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Gods Will Be Watching – Chapter 4 Simple Guide 1 - wpgameplay.com

Guide for Gods Will Be Watching – Chapter 4 Simple Guide

keep everybody alive and under control!


I’ve always got Dr. Z running away until I figured out how morale works in this level. The exact rules with morale are complicated and unknown, however I have some guidelines that can make sure everyone’s morale is in check: 
1) Talk with each team member once, or they’ll keep losing 3 morale each day 
2. Do not order any night shift 
3. Do make progress on repairing radio each day until it’s fully repaired 
4. Do feed everyone (except Marvin) cooked meal each day
by following these, morale may drop only when wild predator attacks or Jack fails in his hunting. failing any of these will almost certainly see someone’s morale dropping. 
Tips for saving food and wood: 
5) You only need to “Add Wood” once in three days 
6. Marvin can stand two days without eating, so you only need to feed him once in three days, starting from Day 3 
7. When someone is infected with Medusea, you only need to cure him in three days, and under Medusea’s effect he needs no food and his morale won’t drop

Actions to take

First two days: 

Day 1Day 2
ActionsTalk to Dr. ZTalk to Jack
Talk to SarahRepair Radio
Talk to DonaldFind Wood
Add WoodPrepare Medicine*
Shoot WoodCook

* It’s advised to always have 1 antidote ready and prepare the first one early as Dr. Z himself often gets infected. 
First two days take 8 food (nothing for Marvin). Scientists should only lose 1 morale by now (Sarah and Donald at 9 and Dr.Z at 11). 
Start from day 3, in three-day rotation

Day 3**Day 4Day 5
Campfire ShapeMediumSmallLarge
ActionsPrepare RadioPrepare RadioPrepare Radio
(*)Add Wood(*)

** Feed Marvin this night
(*) These are either Jack/Make Spear, Jack/Hunt with Spear or Find Wood. Take these action in any order (which the RNG permits) and you’re good as long as you can get 13 food and 4 wood in 8 actions. 4 wood take one action on average, and from my experience it usually take around 6 actions to get 13 food, so you get one spare action every 3 days. 
Use spare action in these ways: 
a) Cure infected people and make another antidote, as we want everybody alive; 
b) Repair Radio. it’s the most efficient one as you will always get an action back but it’s not helpful until you finished repairing the radio. Note that progress on the radio is somehow related to morale but following my guidelines the progress at 5% or 95% doesn’t make any difference, so we’re not in a rush. 
c) Hunt for more food. it saves a future action if your food won’t be taken by wild predators. So it’s good to hunt for more food after a wild predator attack and avoid stocking food when another attack is close. 
d) Prepare pep talk. Use spare actions to stock food allows you accumulate free actions so you may prepare a talk when you got a day without the need to hunt or find wood. Generally you don’t need extra morale to survive this chapter as 9 morale plus 5 from the radio repaired is sufficient to stand 3 wild predator attacks, however you may trade in extra morale (by taking a night shift) if bad things happen. This also helps with The Psychiatrist (Don’t let anyone become depressed) achievement. Note only Wild Predator topic is good in efficiency and only give that speech after a predator attack. 
e) Make more Spears. Extra spears allows you conserve more bullets and also helps with BR4ND-0N (Have more than 15 bullets when rescued) achievement. 
Generally speaking, following this routine you should be able to stock some resource in any way you feel like and use them when RNG plays against you. if you end up not using these resource, you’re likely to get one of the two mentioned achievements along with Keep everybody alive. 

When bad things happen..

like Jack keep failing in hunting after a wild predator attack. In fact, following my guidelines we won’t be in any bad situation other than running low on food. If this happens, take these action to use the resource you built: 
a) Hunt with Rifle 
Hunting with rifle is a low efficiency action for it takes 2-3 bullets (although the game states it takes 1-3 I’m always seeing 2 or 3). If we a*sume a Make Spear action (also appears to be 2 or 3) makes same amount of weapons on average, it costs 2 action to be slightly better than 1.2x Hunt with Spear (Jack sometimes loses his spear). However in bad situations this more likely guarantees some food, and if you use spare actions to make lots of spears you should have bullets to spare. 
b) Make Jack Hunting at Night 
This costs 1 morale of Jack and 2 morale of Dr. Z to make an action of hunting so only do this when you’re really in danger of hunger. However if Dr. Z is infected, 1 morale for an action is a good trade. 
c) Skip One Day’s Cooking 
I usually go this way as it saves 1.25 actions (0.25 for the wood) at the cost of 4 morale on average. The upper hand is you got to split the morale damage so it’s more manageable than make Jack hunting at night. 
You may combine above 3 to the extreme of 4 Hunt with Rifle in a day and another in that night. Just make sure your team have something to eat, then you should have no problem finishing chapter 4 with everybody alive. 

Written by Cthylla

Hey there, thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Gods Will Be Watching – Chapter 4 Simple Guide helped you. If you believe we forget something to add or want us to add extra on the post, please let us know via comment below. Thanks, and see you soon!

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