How to summon ghosts in Among Us

How to summon ghosts in Among Us



Ever wanted to talk with the dead? Find out who the real S U S is? This is the guide for you.



This guide will show you how to summon ghosts in among us. This is incredibly hard to do.

Step 1: Getting set up

With a piece of paper, draw a circle and a smaller circle together. Now go to electrical. Many crewmates have died there. Great! You’re all set up!

Step 2: Waiting

Stand over the vent and wait. The ghosts will most likely come if you stand there. Don’t forget to hold the drawing to the screen.

Step 3: Find the transport

If you are lucky, another player will jump out of the vent and take you to the ghosts. This my take multiple tries.


Yay! you have now summoned them. You should see them floating around. An added bonus: you have become one with the ghosts! Yay!

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