Ghostly Matter – Ghost Master Walkthrough

Ghostly Matter – Ghost Master Walkthrough 9 -
Ghostly Matter – Ghost Master Walkthrough 9 -

Guide for Ghostly Matter – Ghost Master Walkthrough

Complete walkthrough with detailed game maps that will help you save time and get the most out of the game.

1. Professor Penderghast House

Ghostly Matter - Ghost Master Walkthrough - 1. Professor Penderghast House 
So we start in K01, our a*sistant reports that the generator has been cut off and we need to turn it on. 
We go out to K02 and head to K06, take KEY 01 from the safe in the chest. 
Then, in K 03, we open the safe and take the TRANSISTORS, go to K 01 and insert them into the equipment. After that, we are told that we need to run the generator to full capacity. 
VK 09, and then in K 01. The professor received a signal about the help of his former colleague and decided to go to check how he was doing. 
But since no self-respecting professor goes out without a gun, he decides to take his old lady with him. 
In K03 we are waiting for PALTERBLAST, then in K7 and get in the car. 

2. Melvis House

Ghostly Matter - Ghost Master Walkthrough - 2. Melvis House 
We go to the door, they rang, they sent us. We washed up and went to rob the mailbox. Then we pretended to be a postman, called again, and were let in. The dear old lady said that she didn’t care who we were or what we were doing, because the postman was like a pigeon out of a pig. 
But what kind of intellectual are we if we don’t steal the old lady’s crutch from the trunk? After we leave and go to steal the good in K02 we are waiting for a slightly open window where we need a crutch. 
In K05, you can go to sign up and open CHEST or CH01-bedside table. The K04 also has a CH02 Refrigerator. 
In K06, we take the first Power Up or PU01 Grimoire for short, with its help you can read the description of items. 
In K07, we take the Diary or abbreviated D01 M’s diary 3, as well as D02 Photo of the house. 
In K11, take the PU02 Polterscope, go to K13 and use the gla*ses, the pa*sage opens. 
In K16 CH03 and CH04. In K18 D03 notes in pencil, there is also Energy next E and Amunition next A. Open D03 and enlighten the Polterscope as a result, we get the code 1632. 
In K19, we use gla*ses, an interesting inscription, I read and perform. We’re tearing the lab to shreds. 
In K20, we use the pa*sword and give freedom to the zombies! ) To release means to kill thought the professor and went to release! ) 
In K21, there are two tables with flasks where you can get a test tube with a hilka. 
In K22, we also do not forget to open the capsules where there may be objects, as well as hiding zombies. 
In K23, we take 3 meals on the tables. 
In K25, take D04 M’s diary 2, D05 Staff List, D06 M’s diary 1 
Now we return to K05 and prepare for the meeting with BOSS 01. They searched the house of a friend, kicked the old lady, you can go on with a calm soul. ) 

3. Graveyard

Ghostly Matter - Ghost Master Walkthrough - 3. Graveyard 
Ghostly Matter - Ghost Master Walkthrough 
We go to R03 and take the Blue Cow Energy Drink in K02 – not only does it restore 100% hp and 25 Energy, but you also jump high for a few jumps. 
Then go to K01 and climb to the top until you reach a dead end turn on the gla*ses and the arrows will show you the way to the top. Use the drink to jump in there, carry the Blue Key or BK01. 
R02 and use BK01 on Blue Chest or further BCH01. As a reward, we select Gun 2 Flamethrower with its help, you can shoot through the masonry. 
R01 in K01 there is a chest at the top, it contains a 50% gain for 1 min. In K03, we cover the coffin and find the Red Key or RK01, and you can also shoot through the masonry with a flamethrower and pick up a time stop. 
Sc01 is a secret wall, destroying which you can pick up Elixir 
R04 to get here you need to turn on the gla*ses and jump on the small islands, in K03 we press the lever that will open the bas*ment in K06, go down to K07 and take the Bat Key. 
R05 We go up to K03 and take the Simple Key here, then in K06 we take the Empty Bottle. 
R06 – Blue Key, BK02 

4. NA01 Deep Areas

Ghostly Matter - Ghost Master Walkthrough - 4. NA01 Deep Areas 
We head to R07 and collect CH along the way. In K07 we take Crowbar. 
Go NA05 pick up D07 Billy’s Memoirs in front of the grid, break the grid with a crowbar. And go to the new location. 

5. NA05

Ghostly Matter - Ghost Master Walkthrough - 5. NA05 
First of all, we go to R09 through the secret wall, marked in red. After killing two freaks, we take the skeleton leg, Skeleton Leg. 
R08 here in K09 talk to Chester Blackwood, he wants booze. 
In K13, there is a secret wall that needs to be destroyed and there is a chest with 50% damage. 
In K03 Red Box, RB01 which we open with our red key RK01. And select the PU03 Ancient Amulet. 
Now in NA06, here we will meet the unfortunate skeleton who lost his leg, help the poor guy and kill the nasty punk. We select the Gold Key. 

6. NA03 Blackwood Mansion

Ghostly Matter - Ghost Master Walkthrough - 6. NA03 Blackwood Mansion 
ATTENTION!!! Here I screwed up and while exploring the mansion, I secretly signed up, so some of the information had to be restored from memory. So if you find any errors or missing items, please let me know so that I can correct the pa*sage. THEREFORE, CAREFULLY SEARCH THE ROOMS, ESPECIALLY THOSE THAT ARE NOT MENTIONED HERE! 
K08 we select the document D08 Famaly Tree 1 
K11 2 more documents D09 Cletus confession, D10 Photo of the Assuary 
K52 We will fall into a trap, pull the rings, right, left, middle. Now H01, the dealer will start to break down and offer us to solve the riddle. A log, a sword, a Gold cup, Green goo. We take the coin Coin. 
K14 Simple Key 1 
K10 Sc shoot ladder L A E Ch3 
In K16, we open the door with a simple key, once in K18, we see a hidden pa*sage and pull the chain. 
In K08, a pa*sageway opened in the upper-left corner, go there. 
K19 select D11 Normans diary 3, as well as Key 237 
K21 select D12 Normans diary 1, click on the secret button in the table and go into the secret pa*sage. 
K25 find paradise A E L B Ch3 
K26 in the chest we select Aromatic herbs and press the lever to go further 
K28 there is a secret pa*sage in the floor, and if you go higher, then behind the magician there is a second secret pa*sage. 
K32 in the chest is D13 Houseboys note 
Go back to K21 and climb the side stairs to K35 where we find Green Key 1, GK01 
K36 you will find S, as well as a zombie prostitute Drowned Corps, who will offer you their services, enjoy ) 
K21 in the very top left corner there is a secret wall, if you have a super jump, you can take a chest with nishtyaks there. 
K37 select Simple Key 2, D14 Suicide note 
K38 select Simple Key 3 
K42 find D15 Family portret 
K47 you will find VHS 
K50 pick up shovel Shovel 
K57 is the Clock Key 
K51 D16 Alchemists note, D17 Alchemist recipe, Also here we apply on a large flask, an empty 
bottle and aromatic herbs, we get Absinthe. 
K55 you can shoot the wall on the 2nd ledge 
K56 We set the time to 17-00 and get Gear 
K06 There are broken watches we apply Gear on them and get Red Gem 
Now you can go to K31 and take the Chester pickled braga that we cooked and get a Skull Key for it. 
After that, you can go back to NA01 and in the upper right corner go to NA04, here we find the grave from the photo and use a shovel for this we get Coin, now at the very beginning where there is a well and use a coin for this we get PU04 EVP Recorder. 

7. NA02 Necropolis + Catacombs

Ghostly Matter - Ghost Master Walkthrough - 7. NA02 Necropolis + Catacombs 
We go to NA 02, open the gate with a key with a skull, there are 6 crypts here. 
Crypt 1 – Red Box (PU05 Laser Guidance) 
Crypt 2 – Green Key 
Crypt 3 – Red Key and S 
Crypt 4 – Pa*sage to Catacombs 
Crypt 5-Blue Box (Watch and Bomb), I decided not to spend the key on consumables 
Crypt 6-Green Box (Enhanced Charge p2) A story item is a must! 
Crypt 7-Blue Key 
We throw a coin into the well and get Red Gem. 
After playing Larka Croft, we head to Crypt 4 and go to the catacombs. 
By 14, we pull the chain, and then in K20, where we are waiting for D18 Sinister Letter, Green Box, which contains the second part of the weapon against demons and get PU06 Demon Hunter Kit. After the gifts, we move to 10 and get back to the mansion, where we need to go. Home sweet home.) 
In K19 insert 2 Red Gems 
By 25 we find D19 Normans Diary 4, D20 Normans Diary 5, Rusty Key 
By 23 kill the boss and take the UP07 Nike Air 
By 10 we return to the mansion 

Written by Keres Theos

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Ghostly Matter – Ghost Master Walkthrough. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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