HuniePop 2: Double Date – All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5]

HuniePop 2: Double Date – All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 25 -
HuniePop 2: Double Date – All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 25 -

Guide for HuniePop 2: Double Date – All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5]

This is a strategy guide to help you get all achievements in the most efficient way in the minimum amount of 3 playthroughs. Any specific strategies not created by myself will be linked within this guide.

Introduction/Table Of Contents

This guide is meant to help give strategies for each achievement so that anything you need help with achieving can be found within this guide or one of the linked reference pages. I will be organizing these achievements into three playthroughs for efficiency, but feel free to modify my strategies to better fit your playstyle. The achievements covered in each playthrough are as follows: 

i) Guide Updates

(This is for any changes to the guide/strategies) 

ii)General Strategies

(This is for general strategies you should employ to enhance your abilities and create larger matches) 

iii)Earn At Any Time

  • Secret Code 
  • Smooth Move


1) Introduction Playthrough/Miscellaneous Achievements

  • Like It Rough 
  • Unchaste 
  • (Optional) Unchaste With Haste 
  • Debauchery 
  • Savior 
  • DD/CC/BP 
  • Non-Stop Novice 
  • Non-Stop Ninja 
  • Quickie 
  • Fill ‘Er Up


2) Incel/Femcel Playthrough

  • Super Savior 
  • Hikikomori 
  • Hyper Hikikomori 
  • DD/CC/BP


3) Speedrun Playthrough

  • Unchaste With Haste 
  • Debauchery Without Delay 
  • DD/CC/BP 
  • Alpha Apprentice 
  • Alpha Adept


4)Extra Notes

(This is for extra notes that do not fit anywhere else in this guide.) 

Note: This guide is still under construction. As I find more things to include in this guide, they will be added. Any missing strategy will be filled in as I make sure it works as well as any other important information. The release of this guide is mainly for the strategies to be shared, but each girl’s information and extra content will be added at a later time.


i) Guide Updates

This guide was made for [v 1.0.5], any new updates to the gameplay or the strategies listed here will be listed below, along with any changes made. 

ii) General Strategies

Listed below are some strategies you should use in order to put the game as far into your favor as you can. 

Token Pulling

Huniepop is different than other match-3 type games in other ways than the “adult content” that comes along with the game. In traditional match-3 games such as Bejeweled and the Candy Crush, you simply swap the places of two tokens and let the game take over. However, Huniepop works slightly differently. With this game, you can slide tokens across its row or column. You can use this to set up big moves later on. 
Becoming good at this skill is essential to making this game as painless as possible. As you can see in the image below, I can see a ma*sive pa*sion match that I can set up. All I do is take the circled romance token (orange arrow) and push it until it matches with the other romance tokens. That movement pulls the pa*sion token over (black arrow) and sets up a 5-in-a-row that I use the circled pa*sion token (pink arrow) to get 75% pa*sion using only two moves. Some pick up on this idea easily, but others may struggle at first. That’s okay if you don’t, it’s a part of the experience to get better and improve over time. 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 

Strategic Tiring/Upsetting

Some girls have baggage that will prevent you from doing certain things while she is not tired or upset (Ashley’s Allergies for example). In order to give blocked gifts to a girl, you will have to either tire or upset the one blocking the gift. However, on hard mode, each girl will have all unlocked baggages active at the same time. This will make it tough to get around the blocker because of a potential second baggage that punishes you for upsetting her (Polly’s Brand Loyalist vs Drama Queen), however tiring avoids the punishment at the cost of possibly using more moves. 

Pre-Date Strategies

When you meet up with a pair before a date, this is the time to get ready. Talking to girls is more important and useful than the original game due to stat upgrades being locked behind baggage. As you talk to girls, you learn their baggage (some useful, some painful) and can unlock more ways to improve your stats. You upgrade them through smoothies and unique gifts/shoes. Smoothies level up your general stats and can be given to anyone, but girls with a matching trait give double XP. Unique gifts/shoes upgrade your pa*sion multiplier and chances of power tokens appearing, respectively. Give these to the right girls as soon as you can, but be careful to boost her stamina afterwards if you gave her a lot of these (each smoothie/gift/shoe costs 1 stamina) in order to have a fighting chance. If there are any of these left in the store before your night date starts, buy as many as possible since the shop resets every day. 
Before each date, you will be able to give up to 2 food items of any kind to one or both girls. These items can either give stamina, sentiment, moves, or pa*sion. Non-stamina foods take away one stamina, but stamina foods give as much as they say. More powerful food costs more seeds, but the most expensive food is only 3 seeds so feel free to use more powerful food as needed. Certain foods (such as guacamole and lasagna) give less of their effects, but double if you give it to a girl with matching favorite tokens. Use these before the generic ones because they are only useful to 25% of the girls rather than all of them. I personally never used the move foods since talking to a girl gives a move anyways, but you can play to what your playstyle would benefit most. 

Seed Farming

In the current update of Huniepop 2, the cost of earning every oufit after beating the final boss comes to a total of 270 (138 in hard mode) seeds of each type. There are 2 ways to easily farm seeds, non-stop dates or date forfeiting. I will cover both and you can choose your favorite, but I prefer the latter. 
After beating the final boss, you unlock non-stop dates. Basically, you get 10 moves to hit 250 (on normal) affection. After reaching the goal, you get +10 moves and the bottom 4 rows are cleared out. The goal now increases by 250 (now at 500) and you aim to reach the goal again with 2 different girls now. This keeps going until you run out of moves. I have my strategy listed later on, but this takes a long time to farm seeds compared to the other method. 
Completing a date at any point of the game will give you a maximum of 10 seeds, but any failed or forfeited date will give you seeds depending on how far you got. 20% complete => 20% of the potential seeds, 90% complete => of the potential seeds, and so on. An easy way to get seeds is to get the date to ~90% completion and forfeit. This way, you get almost the maximum amount of seeds for the date, but the affection goal does not increase. You can play over and over while farming the girls for their baggages, give stat boost items, and get the gifts to them before actually beginning the game. You will not see much progress at first due to losing seeds to upgrades and gifts, but once you max things out, you will fly through the rest of the game. 

iii) Earn At Any Time

This section is for achievements that do not have a specific playthrough that they will be achieved on. Explanations for each are below. 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 

Secret Code

Submit the secret code that unlocks this hidden achievement 
This can be achieved at any time you are on the main menu. There are many codes you can enter for different effects, but the achievement code is “PUZZLES & TI**IES.” In the notes section at the end, codes for other game effects will be listed, including the girls’ outfit codes. 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 

Smooth Move

Earn 5000 or more affection from a single token match 
This achievement does not have a set time for you to achieve it since it is mostly luck based. As you get farther in the game, you will rank up your stats. The best way to set this up is as follows: 

  1. Max out your stats 
  2. Max out a girl’s pa*sion on a date 
  3. Create a big match (preferably with a power token somewhere) NOT using the girls least favorite token

This should earn you the achievement. If it is not worth enough affection, don’t worry because there are plenty of opportunities throughout the whole experience. 

1. Introduction Playthrough/Miscellaneous Achievements

This first playtrough is meant to introduce you to the game and get you warmed up for the harder playthroughs to come. We will be covering the miscellaneous achievements in this playthrough in order to focus on larger achievements in the later part of this guide. A few of these will require a bit of planning, but nothing big. I have listed these by the order you should obtain them in, but you can get these in any order if you feel like it. I have also listed an optional achievement that you will want to pick up if it is available in this playthrough, but it is covered in part 3 if it does not appear here. Read the optional one first in case the right pair appears, otherwise you’re going to have to farm this pair again. 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 

Like It Rough

Successfully complete a date wherein the girls become exhausted or upset at least 8 times between them. 
For this achievement, I suggest you get it as soon as you can. As each date gets completed, the goal amount will increase and you will likely have baggage that makes it harder (such as Candy’s Hypersensitive), so you will have to be more careful. Since the initial goal is only 200 affection and you have no baggage holding you down, you can easily get this much while tiring/upsetting the girls 8 times. I recommend that you tire the girls since you get every bit of her stamina instead of upsetting them so that you get as many points out of them, but you will probably have to upset them to get a total of 8 times. 
I suggest you build up about 150-175 affection while tiring each girl out before you bring the total up to 8 times through any means necessary (I upset one girl and wore the other down by using non-affection tokens or her least favorite until she got tired and then switched their roles), this way you can still easily pa*s the date. 
If this does not work, feel free to force quit the game because it will simply take you back to the same pair just before the date so you can make any changes you need. 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 


Earn your first pair of fairy wings. 
This one is self explanatory. Once a pair shows up with the “Attracted and H***y” status, meet with them and successfully complete the date. Not really any strategy here, just reach the goal and complete the “bonus round” and you earn this along with a special picture. What all you can see in the picture depends on the censorship. Uncensored reveals everything while the other setting will keep everything covered in case you are not in a private setting or just don’t care about seeing the girls wearing less than usual. If the pair is Ashley and Lillian on night one, you will get this and the achievement below. 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 

(Optional) Unchaste With Haste

Earn your first pair of fairy wings within one in-game day. 
If you see the inital pair of Ashley/Lillian (she has a distinct shadow) after talking to Kyu in the hotel room, make sure to pick this one first (you will be able to tell because Ashley meets her at the Airport. If you see Ashley at the courtyard, it will be Polly and you will miss it this time). This is the only potential pair you can get at the beginning that has a Night 2nd date. If this pair does not show up now, don’t worry because this will also be covered later on. It is always best to get it as soon as you can so that you will not have to play through the tutorial over and over again trying to get this pair to appear. 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 


Collect enough fairy wings to summon the Nymphojinn. 
The description is simple enough for this one, just earn all 24 fairy wings and you will earn this one. The dates get tougher as time goes on, but nothing terrifying since it maxes out at 5000 affection with no in-game time limit. 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 


Return the Nymphojinn to a satisfied slumber. 
All you have to do for this one is to finish the final fight, all you have to do is complete 4 separate rounds of double dates consisting of random girls and random baggage, so make sure you prepare for any of the twelve to show up. After those 4 rounds, you complete the bonus round and you have finished the storyline! Use any builds you want because they will help you learn what modifications you’ll want to change in the playthroughs later. 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 

Dome Devotee/Cookie Connoisseur/Booty Pirate

Select the “top”/”middle”/”bottom” reward from Kyu for saving the universe. 
These three achievements are available for finishing the final fight. They come from your choice with Kyu afterwards. Remember which one(s) you have already chosen because you will have to complete a extra playthrough to get one you missed if you are not careful. 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 

Non-Stop Novice/Ninja

Successfully complete a Non-Stop date of 8/16 or more rounds. 
I do not currently have a good build for this yet. I used the incel build below, but non-stop is more about speed since the goals are much smaller than usual, but you have to think ahead to extra moves. My strategy will be listed below once I find it. 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 


Successfully complete a date with at least 20 moves remaining. 
For this one, I gave both girls move token related gifts in order to keep the move count high (be careful, on normal you can only have a maximum of 30 moves). Listed below is my recommended setup, but you will have to set up both girls with a specific baggage to maximize the effects. Listed in the section below is the build I used to earn the achievement. 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 

Fill ‘Er Up

Successfully complete a date with both girls having maxed out pa*sion, sentiment and stamina. 
This is well known to be the toughest achievement since you have to max pa*sion (100% each), sentiment (40 each), and stamina (6 bars each). It will take quite a few tries, but keep persisting and you will overcome this. Listed in the section below is the build I used to earn the achievement. 

Playthrough 1 Builds


Quickie Build


GirlBaggageDate Gifts
NoraEmotionally GuardedAmethyst Necklace, Chick Plush, Yellow Narcissus, Topaz Earrings
SarahAnnoying As F***Butt Plug, Gla*s Dolphin, Turquoise Tulip, Makeup Palette

Feel free to modify my build in any way that better suits your playstyle. Since Nora’s baggage is pa*sive and Sarah’s relies on her making moves, I used Sarah to farm sentiment while leaving behind extra broken hearts for Nora to clean up. If the board gets too full of broken hearts and you do not have enough sentiment, use Nora to clear some up normally since more will be falling to replace them. If you fail, force quit and try again so you do not have to try and get everything properly set up again. 

Fill ‘Er Up Build


GirlBaggageDate Gifts
ZoeyAquaphobicL*be, Yellow Narcissus, Tropical Sunset, Surfboard
SarahAnnoying As F***L*be, Gla*s Dolphin, Eyelash Kit, Citrine Bracelet

This worked because every gift had a specific purpose in my goal. L*be made everything cheap (give sentiment food before for an extra bonus), the Yellow Narcissus helped farm more turns when I began running low, Tropical Sunset boosted the number of pa*sion tokens (I wasn’t getting many to drop, so this helped improve it), Gla*s Dolphin duplicated sentiment over to Zoey after Sarah hit enough to max out, Eyelash Kit made 4-of-a-kind matches useful in the early game, and the final two gifts brought it home. Get both girls at 3 bars or higher for stamina, make sure you have enough tokens for the bracelet to finish the date off, and give the free bracelet to Sarah. 

Non-Stop Date Build (WIP)

Non-stop dates are unlocked after laying the Nymphojinn, but can pull any girls and pair them together, whether or not they appeared as a dateable pair in the regular game. This means that every girl needs to be built towards her strengths while requiring as little sentiment as possible due to the rapid pace and girls shuffling out after each success. This makes certain gifts more powerful and others weaker. Some gifts that you will need two of (since only up to 2 of each gift can appear) are L*be (cheaper gifts), Eyelash Kits (sentiment on 4+ matches), Hair Brushes (increases power token appearance rates), Makeup Palettes (no moves used on 4+ matches, pairs well with eyelash kits), and certain others. Listed below is my builds for each girl with a short explanation why. 


I do not currently have a consistent build for each girl, I apologize for the moment. Once I find a decent build, I will share it. 

2. Incel/Femcel Playthrough

This is for the hard mode playthrough of Huniepop 2. This will likely be the longest playthrough of the three I have laid out, due to the farming needed to get enough seeds for not only the outfits in the post-game but also for date gifts, unique gifts/shoes, and smoothies to level up stats since this is the playthrough where both Hyper and normal Hikikomori will be earned. I have explained the two types of farming earlier on in the guide, but it is ultimately your decision on which one you want to do. You have unlimited time to beat the game, but it is a bit of a slog to get through. 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 

Super Savior

Return the Nymphojinn to a satisfied slumber on Incel/Femcel (Hard) difficulty. 
Playing on hard is a bit rougher than normal due to lower amounts of moves on dates, all baggages being active at all times, and requiring a little bit of grinding if you get stuck at some points. Similar to normal difficulty, dates max out at 5000 affection but you have to juggle up to 6 pieces of baggage at a time compared to only 1 per girl on normal. I suggest taking your time while being careful to consider every move. Since we are not on a time schedule for this one, take your time to farm seeds in the early game if you want for upgrades and gifts (I also farmed for post-game outfits, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to), but you can make any changes to my strategy as you want. For the final battle, you only get 80 moves (instead of 100) so be cautious to not take too long for each round. I completed the final date with 6 moves left, so don’t freak out when the turns go down to single digits. 
My builds for each girl are shown below. 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 

Dome Devotee/Cookie Connoisseur/Booty Pirate

Select the “top”/”middle”/”bottom” reward from Kyu for saving the universe. 
Now that we have completed the game a second time, you can earn another reward picture. Remember which one you already chose and make sure to pick one of the other two. Otherwise, you will have to complete another playthrough to get a chance at the picture you missed. Sadly, hard only gives you one picture even though the experience was tougher. 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 

Hikikomori(Hyper Hikikomori)

Earn a 100% completion rate (on Incel/Femcel (Hard) difficulty.) 
For 100% completion, there are a few things you will need to complete but you do not need everything. You do NOT need to fill out the table on the right side of the girl’s profile. You will need to obtain every pair of wings, every outfit, every stat upgrade, and beat the final boss. Each outfit appears at certain locations and every location appears at a certain time. The easiest way to farm outfits is to go to non-stop dates and complete a round with that girl at a location holding the outfit you need. There are certain outfits that will be unlocked no matter what due to the second date occurring at a certain place at a certain time (such as Jessie’s “Tiffany” with Lola and Brooke’s “Vikini” with Ashley). The secret outfits that appear after laying the Nymphojinn cost 16 (3/5/8) of her least favorite seed and 30 (5/10/15) of her favorite seed, leading to a total of 138 of each seed just for outfits. This is cheaper than before (requiring 270 of each seed), so the amount of grinding is less than before, but may require at least a little if you didn’t grind at the start. 

Incel/Femcel Build

Below is the build I used for each girl for this run. I took into consideration not only each girl’s baggages but also each of their potential date’s baggages as well. 
Notes about each girl are listed below. 

GirlGifts (Gift Type)
AbiaL*be (ST), Magic Wand (ST), Cinnamon Cider (Candle), Ladybug Plush (Plushie)
AshleyEyelash Kit (Cosmetic), Lipstick(Cosmetic), Makeup Palette (Cosmetic), Ladybug Plush (Plushie)
BrookeEyelash Kit (Cosmetic), Spring Rain (Candle), Blow Dryer (Cosmetic), Makeup Palette (Cosmetic)
CandaceTurquoise Tulip (Flower), Diamond Tiara (Jewelry), Pig Plush (Plushie), Pink Cosmos (Flower)
JessieL*be (ST), Egg Vibrator (ST), Beach Ball (Souvenir), Red Rose (Flower)
LailaniTurquoise Tulip (Flower), Diamond Tiara (Jewelry), Hemp Bracelet (Souvenir), Orange Daisy(Flower)
LillianViolet Pansy (Flower), Spinel Necklace (Jewelry), Topaz Earrings (Jewelry), Pinwheel (Souvenir)
LolaButt Plug (ST), Gla*s Dolphin (Souvenir), Tropical Lei (Souvenir), Exfoliating Scrub (Cosmetic)
NoraSpring Rain (Candle), Amethyst Necklace (Jewelry), Chick Plush (Plushie), Topaz Earrings (Jewelry)
PollyPink Cosmos (Flower), Egg Vibrator (ST), Beach Ball (Souvenir), Pinwheel (Souvenir)
SarahButt Plug (ST), Lipstick (Cosmetic), Magic Wand (ST), Beach Towel (Souvenir)
ZoeyViolet Pansy (Flower), Sweet Honeycomb (Candle), Gla*s Dolphin (Souvenir), Exfoliating Scrub (Cosmetic)

Abia: For Abia, her build is pretty simple. With her “S*x Addict”, we want to make sure any s*xuality matches are as powerful with her as possible. That’s why we use the Ma*sage Wand with Cinnamon Cider and Ladybug Plush to make even more tokens appear. L*be cheapens costs for every gift after the first and for itself due to “Self-Effacing” forcing her date to receive a gift first. 
Ashley: For Ashley, her build was to make the most out of any moves we make with her. The reason why I did not use only cosmetics was for Polly since her baggage “Brand Loyalist” blocks Cosmetics and Jewelry, but her plush is blocked by Brooke’s “Expensive Tastes”. Luckily, these will not all be blocked at the same time. 
Brooke: Similarly to Ashley, a candle is used in place of all cosmetics due to Polly. Spring Rain is used since “Unsentimental” reduces the sentiment drop rate, but Ashley blocks that one on dates with her. 
Candace: For Candace, we want to keep gift effects to immediate only because “Forgetful” can be killer when you get unlucky. For these gifts, it’s built to all be used one after the other in order to get huge amounts of pa*sion quickly. “Intellectually Challenged” is a benefit and curse due to ma*sive matches (5 of a kind or more) costing only one stamina but also two moves. Only use more than 4 of a kind to profit on this baggage. 
Jessie: For Jessie, we want to make sentiment costs as low as we can due to “Depression” draining sentiment if you do not use it, so L*be reduces all other costs for both girls (which stacks with the other L*be that Abia has, reducing all by 4 sentiment). The Egg Vibrator and Beach Ball allow for both girls to get high pa*sion levels quickly while the Red Rose allows her to bypa*s “Busted P***y” and accept s*xuality tokens. 
Lailani: For Lailani, we want her to play a support role for any girl she pairs with due to “Sheepish” blocking off the more powerful gifts in the s*x toys category. The Diamond Tiara gives the other girl sentiment while the Hemp Bracelet keeps moves high if you can use it early. 
Lillian: For Lillian, she is built to get pa*sion quick, using the Violet Pansy (since The Darkness flips pa*sion and broken hearts) and Spinel Necklace, and spend it at the end if needed using the Pinwheel. Topaz Earrings allow her to gain moves since “Teen Angst” will hurt badly if you forget it is there. 
Lola: For Lola, she is built to maximize profit coming from sentiment matches. The Butt Plug doubles sentiment matches, Gla*s Dolphin gives a copy of her sentiment, and the final two can be used depending on the scenario you find yourself in. 
Nora: For Nora, we need her to get up to 20 sentiment as quickly as possible (Spring Rain helps with this) so that she can use her three powerful gifts in a row to maximize the moves earned back. You can use the Yellow Narcissus instead of the Topaz Earrings if you wish, but note that Ashley’s “Allergies” prevent the gift when she isn’t upset/exhausted. 
Polly: For Polly, she is meant to be the pa*sion work horse since every gift increases her pa*sion and gives her date a share of it too. Brooke (as mentioned in Ashley’s notes) will block these souvenir gifts, but this build is beneficial for every other girl. 
Sarah: For Sarah, she is built to get more powerful as time goes on. Due to “Attention W***e”, Sarah can pop up at any time and steal any match made. She needs to be powered up just in case, but this is one of the more annoying baggages to deal with. 
Zoey: For Zoey, we aim to avoid using moves in general. The Violet Pansy uses “Aquaphobic” to earn sentiment off of the broken hearts and the Sweet Honeycomb a*sists her date in generating more joy tokens since Zoey’s “Tinnitus” prevents her from making more appear. Everything else keeps her and her date filled with sentiment. 
Feel free to cater this list to your liking, but this is the build that got me through the game. 

3. Speedrun Playthrough

This is the toughest playthrough of the three, so that is why I listed this one last. Unlike the first two playthroughs, you have limited time to earn all the fairy wings. You still have a little room for error, but not enough for you to get comfortable. You have 15 days (14 mornings since you don’t get morning 1, 15 afternoons, 15 evenings, and 15 nights) to get every pair of wings. The achievement only requires you get enough wings in 15 days, so you do not have to defeat the final boss, but we will in order to get the last three achievements in the game. 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 

Unchaste With Haste

Earn your first pair of fairy wings within one in-game day. 
If you did not stumble upon this pair (Ashley/Lillian) in the first playthrough, you will have to restart every run in order to get this pair to pop up. It may be tedious and you may get unlucky with your starting dates, but getting this now will make the rest much easier. Date them in the afternoon, choose another date in the evening (prioritize Lailani/Jessie and Lola/Nora, I’ll explain below), and choose Ashley/Lillian at night. Succeed at this date, and you will unlock this achievement. 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 

Debauchery Without Delay

Collect enough fairy wings to summon the Nymphojinn within 15 in-game days. 
This is one where you will have to be careful because you will need to be careful to spread out the groups (see part ii in order to find when each 2nd date occurs) because if you aren’t careful, your work will be pointless since you will not have enough time to finish. I recommend that you force quit any time you fail so that you can restart that date with no penalty, but it’s ultimately up to you. 


This is the last “reward” that you get from Kyu after beating the Nymphojin for the 3rd time. Choose whichever picture you had not chosen on the other two playthroughs and you obtain the last secret achievement. 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 

Alpha Apprentice/Adept

The reason why I have these achievements listed here instead of the first playthrough is because you already have the right (or close enough to) setup from the game you just played. Using the Incel/Femcel build I have included in playthrough 2, Alpha mode should not be much of a problem to take care of. Just go on date after date (and give the girls food to give yourself an advantage) until you hit the 24 needed for these last achievements. The amount of needed points will keep increasing, but the gauntlet you have just gone through should have prepared you for this. Even if you end up failing a date, you don’t lose any progress, so feel free to take a chance when needed! 

Playthrough 3 Deeper Dive

Playthrough 3 is going to seem a bit intimidating, but with a little patience and practice that you picked up (hopefully) in the prior 2 playthroughs, you can earn this. Each section listed below is what you should do as you go along. I completed the game on day 14, but that was because of some poor planning on my playthrough. I hope you’re ready, this takes quite a bit of focus to beat. 

Making the Plans

This playthrough requires a plan going into it because you only have 15 days worth of store items, date gifts and upgrades to help you along. The date gifts I used are the same as those listed above in playthrough 2. These will help you plan ahead for each girl’s potential baggage you run into since only one appears each date and we have to be prepared for any of them to appear. 
In terms of baggage, you’ll want to get them as quick as possible so that the store is constantly refreshed with more items for you to upgrade with. Since we are working on a shorter timeline, you’ll want as many upgrades as you can possibly get in order to ensure 48 successful dates. As mentioned already, buy any upgrades or date gifts you want before starting the night date. Since we have a limited amount of time, buy date gifts first because smoothies and unique gifts/shoes show up WAY more often than specific date items. 

Meeting the Girls

When you finish with the introduction of the game, you have the opportunity to meet with Ashley, Lailani, or Lola. You can see the shadow of the girls they will meet with, and you must use this to unlock the open part of the game. Each girl meets you in a specific fashion every time with a girl you know meeting with a new girl. Every girl you meet branches off of the starting three. Listed below are the paths taken to introduce every girl. 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 
HuniePop 2: Double Date - All Achievement Strategy Guide [V 1.0.5] 
In order to unlock the next section where all dates will start appearing, you will have to meet 11 of the girls. Until then, only the pairs listed above will ever appear. This is why I have mentioned that Ashley/Lillian, Lailani/Jessie, and Lola/Nora are the most important to get first, due to some being blocked behind other girls. Do your best to not complete any second dates yet since we need these paths opened up as soon as possible and that will only slow us down. Once we unlock the next paths, this begins the next section. 

Collecting the Wings

Now that we are able to find every pair in the game, it’s time for the main course of this achievement. Each pair in the game has a certain time when they will be ready for their second date, with a total of 6 pairs for each time of the day. Listed below is each part of the day and the active pairs for each. 

  • Lola/Abia 
  • Ashley/Polly 
  • Lailani/Lillian 
  • Lailani/Candace 
  • Zoey/Sarah 
  • Lola/Nora


  • Lailani/Jessie 
  • Brooke/Ashley 
  • Lailani/Sarah 
  • Abia/Lillian 
  • Sarah/Nora 
  • Polly/Zoey


  • Polly/Brooke 
  • Jessie/Abia 
  • Ashley/Nora 
  • Candace/Polly 
  • Zoey/Lillian 
  • Brooke/Sarah


  • Ashley/Lillian 
  • Jessie/Brooke 
  • Abia/Candace 
  • Nora/Candace 
  • Lola/Zoey 
  • Lola/Jessie

Using this list, we can prioritize certain pairs over others. My priorities for which pair to choose was as follows, but try to balance out each time frame because neglecting one for too long fails you: 

  1. Attracted and H***y 
  2. Evening pairs 
  3. Morning pairs 
  4. Afternoon pairs 
  5. Night pairs

I put evening pairs ahead of the others so that you don’t wind up with an evening date on day 15 with a night pair that has a girl from the evening date, blocking you. You need at least one time frame to pa*s before a girl is available again. 
My overall recommendation is to keep a list of what pairs haven’t been completed yet, but be sure that you do not leave too many of a certain time or else it’s game over (this begins on Day 9 since there are only 6 of each time left). 

4) Extra Notes

(This section is currently blank due to the guide being released before I have info to add. This section will be filled once I get more info to add.) 

Written by PandaPlayr73

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