Hood: Outlaws & Legends – How gold is calculated

Hood: Outlaws & Legends – How gold is calculated 1 - gameplaylists.com
Hood: Outlaws & Legends – How gold is calculated 1 - gameplaylists.com
This guide will explain how gold earnings in the ending screen are calculated.


In short

In advance, I don’t know how the gold is actually calculated. However, me and a friend started collecting game data in a table and reverse engineering the gold earned. Right now, these numbers are based on 26 games. 
For those of you that want a short answer: 

  • Assa*sinations(on guards or players) give10 gold each. 
  • The first 6 notches on the wind give approximately 35-39 gold each. 
  • Thelast notch on the wind gives approximately 270-361 gold. 
  • So why do the notches not have an exact value? Whenever the chest is dropped, a bit of gold is spilled. This reduces the gold earned for the notches on the wind.


The details


Chest gold & spill

At the start of each game, the chest has some amount of gold in it. I don’t know if this is a fixed number for each map or a random amount each round, but it definitely varies. Based on my games, it’s somewhere between 500 and 600 gold. 
When you drop the chest, you „spill“ some of it’s gold and the chest is worth a bit less. 
How do I know this? 
As one of John’s perks, „Cargo Carrier“, is described: 
„[…] Additional gold is spilled when the Chest is dropped. […]“ 
I don’t have enough data yet to tell you how much gold is spilled, but you should definitely try to carry the chest for as long as possible. There could be a difference between placing the chest and dropping it due to damage. 

The 7 notches

In some of the games I played my team winched some of the notches 1-6, but not the last notch. In those games, each of the notches 1-6 had an average value between 35 gold (chest dropped 15 times) and 39 gold (chest dropped 0 times)
The last notch is worth far more. In a game where my team only winched the last notch, I earned 325 gold from that, although the chest was dropped 13 times. It’s difficult to give an exact number yet, but the last notch is worth something between 270 and 361 gold. 
So what is the maximum amount of gold that you can earn? 
Difficult to say. In one of my matches on Graveyard, we managed to get the chest to the winch without spilling any gold and winching all 7 notches. The gold earnings from that chest were 531 gold. However, on other maps I earned more gold from 7 notches, although the chest was dropped a couple times. 
A possible explanation could be that the chest has a somewhat random amount of gold each game. Another idea is, that each map has a different amount of gold in the chest, as some of the maps are bigger. 

Toss a coin

And then there’s that option. Does it affect the gold earnings? 
When you toss a coin, that coin will be taken from your gold earnings. 
When someone else tosses you a coin, that coin does not affect your gold earnings, but goes directly to your purse. 


Trying to figure out the math behind the gold earnings, I also stumbled over some minor bugs: 

  • Sometimes, the Scoreboard at the end of the game counts too high a number for “state a*sa*sinations“. However, The „a*sa*sinations“ are calculated correctly and the gold earning is correct. 
  • The first notch ocasionally shows a wrong graphic. Sometimes it is red, although your team placed the chest at the winch. And sometimes it is green with a gold icon underneath, even though the enemy team placed the chest on the winch. This has no effect on your gold earnings.


Written by floh

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Hood: Outlaws & Legends – How gold is calculated. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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