GunSoul Girl – Full Achievements Guide

GunSoul Girl – Full Achievements Guide 1 -
GunSoul Girl – Full Achievements Guide 1 -

Quick guide for achieving 100% of the achievements.



There are 10 achievements available in this game. The first is to start the game. The 9th is to complete each level. It takes about 1 to 1.5 hours for the game to be completed.


The H-scene unlocking feature is free and can be found in the main menu under Memories.


Scene 1-1 gives you a complete tutorial about the game. Scenes 1-1, 2-3, and 1-3 are great for learning the game. Keep your supplies safe and break all of your objects. I recommend buying the Hunting Rifle EXII with 2x Hunting Rifle Ammo24 for all levels of scenes 2 through 3. This weapon was my favorite for clearing levels. 48 ammo is usually more than enough. Instead of using another hunting rifle shot, keep an MP5 and other weapon on hand to finish off enemies that have low HP.
GunSoul Girl - Full Achievements Guide - Walkthrough - BC598FF
GunSoul Girl - Full Achievements Guide - Walkthrough - A5FBC2F

Clearing levels

You need to activate certain runes on each level. The number per level is indicated at top of screen when you load into the game. To get trackers of the runes in each map, press M. There are more runes than needed for each level. Once enough runes has been activated on each level, move to that teleporter indicated as the green diamond in your screen to complete it and receive the achievement for that level.


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