Hell Let Loose – Commander Crash Course

Hell Let Loose – Commander Crash Course 1 - gameplaylists.com
Hell Let Loose – Commander Crash Course 1 - gameplaylists.com
Your team has no commander, and it isn’t going well? If you read this guide, you’ll be able to jump in and help your team. This guide is by no means exhaustive and complete, you’ll figure out the details and more advanced tactics as you go. These are the main principles to put your team in a position to succeed.


A few important points to follow



Your main task as commander is to build garrisons, by yourself and with the help of your team. Use either a supply truck, or drop supplies on the desired points. Start at the beginning of the match with building defensive and backup garrisons. As the match progresses, evaluate the positions of squad leaders, and drop supplies for attack garrisons on them, after communicating with them. Ask them for “request supplies” markers. 

    Map Control and Defense

If they aren’t doing it themselves, direct squads to control important sectors/flanks. Don’t tell your defense squad(s) to sit on the hardcap, direct them to control the sectors around your point. On the offensive side, build two attack garrisons with opposing attack vectors. 
If you don’t have any garrisons to build, participate in the defense, take a defensive position e.g. in a house. Use your binoculars, and ping enemies (your pings and markers are visible to everyone). Your recon plane is your most important ability, use it offensively or defensively, to evaluate the strength of an enemy attack or defense. 

    Special Abilities

Your most important abilities are recon plane, airhead and the bombing run. These are all judgement calls. If you’re getting reports that your defense is in trouble/getting flanked, use it on the flank to understand the situation. If your defense is safe, and your offensive squads are in a good position to attack, use your recon plane and with that intel the bombing run offensively. If your offensive squad has spotted the enemy garrison but can’t take it out, use the bombing run to take out the enemy garrison. Use the airhead on a flank where your team has not currently access to. The best moment for an airhead is when you are about to capture an objective, somewhere between the next two enemy objectives. You’ll direct your current defensive squad(s) to redeploy to the airhead, and take the next points before your opponent gets their defense organized. 

    Mindset and Attitude

If you’re reading this guide, a*sume that there are much more experienced players in your team, use their knowledge. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but don’t be afraid to issue definitve commands either, if the situation requires it. If you’re unsure of a situation, ask the nearest squadleader for a report. For example, if you’re in a caprace on the loosing side despite you having used your “Reinforce” ability, and you’re getting dire reports from your defense, abort the attack and call several or all squads back. Communicate, but be aware that you put extra strain on the squad leaders when you talk to them. There’s always something to do for you, to help your team. Even if your team is losing, at your last objective, you are out of resources, all you have left is a supply truck. Get in that truck and build an attack garrison! It might just work… 

Written by Chromakey

This is all that we can say about Hell Let Loose – Commander Crash Course for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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