars:————-25 
———————– ———————– ———————– ———————– 
———————– ———————– ———————– ———————– 
Coaches are the most important long-term investments to your club. You should upgrade them as early as possible, but remember to save some Glory to purchase key players from the global list, as well as make instant skill finishes before important matches. 
———————– ———————– ———————– ———————– 
Goalkeeper / Defender / Midfielder / Forward Coach 
Coaches give a bonus to the exp earned post-match by footballers of respective positions. Note that the actual in-field position does not matter. For example, a Forward Coach gives xp bonuses to all F/FW/CF/LF/RF, even if you put them into midfield/defense positions. 
Upgrading these coaches will increase the bonus xp post-match. 
0 Star: 0% xp bonus post-match 
0.5 Star:————20% (i.e. 120% of xp without coach) 
1 Star:————–40% 
1.5 Stars:———–70% 
2 Stars:————-100% 
2.5 Stars:———–140% 
3 Stars:————-180% 
3.5 Stars:———–230% 
4 Stars:————-280% 
4.5 Stars:———–340% 
5 Stars:————-400% (i.e. 500% xp post-match!!!) 
———————– ———————– ———————– ———————– 
Bench Coach 
Bench coach allows footballers in your substitutes to gain a fraction of the xp as footballers that play on field. This xp is cumulative coaches for each position. 
Upgrading the bench coach will increase the percentage of post-match xp gained by bench footballers. 
0 Star: 0% of xp gained by starting footballers (include basic xp and bonus granted by position coaches) 
0.5 Star:————5% 
1 Star:————–10% 
1.5 Stars:———–17.5% 
2 Stars:————-25% 
2.5 Stars:———–35% 
3 Stars:————-45% 
3.5 Stars:———–57.5% 
4 Stars:————-70% 
4.5 Stars:———–85% 
5 Stars:————-100% 
———————– ———————– ———————– ———————– 
Costs of scouts and coaches upgrades on Normal: 
(on Easy, multiply all costs by 0.7x; on Hard, multiply all costs by 1.5x) 
1st scout / coach: 10 Glory 
2nd-10th: each one costs 10 more Glory than the previous one (from 20 to 100) 
11th-20th: each one costs 11 more Glory (from 111 to 210) 
21st-30th: each one costs 14 more Glory (from 224 to 350) 
31st-40th: each one costs 15 more Glory (from 365 to 500) 
41st-50th: each one costs 18 more Glory (from 518 to 680) 
51st-60th: each one costs 21 more Glory (from 701 to 890) 
61st-70th: each one costs 21 more Glory (from 911 to 1,100) 
Total Glory cost per every 5 scouts and/or coaches: 
5 scouts and/or coaches: 150 Glory 
1. scouts and/or coaches: 550 
1. scouts and/or coaches: 1,215 
2. scouts and/or coaches: 2,155 
2. scouts and/or coaches: 3,415 
3. scouts and/or coaches: 5,025 
3. scouts and/or coaches: 7,000 
4. scouts and/or coaches: 9,350 
4. scouts and/or coaches: 12,120 
5. scouts and/or coaches: 15,340 
5. scouts and/or coaches: 19,055 
6. scouts and/or coaches: 23,295 
6. scouts and/or coaches: 28,060 
7. scouts and/or coaches: 33,360 
———————– ———————– ———————– ———————– 
Seeker’s Recommendations: 
Many guides have given a preferred order of coach upgrades. If you mostly play matches instead of simulation, and rely on good tactics, then I recommend the following priority: 
–Defender Coach: Usually the most numerous footballers in your team, and their stats are vital to not conceding goals. Highest priority, upgrade to 5 stars as soon as possible. 
–Goalkeeper Coach: The easiest way to win matches is by not conceding goals! Focus on training Def stats, but raise Ctr stats to a decent amount (about 1/2 of Def stat). As important, if not more important than the Midfielder Coach. After Midfielder coach is at 2 stars, focus upgrading on GK coach. 
–Midfielder Coach: Pa*sing stat is very important for lofted pa*ses. 2-3 stars should be sufficient to last you till the end. 
–Forward Coach: In the higher leagues, it is very hard to score through the defenders and GK using accuracy alone. Personally, I rely on skills and tactics on scoring goals, and I love scoring with headers and crosses. For my playstyle, I prioritize skills over stats for my Forwards, and I mostly raise their Ctr stats for 1) holding position in corner kicks and 2) LF/RF break-ins. Low Priority, only becomes important late into the Premier League. 
–Bench Coach: In my opinion, useless. I won the treble on Hard without ever upgrading my bench coach. Could be useful if you mostly play simulations, but still should be at lower priority than the others. 

Post-Match Footballer XP gain

General theme: It is almost always more rewarding to get promoted to a higher league rather than stay in a lower league, even if you lose most of the matches. Though it might not feel that great mentally… 
After every match: 
1. Each footballer that plays the whole match gains the Baseline XP (see [Appendix 1]) + Bonus XP from position coach (refer to [Scouts and Coaches]). 
2. A footballer who only plays part of the match gains a fraction of the on field XP. 
3. Footballer with any XP boosting specialisation gains an additional percentage of (the Baseline XP + Bonus XP from position coach) 
4. Footballers on the substitutes receive a fraction of (the Baseline XP + Bonus XP from position coach) based on bench coach. 
5. Three best footballers receive bonus XP equals 100% / 60% / 20% of (the Baseline XP + Bonus XP from position coach), which is NOT affected by XP boosting specialisations. 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
Appendix 1. Baseline XP for each footballer playing the full match 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
post-match XP gained depends on match result, win / tie / loss 
Amateur League: 25 / 13 / 9 
Third League: 50 / 25 / 17 
Second League: 75 / 38 / 25 (Football Stars: 150 / 75 / 50) 
First League: 125 / 63 / 42 
Premier League: 200 / 100 / 67 
Prestige Cup (up to Quarterfinals): 100 / 50 / 34 (Football Stars: 150 / 75 / 50) 
Prestige Cup (Semifinals): 160 / 80 / 54 
Prestige Cup (Finals): 300 / (no draw)* / 100 
National Cup (up to Quarterfinals): 250 / 125 / 84 
National Cup (Semifinals): 400 / 200 / 134 
National Cup (Finals): 750 / (no draw)* / 250 
Both Continental Cups (up to Round of 16): 400 / 200 / 134 
Both Continental Cups (Quarterfinals & Semifinals): 640 / 320 / 214 
Both Continental Cups (Finals): 1200 / (no draw)* / 400 
* Winning/losing the penalty shootout in cup games counts as win/loss 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
Appendix 2. Reference: XP requirement per level 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
-> Tab: Level XP Requirement 

Post-Match Money and Glory Rewards

—————- —————- —————- —————- 
Strong Opponent’s Bonus Glory: 
Bonus glory is awarded for winning or tieing a match if before the match, your team is weaker than the opponent team. 
Star level is a*signed using the average level of footballers in the starting lineup. Subbing-in stronger footballers mid-match does NOT affect the strong opponent bonus. 
0.5 star difference: win = 10 Glory, tie = 4 Glory 
1 star difference: win = 20 Glory, tie = 8 Glory 
1.5 star difference: win = 30 Glory, tie = 12 Glory 
2 stars difference: win = 50 Glory, tie = 20 Glory 
2.5 stars difference: win = 80 Glory, tie = 32 Glory 
3 stars difference: win = 130 Glory, tie = 52 Glory 
3.5 stars difference: win = 210 Glory, tie = 84 Glory 
(It’s highly unlikely to win against an opponent 3.5 stars or more higher playing normally) 
4 stars difference: win = 340 Glory, tie = 136 Glory 
4.5 stars difference: win = 550 Glory, tie = 220 Glory 
5 stars difference: win = 890 Glory, tie = 356 Glory 
(Ever wonder how I beat a 5 star opponent using a 0 star team?) 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
Goal Difference Bonus Glory: 
Bonus glory is awarded for winning a match depending on the goal difference. You don’t lose glory for losing matches. 
Difference of 1 goal = 1 Glory 
Difference of 2 goals = 3 Glory 
Difference of 3 goals = 5 Glory 
Difference of 4 goals = 9 Glory 
Difference of 5 goals = 15 Glory 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
League/Cup Bonus Glory: 
Bonus glory is awarded for winning a match depending on the league or cup the match is in. It is only awarded for wins, not for ties or losses. 
Amateur League = 0 Glory 
Third League = 1 Glory 
Second League = 3 Glory 
First League = 5 Glory 
Premier League = 9 Glory 
Prestige Cup = 3 Glory 
National Cup = 9 Glory 
Football Association Cup = 12 Glory 
Continental Cup = 16 Glory 
*Bonus Glory for a given cup is the same for all matches won, including qualifying rounds. 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
Reward for Ranking in League 
After the last league match of the season, a money reward is given if you rank in the top three of the league. 
Amateur League: 1,100 for Rank #1 
Third League: 25,000 for Rank #1 
Second League: 400,000 for Rank #1 
First League: 2,100,000 for Rank #1 
Premier League: 7,900,000 for Rank #1; 4,700,000 for Rank #2; 1,500,000 for Rank #3 
In addition, you are given a glory reward based on your rank, which can be found in the Tables. 
—————- —————- —————- —————- 
Reward for Advancing in Cup Tournaments 
There are some fixed-amount Money and Glory rewards for advancing in or winning Cup tournaments, in addition to any sponsor’s rewards that you signed at the beginning of the season. 
Prestige Cup– 
Reach Quarterfinals: 8,000 Money, 9 Glory 
Reach Semifinals: 17,000 Money, 12 Glory 
Reach Finals: 51,000 Money, 21 Glory (plus each team gets 150,000 in final ticket sale regardless of result) 
Win Cup: 86,000 Money, 30 Glory 
National Cup– 
Reach Quarterfinals: 100,000 Money, 30 Glory 
Reach Semifinals: 300,000 Money, 40 Glory 
Reach Finals: 900,000 Money, 70 Glory (plus each team gets 1,000,000 in final ticket sale regardless of result) 
Win Cup: 1,600,000 Money, 100 Glory 
Football Association Cup– 
Reach Round of 16: 100,000 Money, 40 Glory 
Reach Quarterfinals: 300,000 Money, 60 Glory 
Reach Semifinals: 700,000 Money, 80 Glory 
Reach Finals: 2,000,000 Money, 140 Glory (plus each team gets 1,200,000 in final ticket sale regardless of result) 
Win Cup: 3,500,000 Money, 200 Glory 
Continental Cup– 
Reach Round of 16: 500,000 Money, 60 Glory 
Reach Quarterfinals: 1,000,000 Money, 90 Glory 
Reach Semifinals: 1,600,000 Money, 120 Glory 
Reach Finals: 3,300,000 Money, 210 Glory (plus each team gets 1,400,000 in final ticket sale regardless of result) 
Win Cup: 5,500,000 Money, 300 Glory 

Written by Seeker22

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Football Tactics & Glory – Best Tactics and Tips. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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