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Golden Fall 2 – Guide 1 -

Guide for Golden Fall 2 – Guide.

Guide for some basic concepts and stats in Golden Fall 2.

The basics

  • HP 
    Hit points. The amount of damage points your character can take before dying. 
    Maximum HP is increased with leveling up and either Dex or Str attributes. 
  • SP 
    Spirit points. Each skill or spell requires a certain amount of SP to activate. 
    Maximum SP is increased with higher Int attribute; 
  • Attributes 
    Str – Strength attribute. Improve strength based skills and bonuses to some melee weapons. Also adds to maximum HP. 
    Dex – Dexterity attribute. Improve dex based skills and bonuses to some melee weapons. Also adds to maximum HP. 
    Int – Intelligence attribute. Improve int based spells and bonuses to some melee weapons. Also adds to maximum SP. 
  • Skills 
    New skills\spells are aquired when leveling up. 
    Skills and spells require SP to activate. Each skill and spell has it’s own mechanics for use and effects. 
    Skills often become more powerful depending on specific attributes of the player. 
  • Attack/Armor/Damage 
    Attack – Increase the chances to hit an enemy with a melee attack. 
    Armor – Decrease the chances of an enemy to hit with a melee attack. 
    Damage – A constant amount of damage your melee weapon cause when able to hit an enemy. 
    Attack/Armor/Damage are affected by the equipment you wear, the skills and spells you use, and the effects caused by enemies special attacks. 
  • Heat/Gas damage 
    Standing in fire will cause you to get heat damage over time. Some items can increase the time it takes to get heat damage when standing in fire. 
    Standing inside a poisonus gas will also cause your character damage over time. There are items that can mitigate gas damage.


Armor and Weapons

  • Weapons 
    Melee weapons have an attack range, an attack bonus to your to hit chance, and a damage amount. Some weapons are also lighter and faster than others. 
    Attack range determine how many tiles away from you, you can attack an enemy. 
    Attack bonus is added to your total Attack points. 
    Damage is a constant value that cause HP loss to your enemy, given you were able to hit the enemy. 
    Some skills can give bonuses to Attack and Damage values. (Some skills and condition can reduce your attack points). 
  • Armor/Shields 
    Armor mostly gives Armor bonuses. Your total Armor value determines how hard it is for enemies to land a melee hit. 
    Helmets can also increase your resistance to stun attacks. 
    Some helmets have visors which you can pull down. They may also increase your protection against blindness, but also reduce your vision range. 
    Shields also give armor bonuses. 
    The different pieces of armor you can wear are: 

    • Helmet 
    • Coif 
    • Chain mail 
    • Gambeson 
    • Plate 
    • Shield 
    • Masks



  • HP = 10+(level-1)*2+(max(dex, str)-1) 
  • SP = 4+(level-1)*2+(int-1)*2 
  • Strength based weapons: Axes/Maces/Hammers 
    Attack bonus = min(str-1, dex-1) 
    Damage bonus = min((str-1)/2, dex-1) 
  • Finesse based weapons: Swords 
    Attack bonus = min(int-1, dex-1) 
    Damage bonus = min(str-1, dex-1, int-1 ) 
  • Daggers 
    Attack bonus = min(int-1, dex-1) 
    Damage bonus = min((str-1)/2, dex-1) 
  • Spears/Pole arms 
    Attack bonus = min(str-1, dex-1) 
    Damage bonus = (str-1)/3 
  • Melee attacks: 
    ToHit: 1d10(*)+attack bonuses > 5+enemy armor bonuses 
    * 1d10 is rolled, but every time a 10 is rolled, another 1d10 is rolled and added(minus one) until there is a dice result that is not 10. 
    Damage is just a constant value of a weapon with bonuses from skills and attributes.


Written by Sargon

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