Hades – Escaping Hell (WIP)

Hades – Escaping Hell (WIP) 2 - wpgameplay.com
Hades – Escaping Hell (WIP) 2 - wpgameplay.com

Hades – Escaping Hell (WIP)


A beginner’s guide to Supergaint’s new rogue-lite hack and slash, Hades. Basic tips and tricks to get new players started.


Mirror of Night

A gift for Nyx allows you to send darkness crystals and Chthonic keys in exchange for permanent upgrades.

The two upgrades to get first are Greater Reflex and Death Defiance. Both these upgrades are highly useful in the early game. I would recommend getting Death Defiance first since this allows you to cheat death once per escape attempt (run) and get through more chambers and acquire more resources per run. It’s also an absolute godsend during Boss fights.



Keepsakes are acquired by donating nectar to your friends or foes* in the house of Hades.

The first person you should give nectar is Skelly. He’ll give you Lucky Tooth in return. The Luck Tooth keepsake acts just like Death Defiance, only better since it can be leveled up to give even more HP open death than Death Defiance.


Hades – Escaping Hell (WIP) 1 - wpgameplay.com
Hades – Escaping Hell (WIP) 1 – wpgameplay.com

Other notable keepsakes include:

Evergreen Acorn: acquired from Eurydice in Asophel. Renders immune to any Boss’s first five attacks at level 3.

Black Shawl: a gift from Nyx, regenerates HP when you pick up the darkness, allows you to claw back some health during a run.

Happy Feather Duster: acquire from Dusa, urns have a 2% chance to drop health items. Similar utility to the Black Shawl.

* It’s possible to give nectar to characters that are hostile to you. Only Megaera (after you defeat her) will return the favor by giving you the Skull Earring.


Chthonic Keys

Spend your first 14 keys unlocking all the weapons up the Exagryph. You’ll need to unlock the three preceding weapons to get it; the Coronach, the Aegis, and Varatha. When modded with the correct boons,poison-based, this weapon is an absolute beast.



Blight Strike: Attacks inflicts foes with poison procs. Each procs only inflicts a small amount of DoT, but these damage procs stack (up to 5 times), adding to massive damage. This is one of the best boons for your primary attack slot.

Quick Recovery: randomly regenerate small amounts of HP whenever to dash. You are NOT dashing, so this effectively drips feeding your health.

Support fire:



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